FE The Grand Uprising Update v1.1.3 COMPLETED!(21 total chapters)

(Decided to redo my entire thread post)
Hello welcome to FE The Grand Uprising it’s my first and only hack I’ve worked for
for a couple of months. I mainly made this hack out of fun and love for the series.
I wish to make this game the best it can be and I’ll need playtesters to make this happen.
Though this is a solo-project (for the moment maybe it’ll change in the future), I’ll be
trying really hard to make improvements. Feel free to playtest this hack and figure out way’s to improve
it. It’s definitely not perfect but I’ll try to make my best to do so. ONLY NORMAL MODE works rn.
Story:I want to keep the story kind of blind for new players however it takes place in a completely different continent/Universe from Normal FE games. It show’s many conflicts of which
the tactician Nakana has to deal with as a New Tactician of the Country Named Mythril.
-Purple player map sprites cause why not.
-Lots and lots of Hacked Music added in!
be it from other FE games or other games!
-Fe5 trading
-Increased hit rates on iron/steel/silver weapons and some tomes.
-Level 30 cap unpromoted and level 30 cap promoted (Stat caps have been adjusted)
-Fe4-style talk conversations
-Personal weapons
-Latest skill system(right now)
-Leadership stars
-Custom animations brought to you by
talented people of the community(will be posted in README.txt)
-All characters have unique character palettes
-Branched promotions for some classes but not others
-Fe6-styled Manaketes
-Str/Mag split
-More to come!
-Buffed FE8 zombies
-map sprites from the community
Feedback suggestions: For Feedback I would really like feedback on the thing’s
such as map design,character design and story however you are limited to give feedback
on anything you’d like.
-Adding house hut conversations
-Redoing the world map at one point
-Maybe fixing weapon ranks
-More players units to be added
-Adding more player info(I have done for some but need to do for others)
-More story dialogue
-Additional exposition
-Fixing grammar errors, this is really my first written story I’ve created so
the spelling might be on the rougher side of thing’s.
SC 5 SC 6 SC1 SC2 SC3 SC4
Download link:Dropbox - FE The Grand Uprising - Simplify your life Read the Readme.txt for credits!

Discord server link:Memestar's Hacks


I’m not really interested in private playtesting per say, but once you have a more public build, I would happily do a live playtest and feedback stream on my twitch. I understand if you are not interested in that at this time, but I figured that I’d offer.

Best way to generate interest is to show a little bit about your hack, what you’re trying to achieve, some ideas/concepts. It doesn’t need to look pretty, but people will def want to see that what your aim is before they sign up to help.

For example, I may be more interested in playtesting a game based around capture than an FE6 rebalance hack - share a bit more in your first post and I think you’ll get what you’re looking for.

Good luck!


Will do at some point!


I can do ! :). Up for the task. I like testing and giving constructive feedback

I can playtest if needed

This project is not dead! Expect another private play-test round 2 in about a month or so! so far at 10 chapters. Lot’s of fixes and balancing has been done in all 6 chapters that were previously played I’ll leave a message once I decide for when the 2nd round happens.

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Does it have a name…?

at the moment its called “The Grand Uprising”.

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I’ve decided to make the playtest public instead of private this time, I’ll probably release it sometime next week, gonna replay it to make sure theres no gamebreaking bugs anywhere and to revise some thing’s. It’ll also probably take me some time to add all the credits. So far we’re at 13 chapters+1 gaiden chapters.


I also updated the original thread.

Download link has been provided enjoy!

If I try to change the window color, the game crashes.

thanks for the report working on fixing it! For now leave the window color at 1.

I decided to make a discord server to more easily obtain feedback from players on improvements or just to discuss in general, it has been edited into the first thread post.

Chapter 14 is finished and has been updated in the download link. This update adds chapter 14, a new character a SECRET SHOP and fixes the window color glitch that would make the game crash/freeze along with visual updates to the first two chapters of the game. If you have already downloaded the earlier download link feel free to update it, save files will not interfere with this file.

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This looks interesting. Im going to give it a try sometime, for now im just downloading.

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why cant I cross the bridge in chapter 1

Fixed it. There was a issue with the tileset that I added it should be fixed now redownload the UPS file to get it fixed. Sorry for the Inconvenience.


thanks … I like what u did with the art by the way

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