[FE7, FE8] Staff/item usage locks

This patch allows staves and items to be locked to particular characters and classes as well, using the Weapon Ability bytes to determine the locks.
Somewhat tested, patch currently has vulneraries being locked to Eirika.
FE8: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3oy1awubvxw2mrb/itemlock.ups?dl=0
FE7: https://www.dropbox.com/s/btgjbibhimnnbj7/staff%20lock%20fe7.asm?dl=0


Source please?

(Btw, the free space I used in the E0000 zone requires repointing some pegasus knight picture.)

omg, is it possible for this to get to fe7 as well?! I needed this!

Yeah, it shouldn’t be too hard to port assuming I can look up/figure out where everything is

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FE7 version.


Paging @Venno - Can you interface this with all your sorcery, or does your Weapon lock shennanigans already account for staves?

hmmm, I’m not entirely sure how i implement this exactly. I pasted the hex at the end of the ROM, and tried locking a staff to Dewey. But it didn’t lock, I forget how to make this work aha. This is only my second time messing with ASM-y stuff.

Judging by a cursory glance at the code, it should work with Venon’s hack. It just calls the can_equip function.

There’s some hex in two other places - in the middle of the weapon lock code and also at the end of the block of item usability.

What does the code in the middle of the weapon lock code do?

It removes the part that only lets the code run on weapons.

So how do I exactly install this? Never done something with ASM files.

For ASM files, you’ll have to assemble it using e.g. Assemble ARM, which converts assembly code to hex in the form of a .dmp file. Then paste all the appropriate parts of the dmp file into your ROM, which is basically the routine you’re telling the game boy to run instead.

Is there a certain place where I have to paste it or can I use any free space?

404 Link not found now.

Any chances of getting the links repaired?

Everything here is in the Unified Dropbox.
That said, here’s the link to the relevant folder for this hack:

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can some one help me out with this? I’ve got the .dmp, but I have no idea where to paste it.

So I’ve been trying to use this hack, but whenever I use the patch it just causes items with a weapon lock to reset the came. I suspect I have to repoint it, but I have no idea how to do so. Advise?