FE Tier List Maker

Recently posted this on reddit, figured it could be useful one way or another here.

Here it is: https://fe-tier-list-maker.github.io/

Other tools such as a Venn diagram maker and game tier list maker can be found here: https://fe-tier-list-maker.github.io/home/

Source code and contribution guide can be found here.

Code was originally forked from here.

The total image size is ~5.5 MB, so keep that in mind before you hit Select All.

Everyone is here!

Except for these people. Here’s what’s missing and why I decided to call it complete anyway:

  • FE11: FE11!Hardin is there and everyone else either looks identical or better
  • FEH Book 2/3: lots of effort to find + format/shrink portraits along with my sneaking suspicion that they’ll be filed in the “Who?” section of many tier lists
  • Many one-off minor bosses

Let me know if you have any ideas for improvements, or make a pull request if you feel so inclined. Cheers.


Looks pretty useful. I like it. Good job.

This is great! I made a few tier lists:

Path of Radiance

Radiant Dawn

And Last but not Least!

Shadows of Valentia

Saddly i cant agree with any of these (mainly cause I haven’t played fire emblem 9/10) but nice job anyways.

Gromell in trash tier
How dare you deny the true god of Tellius?

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I sent in a PR for FE3 portraits. Speaking of ideas, going all the way back to 1990 and including FE1 and 2 would be cool. Might need to have pantsless Marth in a tierlist.

You could also add…
Alice, Valjean and Niamh from cipher
Al, Gant, Jemmie, Kilmar, Tiena and Zeed from the manga
also Berry Goodman and maybe some other extras from TMS.

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I just merged your PR in! Made a few changes afterward to preserve the “Game … Extra” layout.

As for FE1/2 portraits, I do worry about making the list of games longer than it already is, especially for the remade games whose characters are already fully represented except for that one guy Berkut kicked out.

no Brigand boss

I also made my own tier list for sov

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New features as of today:

Saving and loading is now available!

  • Just copy the text and save it somewhere, then paste it back in (without any spaces in front of or following the text) and hit “Run” to pick up where you left off. Or, send it to a friend! Here’s my personal favourite code:


  • Your code shouldn’t break in a future update, but you can keep a local copy of this project if you like by downloading the source code and any code you generate in there will always work there.

  • Remember to use CTRL-A once you’ve clicked on the box to make sure you get all the text inside


  • You can now double-click instead of dragging to move someone to the highest available tier instantly.
  • Like the rest of the site, this does not work great on mobile


  • Three Houses characters with available portraits (Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude) have been added
  • Due to popular demand, two characters from the fan-made Emblem Saga have been added
  • I have just been informed that Emblem Saga has been renamed to TearRing Saga
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Not accurate, but okay.

Quick update notes:

  • Site is now “optimized” for mobile, feedback appreciated

  • Now defaults to Three Houses characters (no spoiler portraits), despite my New Mystery bias

  • Lots of QoL for browsers of any size

FE1/2 will probably never see the light of day because the game list has hit critical mass for mobile users. TRS (or heaven forbid, TLP) may also be on its way out to expand the Three Houses category. Sorry about that.

Pure coincidence that the first three rows only have cute girls while the others have the men.

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excuse me, I think your tier list is upside down.


I recently procrastinated hard enough to totally revamp the site, and hopefully pass all the watermarked, monetized list makers in the search engine results. Here’s the homepage with all the cool new tools.

Cool new tools:

  • You can now tier every game in the series, and some that aren’t in the series
  • A Venn diagram maker, to produce images such as this one
  • Graphs, including an optional diagonal divider for all you fans of the crazy-hot matrix. Grids coming eventually.
  • Quadrants, for alignment charts or something


  • There is now a screenshot feature in every tool, because the competitors have one
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I left out any games I didn’t play… as well as non-FE games like, say, Kirby.

“can i copy your hw???”

tbh i havent actually played 3 houses and my only knowledge of it is through memes so some of them are probably super off