Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade 'Fan Remake' [FE6 in FE8] [COMPLETE]

UPDATE 1/27/2023 This should hopefully be the final update…

  • Each chapter will now have either an Armory / Vendor / Secret Shop. Each shop will progressively have better items as you complete chapters.
  • Zelot is now a Paladin instead of a Great Knight.
  • Changed base levels of certain units to fix bugs in the ROM regarding skill distribution.
  • Trec is no longer able to use axes as a cavalier and his inventory will have a Killer Lance instead of a Killer Axe.
  • The level cap for the Dancer and Bard class has been raised to 30 and can now have an S rank in their respective weapon level ranks.
  • Fixed various palettes for characters.
  • Fixed Support Viewer so units without support conversations will not appear. (NOTE: If you send home a unit in the “Send Home Units” chapter, their info in the support viewer will be grayed out.)
  • A lot of enemy units will now have “enemy only” skills to ramp up the difficulty of the ROM.
  • Changed various skills for certain classes and characters for balancing purposes.

UPDATE 1/22/2023

  • Added Promotion Branch for Knight and Recruit class. They can now promote to either General or Halberdier.
  • The Knight class can now only use lances.
  • Changed various skills for certain classes and characters for balancing purposes.
  • Fixed the palettes of certain characters.

UPDATE 1/20/2023

  • Gwendolyn now has her own custom class: “Recruit” which then promotes to “Halberdier”.
  • Changed Bases of Gwendolyn to fit new Recruit class.

UPDATE 1/18/2023

  • Added Promotion Branch for Fighter class. They can now promote to either Warrior or Hero.
  • Added Promotion Branch for Thief class. They can now promote to either Assassin or Rogue.
  • Changed various skills for certain classes and characters for balancing purposes.
  • Various enemy units will now have skills exclusive to them. This is to ramp up the difficulty of foes.
  • Lugh now promotes to Sage instead of Mage Knight.

UPDATE 1/13/2023

  • Added Promotion Branch for Brigand / Pirate class. They can now promote to either Berserker or Warrior
  • Changed various skills for certain classes for balancing purposes.
  • Changed certain weapon names / descriptions.
  • Added Character endings for specific characters. Credits for each ending below.
    Lilina x Gonzalez - Blasteroid
    Noah x Fir - FoxBluereaver
    Lance x Clarine - FoxBluereaver
  • Fixed bugged Idunn ending depending on whether or not you slay her with Binding Blade.
  • Fixed Chapter 4 victory conditions from “Seize Throne” to “Seize Gate”
  • Changed script of certain chapters.
  • In the “Send Home Units” chapter, you will not be able to “Send Home” Zelot, Juno, Zeiss, or Melady in case of the player making it impossible to unlock Chapter 20x / Chapter 21x.

UPDATE 1/10/2023

  • Added Promotion Branch for Archer class. Archer can promote to either Sniper or Ranger.
  • Changed various skills for certain classes and characters to better fit them.
  • Removed Debias as a recruitable character.
  • Fixed various death quotes.

UPDATE 1/8/2023 Fixed Perceval Recruitment Flag and Chest that gave 216 Blue Gems.

UPDATE 1/7/2023 Fixed Softlock issue in Chapter 19x and certain reinforcements. Fixed Geese Prf weapon ranged animation. Fixed wall HP bug in Chapter 20x. Added “Lancebreaker” skill to Warrior class. Fixed Seize Throne for 20x.

UPDATE 1/6/2023 Fixed some of the color palettes and Sin’s death quote.

UPDATE 1/5/2023 I’ve addressed some of the criticisms made on my ROM hack.

  • Issue #1: Chapter 1 will now have the entire starter squad from the vanilla FE6 game. That means no more Roy / Wolt solo. Marcus, Bors, Alen, and Lance will now be a part of chapter 1.
  • Issue #2: I’ve given more leadership stars to the enemy to increase difficulty by a little bit. Let me know if you still think the difficulty of the game needs to be ramped up.
  • Issue #3: Raigh’s custom Shaman class promotion is now fixed and can promote with a Guiding Ring or Master Seal.
  • Issue #4: Dead units / “Ghost Units” reappearing the early chapters has been fixed. Now, if a unit dies, they won’t reappear in the next chapter on accident.

UPDATE 1/4/2023 I’ve addressed some of the comments made on my ROM hack. Removed some of the portraits and texts from the ROM. I will continue to update the ROM over time.

