FE_Builder_GBA -- If you have any questions, attach report7z

Did you try to copy over Mode 8? That’s labeled as “dodge ranged”.

Yeah I tried it, but mode 7 and 8 are for dodged attack

So dodge ranged = when a ranged attack miss, not when you dodge an attack wearing a ranged weapon

And I forgot to say in my precedent post that the standing animation when using an Handaxe at melee range works normally for me, but not for the ennemy (they always switch with handaxe/iron axe stance, which is weird)

I guess that just switching some frames into another wont be enough to deal with all those small inconvenients

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In the attached FE7j 7z file, the unit palette adapted to Rin is not reflected in the animation.
Please tell me the reason and how to reflect the unit palette.

report7z is here

Something weird is happening.

The battle event is not working, and the chapter BGM stops after entering a battle. I’m not used to these errors and tried everything of my knowledge to fix them. Help me please.

Hey. would it be possible to add a patch to play the Summon effect at specific coordinates in the map? No such thing exists currently. And Warp in effect is different. It can be used for cutscenes and to make enemies summon via events.

This thread popped up recently

It seems that due to the skill system for FE8U changing where the game reads the devil reversal chance, the current patch that changes Devil reversal chance in FEBuilder does nothing when skill system is installed, I don’t know if this affects earlier versions, however I assume it would affect all versions with skills that affect Devil chance and/or Devil weapons, I think creating a patch for skill system Devil reversal chance would be nice.

I’d love to know, whats the maximum size of the sound room? I tried to expand it beyond a 100 and when i went to test it, it crashed. Is it because of that?

The first chapter doesn’t want to run a battle event.

Put the fade-out release (ASMC ShowMap or FADU) before the event battle.
This is the same phenomenon as Q04 in CTF.

The first chapter also stops the music after entering a battle.

This is because you are using wav BGM.
If you are using a special sound source that makes BGM with a single wav, the song will not play back well continuously.
When GBAFE switches BGM in a battle, it remembers the position of the track at the moment of the switch, and after the battle is over, it processes the BGM back.
However, this does not work for single wav BGM.
This is because there is no position to switch back to.

There is a patch to fix this, which must be installed.

NAME.en=If Single MapBGM, always played from beginning.
INFO.en=In the case of SingleBGM using wav, when you revert from battle background music to map background music, you may revert to silent space.\r\nThis patch ensures that if you are playing SingleBGM, it will always play from the beginning.
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I’m not sure 100% what the issue is, but in FE8 the “EXP calculation formula Class Relative Promoted bonus” doesn’t seem to work properly. As in, it always treats promoted as +20 even if I change it.

Is that field ignored with skillsys or another patch, and if so, is there a way around it?

I think this patch will work correctly even if SkillSystems is installed.
This patch rewrites FE8U 0802C35E.
If you set a breakpoint in this routine, the evidence is that it matches.

However, SkillSystems also interferes with the experience formula, so we cannot rule out the possibility that this result is ignored.

In the test, the break is placed at 0802C35C, one step ahead, to eliminate the effect of the if statement.

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I’ve bumped into a lot of odd stuff trying to get level 0-30 and no promotion level reset to work so far, it’s been rough. :smiling_face_with_tear: It’s opened some interesting build options for some characters though, so I’m happy about that.

It worked like a charm. I had completely forgotten about FADU event…

I guess I just learned something new!

Thank you so much 7743! I appreciate your time, and I’m very grateful for you helping me out.

I have an issue regarding the first chapter. After the first enemy attacks, the game freezes, with all of the unit map animations still playing but the music loops and nothing else happens. I do not know when this problem occurred, but it is happening throughout most of my backups.
I have attached a report.7z here.

Thanks for the help.

After unit attacks, game freezes.

This is because the item 0xDF Arbalest is incorrectly configured.

A staff that can be equipped like a weapon should not be used because it confuses SkillSystems.

Also, a 0x10 Fortify with a range of 0x10 should not be implemented as a weapon that can be equipped.
A 0x10 Fortify with a range of 0x10 is data that is intended for the Fortify staff and should not be used for a weapon.

The game engine is confused and hangs because you have violated these two violations.

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It’s freezing because the Arbalest is both Equippable and has Fortify range.

Either give it a valid attack range or make unset the Equippable ability.

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Thank you so much, 7743 and Shuusuke. I don’t know what the community would do without people like you. I’ll add this to the list of what not to do with FEBuilderGBA. Cheers! :slight_smile: :grin:

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I have a small request.

I like to set all stat caps to 30 (and increase HP cap) when I play different hacks or randomizers. I usually do this with FEBuilder, but this is a slow process because I have to click each class, set each cap individually, and click Write ROM before moving to a new class.

Can there be a new feature to set all caps across multiple or all classes with one click? Maybe a check box list similar to the Palette Offset window, where you can tick/select different classes against different stats and replace with specific amount?

I was thinking of creating an Auto Hot Key script for this so it is an automated process. FEBuilder seems like the best solution, as creating a patch for higher stat caps seems problematic as every hack has data in different locations and stat cap offsets may change between games or even patch updates for a single game.

I think it would make most sense to use the export data option in builder to export the class table, then open that in a spreadsheet editor such as Excel, and just fill the class cap columns with 30. Then, re-import.

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This worked perfectly. Thanks for the quick suggestion! :slight_smile: