FE Heroes

FEH was released and I tested it. (Spanish screenshots because I didn’t found the language option)

I like most of the artworks, the gameplay is very simplified. It’s a decent mobile game.

  • There aren’t Skill and Luck stats
  • New stat (Skill Points, translated from Spanish)
  • All weapons are individual Skills for each character
  • Magic act like Bows
  • There is not Hit or Avoid
  • You need certain skills/weapons to do critical hits
  • No FE2/FE4/FE5 (Maybe they’ll add them eventually)
  • Summoned units are broken

I’ll continue playing it until I reach the paywall.

And if someone wants to add me, here’s my ID:

Ugh, poor Lyn, you were a cool woman but unfortunately because 1, you’re from Japan and 2, gaming is still considered only for men you’ll be sexualized excessively. RIP.



Im not enthralled about the removal of hitrates&dodging, but I believe dumbing down the mechanics a bit is necessary in order to make the game more accessible to the general public.

And then there’s FE7x.


How is her design any different now? She’s always had exposed legs.

I love this idea.

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Yeah, like, there is a hyper-sexualized character in this picture, and it sure ain’t Lyn.


Maybe I’m just becoming more sensitive because, despite many claims to the contrary women get fucked over hard in video games.

I’m also getting older and it’s something that’s designed to titillate teenagers, so naturally I’m out of the demographic and thus going to find it disturbing and off-putting.

You’re not wrong, but Lyn has always been the way she is.

I don’t remember Lyn posing like that in FE7 or any of her artworks. Not even in the Awakening DLC.



That pose is better than the new one:

What? I don’t even know why you’d say that. Because they’re too sexy? Men are the ones with continuous ‘heroes’ that are fat and ugly. Men are constantly portrayed as dim-witted idiots, whether the game is made by a man or a woman. For every Master Chief or Raiden, there’s a “dull emo loser guy” or “fat rapey sounding fuckwit” ten times over to replace him.

Now, if your complaint is that women aren’t being represented enough, alright. I see lots of female representation, personally, especially on Steam. Hell, my recommendations as of lately have included “Icey” and “Earthlock”, both of which feature prominent female protagonists, and all the rest of my recommendations either aren’t focused on a protagonist (Like ‘offworld mining company’) or if it’s a protagonist, it tens to be some masked faceless guy who might even be a woman for all I know. (See: Silent Storm Golden Edition)

The only one that features a male features two men and two women.

Granted, I mostly play indie games, but still… this isn’t 2010. Women have more representation than ever in games. I don’t see your complaint as valid at all.


They gave her one helluva tit job.

I know right, Roy is such a slut! I thought Ninian raised him better honestly.


Looks like a C at best, and more like a B in this pose.

someone should sprite that
MY GOD he looks lIke he’s from a Greek epic or something. I fucking love it. :heart_eyes:

There is nothing about this incarnation of Eliwood that is ok

Here’s the cast of FEH

No FE2/FE4/FE5/FE8/FE9/FE10/FE12

No 4, no 5, no 9, no 10…
But look at all those characters from Awakening and Fates, the games where they literally just drew generic anime characters and gave them generic anime tropes.


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they’re adding more stuff in later, it’s not like that’s the final list of characters available.