You can still continue from where you started even if you download the updated ROM. All you have to do is make a save state file of your current ROM and load the state file on the updated ROM.

If there are any other issues that need to be conveyed, please let me know and I’ll fix them as soon as I can.

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.

I literally pulled a Thanos on Nintendo.

If you’ve played Binding Blade before or haven’t at all, then you HAVE to play my “Remake”. I am insane when it comes to Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. I’m the Binding Blade Guy

It’s the first Fire Emblem game I ever played and I’ve played it SO MANY TIMES I’ve lost count. I’ve played it so many times, that I know every single secret, every single reinforcement, how the AI works, etc.

Unfortunately, the game was never localized to the US and it’s unfortunate because come on! It’s ROY. The dude who had a Sword in Super Smash Bros. Melee that could shoot flames out of it! So you can tell how much I want an official remake to be made by Nintendo, it even made sense to make one in 2022 since it’s been 20 years since the original GBA release, 3 years since a Fire Emblem game was released, AND the director of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia even mentioned that he would like for the next Fire Emblem remake to be on the Binding Blade. Naturally, when the Nintendo Direct in September was released, I expected the remake, but instead, I was mildly dissapointed to see a new Fire Emblem game. At the very least, Roy appears in it as a ring.

But I digress. Jokes aside…

…I’ve researched a ton of information on the Binding Blade game and asked the personal opinions of many in the FE community as to what they would like to see in a rendition of Binding Blade. Some of you may disagree with the changes I’ve made and that’s okay. I will take any constructive criticism to heart because I want this ROM hack to be enjoyable by others. I want to list ALL the changes I’ve made about this game, but I also want you to see the changes I’ve made from just playing it. However, I’ll give my reasons to some of the important changes.

CHANGES MADE TO THE GAME Note: This isn’t a 1:1 recreation of Binding Blade.This uses Project Ember as a base for certain parts of the game. The reason being is that I personally like a lot of what Project Ember does. I think they had the right idea when it came to balancing the game. I also wanted to make it different enough from the OG FE6 to warrant a new way to play the game. Don’t take it seriously as an ‘actual remake’. I also playtested this on Hard Mode. Normal and Easy mode haven’t been tested so I highly recommend you play Hard Mode.

  • This game will use the FE8 engine with the skillsys. I ported EVERYTHING from FE6 into FE8.

  • In order to unlock the extra chapters after Ch. 22: The Neverending Dream, you must have obtained ALL of the Legendary Weapons and make sure none of them have been broken. That includes the Saint’s Staff which wasn’t a vanilla FE6 requirement.

  • Merlinus is gone. Actually, he’s still in the story. However, I removed the transporter as it seemed “outdated”. Modern Fire Emblem games use convoys that are on the Lord, so I figured that it would just make life easier to give Roy the supply. Also Lilina is now a Lord.

  • In the original Binding Blade, you could have a max of 51 characters in your barracks. My game will have 60 characters + Tower of Valni and Lagdou Ruins characters (The vanilla FE8 ROM could only have 50 or 51 characters at a time without causing problems to the ROM, so in order to circumvent this, I added a feature at the end of Chapters 18 and 19 similar to FEH where you can “Send Home” units you don’t use so you can recruit more in the end (of course, there’s also the kill a unit you won’t use alternative). You can send up to 5 units at a time and to compensate for you having to send home a unit, you get a Spirit Dust per unit sent home (Due to the Str / Mag split, I thought this would be a creative way of putting in Mag stat boosting items without changing much of the existing items you get through treasure, villages, etc.) If there was a way you could have more units without the ROM breaking, I would use it, but for now, we have to do with what we have.

  • No Western Isles or Ilia / Sacae route split. This may be a little controversial to some, but hear me out. I believe you should be able to play every character that is playable in Binding Blade. My argument is that to the people who’ve only played Binding Blade once and took the A route in Western Isles arc and the Ilia route, they never got to play as Bartre, Elffin, or Dayan which is unfair because all these three characters are great and fun to use. So, in my ROM hack, you’ll take the A Route in the Western Isles arc, and the Ilia Route. I still implemented the Sacae chapters but in a different way.

  • ROY PROMOTES EARLY A lot of people really want this, and I did too. If you didn’t get the true ending of Binding Blade, you’d only be able to play as promoted Roy for ONE chapter. It’s stupid, so he now promotes at the end of chapter 16 or chapter 16x. I figured that he should promote when Guinivere gives Roy the Fire Emblem at the end of Chapter 16 / 16x, not when he gets the Binding Blade. Not only that, but he is given the Fire Emblem as an equippable weapon. The Fire Emblem is something only Roy can use and it’s a 1-2 range magic weapon that is essentially what gives the Binding Blade’s it’s flame abilities. After all, the Fire Emblem is “the key” to unlocking the sword.

