FE Thracia 777 (Reskin)

So this isn’t much of a change compared to a PME or some reskin, But i figured i’d post it and see if i could get more ideas for this.
This is a FE7 “Hack” With The weapons having the stats of the FE5 Variants,
while also having caps at 20

Just kind of a small thing i worked on.

The Patch File


Are growths modified or something as well or is this just the caps…?

Just the caps.
Also hello!

There might be a boss change or two, But i might either change bosses or do them later.

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Well, if nothing else, it’s definitely honest about what it is. Seems neat.


oh and HP bars aswell.

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Sounds cool, welcome!

I’m going to start a change.org petition to rename this hack “Fire Emblem: Thracia 777”


“Damn, Didn’t think i could love arch more.”

Very interesting. I’m intrigued by the idea of a more deflated FE7 experience.

Yeah thats what i thought.
I don’t have much to do with it right now. So the early game feels same-y

ATTN Wizards: Someone give this man a Capture mechanic in FE7’s engine, please.


Hell yeah, That would be sick.

Fuck it, give him FE7 Fatigue too.

Let’s make this shit poppin’, people!


Is this the spiritual successor to Zane’s Demake?

Oh yeah we can’t forget dismounting.

Perhaps, Perhaps not.

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