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So I have started my little project. I was indecisive whether I should work on a simple reskin or a custom hack. In the end, I say it will be a little of both? Right now it is only me working on this thing, with some contributions from other members who have given me permission to use their mugs. I pretty much have all the simple stuff handled, that includes the story and minor events. Truth be told, I thought it was too early to post a thread, but I thought it would be a good idea in case there are those here who wish to join a simple project. I don’t mind a little help, but we’ll see whether I can use your skills or not.

Here’s a bit about the story and what to expect from this project.

The story features two lords, for now brother and sister. The problem with these two lords is that they were born with kind but adventurous hearts, and they are also very competitive. In other words, they don’t like being at the castle much and living a comfortable life, much like other lords in other places do. They enjoy being out in the open, facing danger, helping others, enjoying life to the fullest, etc. Guess they love the thrill, especially after weird things began to happen all over the world and dark creatures begin to appear. Despite being the way they are, [some at the castle say they are reckless] they do it for the love they feel for their country and people. They both believe that you lead by example, showing some of it through your actions.

That’s just a part of it. The rest is also thought out, but I am not gonna post all the story here. That’s what the game will handle.

I have no idea how many chapters this project will have, tough to say now. I want to work on something small, maybe around 7-10, because my modding skills are not that good. I can add more content if it comes to adding more, anyway. At least the intro is done, and chapter 1. I even have a screen I wish to share. It’s not much but it shows some work.


I will add more screens later in time when I get something decent done, like a few more chapters to show improvement and advancement.

If you wish to follow this simple project, I’ll be only using this thread for updates and stuff. Surely this first post will be changing a lot and with other info. Thanks for your time.

Credit as of now:

7743 [FEBuilder and help with questions in order for me to advance]
DragonLuca [Mugs]
NICKT [Mugs]


as a little tip to start the project you should first make it a reskin getting characters done first then move on to story and map designing.

not telling you what to do just seems the best way of going about this sort of thing.


Thanks for the tips. Inserting the characters was one of the first things I did. I also worked a bit on several maps, in fact, I just finished editing the chapter 2 map and the events therein. The story is the tricky part. It’ll take time to get it right.

Ok, now for some update:

Managed to finish chapter 2. I worked a bit on the map as well, nothing big.


My main issue is the description of your game, is just describing the personalities of your MC. There is no real story or really any details on your hack.


Well, he/she did say to not spoil the story much of it won’t be mentioned.
@Johns Just a slight suggestion, maybe two sisters instead of a brother and sister? Because that’s really old.


I know, it’s just a concept atm. I’ll post more of the plot later on.

@Fates-Blade I was actually thinking of two female Lords, but I thought changing Ephraim to a female would be hard. But I have realized I can use any character for that. I might go for that, actually.

The The Ultimate Graphics Repository for GBAFE, FEXP, and FEXNA already has female Ephraim animations, so you don’t have to make them yourself.

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That’s cool. But I was referring mostly to have to edit his supports and endings dialogue to fit a female role. Then I realized you can use other characters for any role, so in the end you don’t even have to mess with any of that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have no update to give this time, but I have been working on it. I’ll post more of the story or plot later, because at the moment I have to make a decision from three possible ones. If you have any other questions, just ask.

I’m here this time to speak a little about the possible story for this short project. I said I had three plots as a possibility, but I chose to go with the one I thought was best. The other two had a lot of lore behind it and that meant it would expand beyond twenty chapters. This one is quite simple:

Main Character and plot: Although I still have no name for her, I will tell you about her and her dark past. She’s a Druid [I didn’t really like the female shaman animation to start her out with] but will have another promotion, possibly summoner or a name of my choosing for the class. This druid knows the dark arts, as well as the other two magics, quite well. In other words, expect her to be a bit powerful in the story, she’s not your average magician, and she knows other things, too. For the eyes of the normal people, she is just a lady who takes care of orphaned children and teenagers. In the dark world, however, she’s a servant of some dark deity, I don’t want to disclose her name at the moment, but, the druid was in charge of getting rid of that deity’s enemies on earth and doing other things, such as looking for ancient relics. She was the best at it, but even the best come to fail. After she’s failed to get rid of a target, one that her deity really wanted gone, for her failure, her own deity sends a powerful foe her way to deal with her since she’s got her hands full dealing with other tougher enemies in the underworld. Failure is not really tolerated in the underworld, so the druid has to pay for her mistake. But the druid knew what was coming, and was prepared for it. Even though the powerful foe deals a nasty blow to her, he or she fails to kill her, but the foe does take something precious from her: the youngest orphan, whom the druid loves. The other children and teenagers get killed by the foe during that night, and before leaving with the hostage, the foe asks her which life it will be: hers or the child’s, and leaves. The druid blames herself for all that’s come to happen and begins to hate the dark forces more than she’s hated anything else. She knows it is not over and that the little girl does not deserve the fate that awaits her in the abyss.