  • Prf Weapons. They will be abundant in this game. The reason I did this was to incentivise the use of units you probably wouldn’t otherwise use if they didn’t have something going for them. Instead of making drastic changes to their bases and growth rates, I’d instead give them personal weapons that fit their personalities. Mostly all of the Prf weapons will have 25 uses for balance purposes. There are certain ways to get the Prf weapons so try to get them all!

  • Talk Features. Ever wondered why in the middle of a chapter you could talk with certain units and maybe get a little story progression through it, but you’d waste a turn because of it? Well, I’ve made a change to incentivise the use of the Talk feature. For example, in Chapter 2, when Dieck arrives on the scene, Roy can talk to Dieck (and vice versa) and they’d get a few words of dialogue together but that’s it. In MY game, whoever initiates the conversation will be given 50 EXP. That’s just an example, but depending on certain conditions, there are other things you can receive from talking to people on the battlefield. So try it out!

  • FE6 Story. I didn’t want to change the story TOO much, after all if I did, it wouldn’t be the Binding Blade. However, I did make some bold choices with the story and I won’t spoil anything but I looked at it from this perspective: If I were to direct the official Binding Blade remake, what would I like to see? What would others want to see? I took inspiration from how IS remade Fire Emblem: Gaiden into Shadows of Valentia. Don’t worry, I didn’t go full psycho mode and make an outlandish fanfiction. I simply added in what I believe could happen in an FE6 remake (Returning FE7 characters?) I also tried my best to not pull an OG FE6 and have new recruits speak for only one chapter and then never speak again in the story, even if they’re alive. I put as many new lines as I could without changing the story too much while each character would retain their personalities.

  • Music. I had a blast adding in the music for this game. Listen, the FE6 soundtrack is great, but I feel like it’s held back by it’s outdated soundfont. An example would be the Alm Player Phase theme that plays during the trial maps. It sounds pathetic. So, I’ve taken the liberty of updating some songs in the game with the FE8 instruments. Don’t worry, I stayed within the confines of the FE series OST. Hopefully, the music choices are to your liking.

  • Portraits. THIS took FOREVER (Special thanks to Obsidian Daddy for the blinking frames.) Now, the portaits in FE6 look disgusting. I’m sorry, but the color choices just hurt my eyes, also some of them just don’t make sense when compared to their concept art. An example would be Gwendolyn. Why does she have pink armor in her portrait when in her official art, she has orange armor??? So I’ve taken the liberty of pain stakenly going in photoshop and changing the colors of each portrait to be better on the eyes and overall viewing experience.

  • And Many More… What I’ve stated above is essentially the “major” changes I’ve decided to share with you. I’ll tell you this much. This game would be fully appreciated if you’ve played the original FE6 first, that way you can see the changes I’ve made first hand and just say, “Wow, a lot of work was put into this game. The guy who made this hack really took FE6 and ‘remade’ it with a lot of quality of life additions.” Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or if you find any bugs or glitches that I should attend to. I will gladly update the UPS file so it is to people’s liking.

UPDATE 1/27/2023 You can Download the UPS patch here (Make sure to use a clean FE8[U] ROM → Fire Emblem - Binding Blade 'Remake' 1.27.2023

If you would like to support me, then follow my socials. I put hundreds of hours into making this game and I hope you all enjoy it.


Special Thanks to

  • The PE Team
  • MageBoy for playtesting on Normal difficulty and reporting issues to me to fix.
  • The SkillSystem_FE8 Team

