FE : Royal blood and Mystical Beast(RBMB)

hi guys guess what? my brain isn’t coming out from my head ( stay there b**** ) :smile:
and i’m celebrating that with new mugs everybody i present to you [ Aria - pwepo - popo - rose -new favian and maybe more … i don’t know ( i said maybe)

  1. the three main characters little sister “Aria”

  2. favian’s mystical beast \ guardian " pwepo"

  3. reinhard’s mystical beast \ guardian “popo”

4)one of the characters i’ve been working on her name is Rose

5)new favian cuz the old one isn’t mine and the artist asked that i don’t use it

  1. spridon spridon mystical beast human form also known as death’s worker(reaper) or ex worker

It’s a relief to see you aren’t having health issues anymore, but if I may, there’s quite a lot wrong here. And well, no one really gets good without at least some criticism, right? I feel like you
at least deserve a step in the right direction.

I’ll start with something rather simple to follow. The outline color should be consistent between all of your sprites.

As you can see here, FE6/7 share the same outline color, but FE8 has one that is different. The two that I picked out from yours has neither. I recommend going with the FE8 outline color, as it’s what most people go with nowadays. For your human characters, the same rule applies, of course, but make sure you also have the same skin tones and colors from FE8 as well for consistency’s sake. I can’t stress that enough.

Next up is this mug.

The height and width are not correct. It’s too big, being at 136 x 114 px (pixels).

I’ll show you an example of a correct mug.

This is the right size. 128 x 112 px (pixels).

I’ve seen a lot of beginners make this mistake, so don’t worry, it’s rather common for those just starting out.

The next problem with this mug is the amount of colors.

Using a program known as Usenti, you can see how many colors your mug uses.
I can’t stress this next part enough. The limit is 16 colors, but it is important to know that the 16th color is for the background, which is transparent in-game.

An easy way to get rid of these extra colors is by using the “Requantize” command.

Set the number to 16 and…

There it is, 16 colors.
You may also have noticed that I changed the size of the image near the bottom and right edges, as there is less empty space.

A few more things. I shifted the mug down by one pixel. You will want to make sure that they line up with these grids.

You can get this program here. It’s really useful for making sure you don’t make these mistakes.

I also recommend making sure that you get proper mini sprites for these characters. It isn’t very good to have a cropped face there, as many see this as laziness, and as such, is frowned upon by a vast majority of people, myself included. I’m not saying that you absolutely can’t, but again, it’s not a wise choice.

Before I close this out, take this mug template.

It should help you out with any issues lining things up correctly.

One last thing. If you have any updates for your project, make sure they stay in the same thread. Your original one, I mean.

It clutters up the site to make more than one thread, and it doesn’t look good on your behalf.

I hope what I’ve posted helped you out a bit. There’s a lot more that I didn’t point out, but I wanted to at least show you a few basics. I mean well by telling you these things, so please, don’t take it the wrong way. Thanks for listening.


Hi everyone it took me time … ok ages to post but I’m still working on somethings my old Laptop start to deleting and corrupt some files Some of it were mugs or sprite and I’m the idiot who didn’t make a copy of it
So an accident happened to my laptop https://tenor.com/view/cartoons-axe-scary-gif-9534102**strong text**
:smile: I’m joking no I just bought a new one and I’m working on some sprite and a new style for (shamans and Druids )and new style for (mini-mugs)
it will take me time to post it so… please wait
Cuz I don’t have my laptop at the moment