FE-Builder - Personal Staff that works like Physic and two battle animations for 1 weapon-type?

hey : )

I ran into the issue, that the personal staff I created for one of my Lords does not work as expected.
My goal is to create a Staff, that has basically same/similar effects like the Physic-Staff, meaning healing allies from a distance (it should also heal the user, but I think I can do this somehow with a skill maybe)

I copied basically everything from the Physics-Staff to a new item-slot, the values should be identical, also the item-effects should be the same

but somehow, I cannot use the staff at all, is it maybe hardcoded or something?

also another question is, can I use two battle animations for 1 weapon-type?
I want my Lord to have a healing-Staff and an Attack-Staff (which has a critical animation), they both should use a different animation, for now I solved this temporarily with switching the Attack-Staff as a Magic-Weapon-Type


Hi Cec!

The issue with the physic staff probably has to do with the use item section of the item or it is somehow not set as a staff. The staff being able to heal the user is achieveable with a patch that allows you to apply the live to serve skill on the staff. Does your lord have a high enough weapon rank to use the staff?

Yes, you can set more than one battle animation for each weapon type. You can set a weapon type for a specific item/weapon. This means that you can set a unique animation for your staff user when he uses it as a weapon.

For the issues with the unuseable physic, go to the item menu and click the highlighted box.

Here, you’ll be able to change some things. Look at how the physic has its settings in this little menu and copy them to the personal staff.

As for the animation issue:

You can select a specific animtion for a specific item by setting the “Special” option to 0 and select the weapon id of the staff.

If there are still some issues, watching my item tutorial might help fix some other things:

Good luck with the staff!


I think a lot of staves are hard coded to item IDs, so you may only be able to use the Heal/Mend/Physic slots for healing, I’m not sure

If you’re familiar with buildfiles you could use the ItemEffectRework code included with skillsys on github, but it is not very febuilder friendly.


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you guys are faster with the responses and help than I can even try something :smiley:

now I managed to at least make my unit use the Staff, it did give me a glitch though and I could not select a unit to heal

I probably forgot one of the fields to set it correctly, or maybe it s the hardcoded thing Vesly mentioned
either way I ll have another try and check the video too, thanks for the screens, I ll also try the specific battle animation thing

hmm, yeah that could explain why it s not working, then I might need to use the existing one and remove Physics for all other units in the hack

sadly I dont know anything about build-files and so on

thanks you two : )

I’ve successfully set items that weren’t originally staves as staves, so it’s definitely possible. Something that gets installed along with Skill Systems allows you to freely set staff ranges. This is not normally possible, so installing Skill System might prevent the glitchy range tiles. You don’t have to give characters skills if you don’t want to.


It may be possible for some staves but not others. I assume you mean you set them to be healing staves?

I think even with the skillsys febuilder patch, some staves are hard coded to item id

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I have item 6F as a Barrier staff. The ones I would expect to have problems if you tried to put them elsewhere are Warp, Rescue, and Torch because they have hardcoding to always show map animations.


Adding staff and use items is difficult, so I think you shouldn’t do it.
There is a lot of hard coding and ASM is inevitable.

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I think enemy AI also needs to be considered. I am not sure whether they will make use of the new item ID staves or not.

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I couldn’t say because it’s not something the enemy ever has. I’m not sure if the AI knows how to use Barrier in the first place. Maybe it will try to Barrier enemies that are in recovery mode. One of my misadventures with staves from back when I was trying to make weapon locks work for staves was to make all of the staves weapons with 0 range and having the staff function accessed through the Item command. This was never on any released version of my hack, but it pretty much tricked the game into thinking that other characters couldn’t use a staff because it was a locked weapon.

Deity Device FE8 6.emulator-13

Deity Device FE8 6.emulator-14
No staff command.

Deity Device FE8 6.emulator-15

Deity Device FE8 6.emulator-16
But you can select a target through Item and Use.

Deity Device FE8 6.emulator-17

The AI was able to use these things to heal and inflict status despite not even being registered as a staff.

With all that said, I should mention to the original poster that if he wants his new staff to be exclusive to his lord, he will need a patch to make weapon locks work on it.


thanks for all the replies : )

I already have the skills patch and can assign skills for units/classes and so on

I also managed to create a Staff that can attack enemies, and that works

but for my Staff that should have the same function as a Physic-Staff, I could not get it done yet, will try again though, might have missed something obvious

regarding the weapon-lock, I also thought about it, not sure on how to do it yet, but I wanna first fix the Staff, I m taking small steps :smiley:

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I managed to make it work - now I got a Staff that works like the Physics Staff

@XPGamesNL you were right, mate, my problem was, that I had to manually expand the data in almost all of these categories in the dropdown from your screenshot and manually copy the values for the Physics Staff


now time to adapt the two battle animations : )

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Great to hear it works now! Good luck with the animations!

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yeah, that worked as you described it as well : )
I will mark your post as the solution @XPGamesNL cause I can work again, but maybe won´t be long before I have another question in a new thread :smiley:

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Glad to hear you got your staff working. This is a patch that was shared with me to get weapon locks to work on staves. To install it with FEBuilder, you can go to “Insert events via Event Assembler” under the “Run” menu. Then select “FE8-Staff and Item Lock EA” from the folder and then click “Lode Script”. Then your staff will follow weapon locks. It doesn’t work with advanced lock systems like Weapon Lock Array, but it does work with the locks set by the check boxes in the character, class, and item editors.

Credit to jjl2357 for the patch.

staff lock


hey @Permafrost : )
thanks for the info, I actually thought it s one of the many patches already available in the FE-Builder, when I search for it, but hmm, if I wanna have locked weapons, then I would need locked Staffs yeah, I might use this patch then maybe (I assume I need to give credit for it, you got a link for the original post maybe?)

Staff Lock Original Post

Setting locks on staves doesn’t normally work, so if you want only your lord to be able to use the staff then you need a patch. And FEBuilder doesn’t have a built in patch for locking staves as far as I know. Of course, if you intended anyone to be able to use the staff, you won’t need it, but it sounds like you wanted to make this staff the lord’s PRF weapon.


yeah, that would be nice actually if I have a Locked Staff for the Lord, good to know there is almost for everything a patch (at least seems like it :smiley: )


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