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Can anybody help me with the magic animations? I know i have to go to the repo but is there an easier way than downloading every file individually? (downloading the pngs is killing me)

I swear i checked on the FAQ like 3 times how the hell did i miss this? Thx for the help

Important correction: It was by MageKnight404.

I have no idea what the best way to keep the thread un-cluttered but the issue addressed is.


Thank you for letting me know!
Not sure how I got that wrong.

Personally I liked the “cheaped out” one

But hey more power to you

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I’m glad you did! It’s not like I’m retracting its availability or anything; honestly I consider to fill a bit of a distinct niche from this new iteration.

Mostly I was referring to the fact that what personally compelled me to make those two map sprite sets was dissatisfaction with the T2 Heavy Infantry Ephraim map sprites available in the repo. I wanted one that better fit the animations’ increased bulk compared to T1 Ephraim and that had more “heavyweight T2 class” gravitas, if that makes sense.

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He certainly looks more relaxed than his usual rather stern expression!

I know my comment was a bit silly, but those edits/splices you shared are quite nice!

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thx!! and its ok I didnt feel they were silly :slight_smile: its nice when someone comments


Hey. IDK if i’m the only one who thinks this, but I think there should be a folder for magic hits in the repo. Not spells or skill effects, but magic hits. Those used with this patch:

There are hacks which use this, but there’s no dedicated folder. And I think it would be really useful.

I use that patch for quit a few weapons, and don’t really think a seperate folder makes sense because there isn’t really a difference between a spell used as a hit effect and a normal spell. I have several animations that are used both as a hit effect and as a spell. The hack maker just has to judge whether an animation makes sense as a hit effect. For the most part, these are spells where the effect materializes on the target. Anything where a projectile fires from the user’s side like vanilla Fire or anything with a flashy screen filling effect like Ivaldi probably aren’t great as hit effects.

That’s what I’m saying. There’s little to no spell animations that don’t have that “wind up” like Fire or Elfire do. So most people who use this function would have to resort to making their own spells, or editing existing ones. That’s why I think a separate folder would be useful, even if it didn’t have that much content.

A brand new folder for every spell anim is a bit much for something so… miscellaneous. At best there could be an alternative version of each spell animation inside of the original or vanilla spell folder. A shortened version if you will.

If someone makes a few examples of said spell animations. I wouldn’t mind adding them to the repo. There will have to be quite a bit of content to it before I think it needs to be a separate folder.

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