The druid knows what must be done, but to go up against a deity, who are powerful, ancient beings similar to a god, is no easy task. She realizes that even if she were to go and forfeit her life to the deity, she knew the little girl would still die down there. She holds on to hope and instead promises to avenge the fallen children and attempt to rescue the little girl, and if all goes well, she also promises to change her life around. The many jobs she handled for this deity made her wealthy, at least enough to provide for aid for a rescue mission. She sets her sight on the best guilds available, the best warriors and such. It isn’t easy hiring warriors, but she does manage to build a team in just a few days. That team will go into the darkest depths with her. I was thinking FE: Darkest Depths would be the name, but I am not sure as of yet. I will think of something.

That’s the story, but you know there’s more to it than that. I just didn’t want to spoil too much of it. For the entire team, I doubt there will be any recruitment chapters since by the start you will have it already, and I was thinking ten characters would be enough, all different classes. If I add more, I will let you know. For chapters… I think a total of 8-10, with possibilities that if all goes well, there could be more added and the story extended.

Hope you like the concept, and I hope to post updates that show this project’s progress soon. By the way, guess that screen will change a little if I decide to include the parts when this druid recruited all her team. I can surely do that, but my aim is to really pit the team against the forces of evil and avoid starting out with too much story to read.

Quick question: does anyone know if there is already a working Limstella animation? I downloaded one but it has not been processed. I would like to use her for this project.

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The concept is good but is a little bit like FE 10’s Miciah, the main character as i said a little bit like Miciah. its nice that you changed it from light to dark magic which makes them a little more unique.

all in all, the concept will be great if done right. I would offer my help but i am busy with school and not that great at many aspects of creating a rom hack.

Thanks for showing interest. I haven’t played Fe10, so I have no idea if the story is similar. I can always change it if something alike has already been done. I have other ideas I can bring to the table.

I am just curious. What is it that you do know how to do? Hacking-wise I mean.

At the moment I am working on it. It’s going well. Maybe later I will add some screens to the first post and edit it accordingly.

It’s not that i don’t get stuff just bad with coding that’s all.
the similarities to fe10 from my understanding is mage in that protag works with/for godly being, tbh my understanding of it is minimal as i also haven’t played it but know the basics of the story.

I’m not that good at this hacking stuff yet. I’m struggling badly. But I guess I won’t learn if I don’t keep trying.


I found Limstella’s animation. So ignore the question in my previous posts.

I also wish to add that I am having trouble transitioning to maps from another one. I lost this day trying to chain together some maps, but failed terribly to the point when I was testing the game the screens would get messed up and the game would become unplayable. :frowning: I think for now I will work on something a little more easier, a reskin with another story, but hopefully something good. I’m getting to that right now, by the way.

Another edit. Um, I think I have come up with a name for my project. Fire Emblem Retribution. I searched to see if there was already a project with that name but found none. I will change it if there is.


from my experience working with maps can either be very easy or very hard.
The title is nice and simple which is great and will be easy to find when looking it up.
(Remember when working the most important thing is to have fun :grinning:)

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Yes, I do have fun doing all this, that’s primarily why I do it. Well those maps really got me. Failing to put them together made me realize I wasn’t all that ready for it. But I am putting together a reskin. Hopefully it will be good. For me, the process of making it will teach me a lot of things.

Um, I know I’ve been doing this and that, and I have changed the story several times and have failed to deliver some screen of my progress. This final story or plot is it. I will post it when I think I have advanced the project at least halfway, that way I will have plenty of screens to show, and hopefully the project can get a little attention. Not to confuse anyone: the story will not be the same. The whole druid story is no longer it. Neither is the name I came up with the final name for the project. I have something else in mind with that.

I will also be editing the credits and all that when I post the next update. For now, if you are wondering how it’s going, I say it’s going terrific. The first events took me time to develop. I had to delete some units and include some others. But I am proud of where I am at. Other things I have done so far:

  1. Successfully inserted the mugs for the characters.
  2. Renamed the characters and arranged them to fit the plot.
  3. Wrote the first parts of this story, that means the first two chapters.

Any questions just ask.

Hey community. Got some good and bad news to share.

Bad news first: This project will not work out in the end. I tried making something but things did not go as intended for the times I tried. I learned some things from my experience, so it’s not like I failed totally. I also was working on a reskin, and although it was going ok, I think it’s best if I present a small custom hack, maybe featuring 5 chapters, maybe less.

Good news: I have fallen, but I will rise and try again. I will work on a small project mentioned above. I think it will feature the Neimi in my avatar. I don’t know whether she will be the only playable character or not, I might add a few more, including perhaps new faces or some characters from other FE games. Feel free to join in if you want as her friends. If there is room, I will include the characters. I will probably post more details about the Neimi Project in another new thread when I have the time to make it. I’ll probably post about it when I have the project halfway finished. If you want to join the project, pm me instead of posting here, or you can post here, but it’s best if we let this thread be.