Credits to be updated…
Various Map Textures and Item Icons from Project Ember
FE6 Roy-Base [M] Vanilla + Magic by Pikmin
FE6 Roy-Reskin [M] Redesign by Blaze
FE6 Roy-Reskin [M] Echoes-Style by Jeorge_Reds
FE7 Hector-Reskin [M] T2 Orion by TytheBub
FE7 Lyn-Style [F] Brave Lyn Nomad by RedBean
Various Legendary Battle Animations by RedBean
[M]Mage Lord v1 by Eldtrich
[F] Lilina by Mikey Seregon
[F] Cecilia by Plant_Academy
Amelia (F) T1 (Spud’s Infantry) by Blood
Halberdier (F) Amelia by Blood, Dei, dondon151
[Custom Halb] [M] Halberdier + Axes by TBA]
[Recruit-Amelia] [F] T1 Soldier by Spud
[Recruit-Amelia] [F] T2 Halberdier by Spud
Sophia Portrait by Plant_Academy
Exfire Spell Animation SHYUTERz, HIROTO, Fenreir, 7743
Prominence - FE6 Forblaze DerTheVaporeon
Long-Hair TLP Style Repal by Raulster
Lyn Adult Portrait by Spoon_Rythm, Wasdye
Saint Elimine Portrait by Raulster
Florina Portrait by RedBean
Battle Frames & Backgrounds/ Battle Screen by Sokaballa’s
FE12 - Before Battle by Swift Saturn
FE11 - For Liberty by Sme
FE11 - Into the Darkness by REALxViPerZ
Bolt Axe Weapon Icon by Zelix
Spirit Dust Icon by Zelix


So I started up the hack out of curiosity, and not only does this purportedly “TRUE FE6 experience” design itself almost exactly like Project Ember and not actually vanilla FE6, you decided to turn chapter 1 into… a Roy and Wolt solo? While all the other units just don’t join until chapter 2? Why???


Since Roy and Wolt go to the same school in Ostia, I figured since Roy’s returning from said school to meet with his father Eliwood, it should just be the two of them, while the Pherean knights are at the castle with Eliwood. I also wanted to give Wolt the same treatment that Gray and Tobin were given in Shadows of Valentia.

My point is, playing FE6 chapter 1 with two units is the opposite of fun. There’s a reason vanilla FE6 has, you know, a full cast to play the map with. Because that’s much more interesting.


really nice one! i´ve never played FE6 to the end, might be a good opportunity! congrats on the project

a question, do characters have branched promotion like in FE8 or is it a one only choice like FE6 and 7 ?


It does not have branched promotions. However, if enough people want it, I may add it in a future update.


Your implementation of the 62 units makes no sense. You are aware that with patches. Fe8 supports up to 63 units, right?

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ok thx!
fwiw I really like branched promotions for unit customization

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@Goldblitzx I was told in the FEUniverse discord server that you need a version of ExModularSave configured to allow it. I would need a a custom build if I really wanted to do this, but others didn’t recommend it. Not only that, but people weren’t sure if all the bugs had been solved. I looked for everything. Sad days. :frowning:

@monk-han Noted! :slight_smile:

@KrashBoomBang My FE Philosphy is that you start chapter 1 with a Range = 1 unit and a Range = 2 unit. You are outnumbered (but when are you not) and the best way to go about it is to have Roy and Wolt close together. You must learn how to combo both Wolt’s chip damage and Roy’s melee attacks. Wolt’s personal skill incentivizes to be next to Roy at all times. Not only that, but it also creates a support conversation easily, introducing new FE players to the support system (I remember when I first played Fire Emblem, I didn’t understand at all how the support system worked and how you gained them). Also, Roy and Wolt are milk brothers so it’s only natural that the story of Binding Blade begins with the both of them fighting side by side :face_holding_back_tears:

I hope you understand where I’m coming from. I know I understand where you come from too. I take the criticism seriously and I want this game to be the best for both of us. If enough people want it, I can update it so that the Pherean knights come in as reinforcements. :slight_smile:

@Darrman I’m new to FEUniverse, I’m sorry. I hope I did it right by editing this post and tagging you.
Also yeah, I’m not sure why it does that during the class roll. If someone could tell me, I would appreciate. I want to fix any issues that are reported to me.

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Mod voice on: Please stop posting multiple times in a row. Please edit your posts instead. This goes to everyone else too.

Mod voice off: A friend of mine patched this hack and the game crashed with a demon screech when idling on the title screen during the class roll.

@ZeN2002 You have the right principle, though you only need to do this to avoid multi-posting.


If you were making something from scratch, I could maybe understand that perspective. But you are taking something already established and making it worse. FE6 chapter 1 was specifically designed around having 6 units, not around having 2. And having a map with only 2 units is just inherently really lame, since you have so little flexibility. You move both units together for the entire map, that’s it. You can’t really spread out, especially not when one of your units is an archer who can’t counterattack anything.

This is also a rebalance/remake/redux/re-thing, not a brand new mainline series game. The only people playing this are gonna be people who already know how FE works. They don’t need a tutorial.

