FE BUILDER Error (i don't have the answer)

Hello i don’t know why it does this and how to fix this, i don’t remember also since when it did that.

If anyone has the answer of how to fix it, i’d like to hear it thanks.

Well i don’t know at all the answer too
The thing i don’t know if it’s the cause of the freezing but when i try to use an item in prep screen or world map it freezes. i’d like to know why …

I’ve never heard of any case of something like that happening, so I’m unsure of what the problem is.

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I have to use item via battlefield only ewan and emilia promotes works as trainees cuz it does it automatically for the first promotions and Eirika,Ephraim also the others it freezes.

Why not send report7z?

I did report the problem sir.

Where did you send it?
Am I already answering it?
I don’t remember because I get lots of reports.
If I haven’t responded yet, please contact me.