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Randon Weapon Triangle questions - can I make it that if the user has weapon triangle advantage that when the user hits the opponent they can inflict a status condition? My thought was to have something akin to break from engage when the user has advantage.
Second, is there a way that, in the case there is no advantage or disadvantage, can we still force a weapon triangle advantage using stats? I was wanting to have a unit’s CON trigger weapon triangle advantage if they have enough points above the opponent.

My assumptions are that this would be a more complex setup so just learning about how I can edit these areas to begin with would help so I can mess with the settings as needed, thanks.

As you said, it’s possible and complex, and not something that pertains to FEBuilder. I recommend searching for tutorials in ASM and C, and joining the FEU Discord and asking in the gba_coding channel if you need help figuring things out.
The skill system may have some setup done to make it easier to implement changes like this, so you could look into it as base as well.

Hello there kind people,
It’s me again! (Twice in one month, I know.)
This time my rookie mistake is my game crashes after the starting cutscene and I’m not sure why. You can safely skip the crash if you skip straight to the first chapter.

Here is the report.7z. Thanks in advance to whoever can help, I’m very grateful this forum exists.

At the end of the event, you have several MOVE commands without an ENUN. When you try to erase units with CLEA_CLEN+CLEE, you still have units moving due to no ENUN, so the game freezes. Add ENUN and it no longer freezes.
Fire Emblem TK.emulator

It solved it!
Thank you so much. I appreciate it.
I’ll add it to the list of things I need to remember not to do. :sweat_smile:
Much love.

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Hi I come with a new problem; I hope you can help me as always


EDIT 13/05/'25
Thanks for trying to help me, but I discovered it on my own, FE8 only can load 29 nodes the last is 0x1C and I was trying to load one over than that

So, I’m making a game using FE builder for my brother, and I have a monster class as a lord. However, this means that it can’t trade or show up in battle preps. In chapter 4, it stops showing up on the map altogether! What do I do?

You probably gave the unit or the class the Supply ability, which prevents trading and hides them from battle preparations. Make sure the Supply ability is off, and if you want to change how the supply works, search in the patches menu.

Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. It worked! I didn’t realize that the skills patch would render the supply toggle useless!