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I’ll give this hack a shot seems fun. I always like a new spin on things

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Oww this has peaked my interest. Won’t be able to play it for a bit, so a few questions:

  • One. Will there be Manaketes based on the various Elibe Dragon tribes?
  • Two: Have Sophia’s growths and bases been buffed and by how much? Because lord knows she needs it to actually be a Est type character that works.
  • Three. Where did you get the pop up for the skill procs? That seems awesome for clarity purposes.
  • Four. What’s Fae current skill spread?
  • Lastly. Is Idunn a proper boss now?
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Shit like this… makes me hard ready to play fe6 again. For the 100xth time. Sweet georgia peaches here I come

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Looking forward to trying this! Chapter one with only two units sounds interesting. I get that not everyone would find the idea appealing, but I’ll give it a shot. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done chapters like that in FE games.

Also, I saw the mod’s post earlier, and I can confirm that I’m getting the same screeching noise/ hard freeze in the class roll.


Oho! Now this is a question!

One: The only enemy manaketes are the Fire Dragons. As far as I know, Idunn can only produce war dragons and those war dragons are only of the Fire dragon. I would’ve loved to add dragons that deal magical damage and ice dragons with stat differences from their fire counterpart, but to keep it simple, I kept it the same as the OG FE6. After all, Jahn is the “Final True Dragon”, and he’s part of the fire tribe.

Two: I took inspiration from FEH. I know I probably shouldn’t, however in all of the Sophia alts were given (3), they’ve all had similar stat spreads where she has above average attack, little to no speed, and high def/res. So her growth rates where changed to reciprocate that. Also, yeah. She’s bad in OG FE6 so she kind of needed the extra growth rates.

Three: To my knowledge, it came default with the latest SkillSys given in FEBuilder. There’s still the funny 3 frame animation where the name of the skill that is procced looks like it was drawn in MS Paint. But yeah, the pop up was there initially from the beginning.

Four: I took inspiration from other playable Manakete’s in the series and these are her base stats. She’s been given a 50 use Dragonstone so she doesn’t become useless very quickly. Also her skills are “Dragon Fang” “Renewal” “Boon” “Miracle” “Kestral Stance” “Lucky Seven”

Lastly: These are Idunn’s stats regardless of difficulty setting.
Also, even with these inflated stats, the Binding Blade still ORKO’s her. So I made a bold decision to make the Binding Blade no longer be effective against the Demon Dragon (Same goes for other Legendary Weapons). Don’t worry though, a lucky Aether proc (no crit) from Roy, and he still make short work of Idunn like in this picture below (But not to the caliber of OG FE6)
It’s still effective against other dragons though. The final chapter overall should feel satisfying to play.

@adalvar Sophia she does not have Spectrum Stance. She has Bracing Stance (Like her Eternal Tome in FEH) as her personal. (Roy has Spectrum Stance though).

Thieves promote into Rogues. Since I didn’t implement promotion branches, I merged the two classes together. Rogues get the lockpick skill and lethality skill.

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Very nice, ill try it as soon as i am done with the game i am playing!
also will u be doing a Fe7 remake too?

Hope Hard mode is really HARD and not easy!!!


As much as I would love to remake FE7, I don’t think I have the expertise on FE7 as I do in FE6 to be trusted to make an FE7 remake. I wouldn’t know where to start. Whereas on this FE6 Remake, this is essentially years in the making.

Also with the Skill System introduced, I believed it would make the game a lot easier, what with Rally skills and such. So to compensate, I did increase the stats of the enemies. Not by a lot, but enough to know that “hey, these stats are pretty high up there.” Also, I found that when I playtested this, the game got pretty easy near endgame, mostly because of how some units (Rutger) can just solo armies from time to time. I’d say, to fully enjoy the game, please don’t Arena Abuse. :slight_smile:


I just wanted to point out that, regardless of the accuracy of the “remake” or merit of changes, this romhack has a special value since it finally means we no longer have to recommend against hacking FE6 just because it’s FE6.

It’s a romhack of FE8, which has a superior event engine and all the support from FE8 patches that don’t exist for FE6. That is, of course, depending on whether you agree to allow people using it as base if they want to make an FE6-based hack with all FE8 conveniences.


Am I really the first person to do such a thing? That alone makes me feel even more special about the impact I could make on the community. Just goes for show how crazy I am about FE6.

Well, as long as people credit me for using my ROM hack, then all is well. Just know that the game is 24.5 MB big so you won’t have a lot of room before you reach the 32 MB limit lol. :stuck_out_tongue: