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If you want to hide the display of the weapon’s durability, I think you have to write the ASM.
This is because vanilla has no such specification.
Infinite weapons will always display “–/–”.

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Thanks for the quick response. Will try that.

Hi, I am trying to recreate FE7 on a FE8 ROM. Is there a quick way to export all of the elements or at least most of them? Many thanks!

Also, I am trying to remove the route split that exists in FE6, 7, and 8. Picking FE8 as an example, which feature of the FE Builder should I look into? Many thanks!

Nope, no easy outs as far as I’m aware.

Animations you can get from the asset repo. It’s faster than exporting them yourself and then importing them one by one by one. People already did the work of exporting them en masse, you can just make use of that.

Music you’ll have to import using the song track editor which can be accessed through the song table. Once that’s open you can hit the “import from another GBA game” button. You’ll need to have a guide to the song track IDs (or the FE7 rom open in another FEBuilder window) to know what’s what though.

As for maps, almost everything in the tilesets of FE7 are already in the tilesets of FE8. FE8 generally just has more added to them. The only exception is the snow tilesets, those you’ll have to export and import yourself. If you want to export the maps, you’ll have to do it manually. As for the colors of the maps (that very bright, almost washed out look they have), you can copy the palettes into the clipboard using the map/tileset editor. Though some of the elements added in the FE8 tilesets may not look as good in FE7 colors.

Events you might have SOME degree of luck exporting but I wouldn’t bet on it. You’ll have to recreate the lions share of those by hand, most likely.

As for removing route splits, it shouldn’t be much harder than just modifying the events where they take place. You can do so by using the Event Editor (Adv). Although I’m not sure why you’d want to remove the route splits from FE7 at the very least because you’re remaking it in FE8. You’d have to put the route split in just to then remove it again. :thinking:

For future reference though, you can just edit your previous post rather than double posting.

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Most things can’t be exported. Things such as character and item data can be exported to some extent, but you’ll still have to go over them since some things change between games. For example, FE7’s “morph” unit ability is “max level 10” in FE8, and you’ll end up with bad support pointers so you’ll have to set them all yourself, and so on.
Events certainly can’t be exported as the event engine of each game is different and the commands are completely different as well. The upside is that FE8’s event engine is superior, so it’s easier to make FE6/7 events in FE8 than the other way around, but you’ll still have to do so manually.
On the topic of events, that is where you’d edit/remove the route splits. FE6/7 have them in the end events of the previous chapters, while you have to go through some CALLs in FE8’s Castle Frelia chapter. They’re in the following screenshots.

Route split branches

So in short, there’s quite a bit of work to be done. If it were easy to export them, it wouldn’t have taken nearly as long to have a FE6 port to FE8 to finally be made after multiple failed attempts, and one of FE7 would certainly already exist by now. Good luck though, it would be nice to have one be made, for people who want to have FE7 but using FE8’s superior event engine and additional patches.

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How can I hide enemies behind map changes? For example, FE8, the Queen of White Dunes chapter, had enemies hidden behind doors that you could not see and they weren’t revealed until the door was unlocked. I tried to do the same thing, but the units are being placed on top of the roof.

By default, enemies spawned on Roof tiles are automatically hidden. If the Roof tile happens after the unit spawns, you can use the UNCM patch and set the unit to have the “hidden+under a roof” states.


Thank you! Turns out I placed it on a “wall” tile instead of a “roof” tile. Wouldn’t have thought about that, so I appreciate you specifying the type of tile!

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Would it be possible to make a patch for modifying the damage bonus of Puissance? It’s skill BF in the default installation.

In the latest version, it should be at 8B7262C.

I wrote an explanation on how to find/edit values in Discord , if it’s not at that address in yours, or for any other skill you also wish to edit.



NAME=Puissance's add damage(SkillSystems)
INFO=Skill Puissance's Add damage\r\nDefault=3
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ayoo my casual mode patch says its outdated how to fix it?

I applied the skill system patch and 41 of my character palletes broke, not sure why

Whenever i Install the skill system patch, most of my palletes (41 to be exact) gets “corrupted” saying that isn’t comprised of iz77 data. This only affects the palletes that don’t have a name/identifier

How did you write this pallet data?
I think you are writing in EA because the addresses are contiguous.
The area you are writing to is an area reserved as a SkillSystems sanctuary.
This area is used exclusively by SkillSystems, so any writing is prohibited.
Specifically, the following area is reserved as a sanctuary.
0x1c1ec0 - 0xB88560

For example, palette 0x6D is 0xB2A610.
You have trespassed into the above area.
Therefore, it will not work correctly.

If you are writing the palette in EA, change the address to write to.

If you are using FEBuilderGBA to fix it, save the data from the ROM before you installed SkillSystems as a png and re-import it.
In this case, please set the palette address to 0 and then import the palette image.
Overwriting with the existing address may destroy SkillSystems.

I have exported all of my previous palletes as png and after installing the patch, imported them back. It seems the address corrected itself (0x6D now is 1098728). That fixed it, thx!

I feel like I am not understanding how to use the Gaiden Spell Table patch properly. I want to reserve some spells for when a unit promotes, but I cannot get the spells to appear. When I promote, I can get all spells set between levels 10 and 20, but none of the “Only Promote” spells.

How can I not let the hero and heroine in FE8 separate the line, complete the hero’s line, and continue to play the heroine after completing the line

I’m going to assume you mean the route split. If you go to the event at address 9F33D0 you’ll see this command:

This is the command that gives the player the option to choose a route, and the commands after it do the actual branching of the routes. You can delete these commands and only leave the “move to chapter” command to the route you want. You will also need two patches: “change edition” to actually change which route the game is on, and “Fix SetupNewWMRoute. Do not draw the road again.” to fix problems with the world map when you don’t have a route split.

PSA: You may want to be careful when installing the latest version of FEBuilderGBA, when I tried updating my FEBuilder (From the official installer linked above), it had a Trojan Virus attached to it…