FE Asset Repository Discussion Thread

That would be super terrifying. Every FE and Metroid fans’ worse fear would soon become.


well, that’s because her armor shoulders are freakin’ ridiculous man, i had to resize them in order to make everything fit in the hackbox.
someone could eventually try to draw her profile, but even then they would still have to deal with a huge chunk of armor covering her head.
the way i represented that armor was to incorporate every possible detail, but if other artists around here want to give it a try, they’re more than welcome to do so.

don’t worry about the Zero Suit though, i promise you that’s gonna have a decent angle.
i just finished the lineart, by the way. time to paint her~


Isn’t it facing the wrong way?

If the angle’s good enough for Ross, it’s good enough for Samus. :triumph:


…aaaaand here goes my sanity.

alright, i guess that’s enough stuff for today.
gotta take a break, otherwise tomorrow i’ll probably get devastated by notifications on log in :sweat_smile:


The map sprites are good, but please export the animations from the rom properly via the method outlined in this guide. They aren’t repo formatted, whereas if they were I could immediately add them.

ok i think it’s fixed :+1:

Sort of. You need to ‘export all’ from the rom and name the files properly. Like, when you export, name them ‘Staff’ which makes them work properly with the repo website.

(So, not cyc or whatever, but Staff)

It seems like a small thing and only takes five minutes. But, if five people don’t format properly, five minutes of work for each of them becomes 25 for me. I don’t want to be mean but I am a very busy klok :weary:

aight how’s this


There you go, baybey! Perfect!

Edit: Actually one other thing. What is the Adventurer class? No such class exists in the repo. I looked at all of Nuramon’s animations.

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It’s for Nuramon’s Marksman. The map sprites, staff usage, and general design are from Fates’s Adventurer

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Hmm… should I rename Marksman to Adventurer? I’m not oppoosed.

Edit: Nah. I’ll keep it as-is. I added stuff, looks good!

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God how I feared the SA-X the first time.

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This is going to save me some time later. Thanks, Klok + Jey.

Oh god, so much better than mine. That Uther’s armor, especially. You cleaned up shop :laughing:

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…Well shit. I guess I’ll add yours too!

Uther and the gang gonna have so many chibi options :eyes:

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We has the same idea, I did a bunch of them for my hack last year, but I only shared them in FEUniverse recently, they’re in a folder here. It amazes me some of them are exactly equal, but I didn’t make the flying fortress one or the ice cave one you’re sharing, but you can find more here (they’re in the backgrounds folder): FE8Reloaded - Google Drive


I don’t see a reason why it would be a bad think to have an excess of everything :wink:

Me neither, at least on resources for Fire Emblem hacks (an excess on other things can be dangerous). :wink:

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Friday, October 29th, 2021.

I have once again made a big change to the Repo. Everyone, meet the Secondary Music Repository. Name WIP because I’m lazy.

This repo has one purpose: Store music preview files, specifically .wav, .mp3 and .ogg files. Heck there are even a couple MP4s. From now on, only .s and .midi files go in the main Music Repository.

Basically, I wanted to remove the music files from the Graphics Repo because they are huuuuge (easily 700+MB’s) but if I remove them, that just fucks over anyone incapable of using the .s file player. So, if you still need to access the files, you can access them through this sister repository, which you can always find on my Github page.

It’s pretty barebones, currently only has all the music files and nothing else. I’ll eventually link between the two repos, but for now, this is a stop-gap solution.

I have also merged MonopolyRubix and MeatofJustice’s Music Repo submissions into the music repo, while putting their preview files inside the sister repo linked above.

…That’s all.

Have fun with smaller repo filesizes.

P.S. The main repo is less than 1GB now!