FE Asset Repository Discussion Thread


Wow. I never even knew this was a problem. Good catch, Pushwall!


This slime ball sort of thing resembles Echoes’ Mire animation.


Alright guys. I’m going to bite the bullet and commission a Fiverr coder to add javascript functionality for all the rest of the Repo.

Things I want:

  • Changes and fixes to the Battle Animation section. Remove the still images for animations. Split gifs into new lines every 3 gifs. Etc.
  • Add a download button to every animation folder’s Readme.md, so people can download the whole folder. No clue if doable.
  • Spoiler huge sections of the readme.md files at the top level folders, such as the main Battle Animations index.
  • Add preview and download buttons for the MUSIC repository?? Eugh?? Is it doable? We’ll see.
  • Add preview functionality for all the rest of the repository. This means the portraits, maps, and so on.

Anyone have any wishlist stuff they want added while I’m at it? I’d like to get my money’s worth here. I really shouldn’t be spending $50 but if it helps the community, why not.

Edit: Actually I’m spending $100 now. Oh well.


Doesn’t @Arch have access to some community funds for FEU? This seems like a good use for those funds…


You’re a funny fella :joy:

Added these to the repo. Pi’s work is great; wish we had more of it in there.

I’ll add this to the WIP folder for now.

I could actually use a volunteer or two. I want help formatting animations for the repo so I can add them. Frankly, after burning myself out fully updating the repo over three weeks, I just have no brain energy left to do stuff like unzip animations, format them to repo standards, name their folders, etc. If I could get a volunteer or two to help, that would be great. I have 24 zip files waiting to get added to the Repo now and zero motivation/passion to work on them.


Anyone feel like helping poor overworked Grandfather Klok out? Pop into the repo discord if you do!

Alternatively, you could just take the files from the WIP folder on Github and format them according to the repo’s standards, then post a DL here.

Or just leave all the work to poor old Klok. :pensive:

Who is SqrtPi? I really like his style and I would like to make a request.

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I think we only lack Gant now as Tina is already in the repo. And then we can make a hack based on the FE6 comic!

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This is the twitter thread you want, since he lists his prices and stuff.

To be honest, for the quality on offer, his prices are extremelyfuckingreasonable. Pi has always been the FE community’s secret weapon.


I see. Thank you very much Klok! And you are right, his art is simply amazing and of high quality.

There’s a couple others like Kilmar, Zeed and Jemmie that I’m hoping to commission one day. The manga actually has a surprising amount of original characters.

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Huh, you actually can make a game out of it. An interesting thought. Maybe something like FE5.

I think Red Bean already made a Jemmie mug at one point

For full authenticity, make it an FE6 hack.

The Fiverr coder guy I’ve contracted has already fixed a few key/crucial things with the repo. It’ll take him a couple of weeks to get everything else done, but in the meantime…

Blue hyperlinks to classes work! Now if you click a blue class name in the readmes at the bottom…

Such as the [Bard-Base] [M] Elffin +Weapons link, it will take you to the animation’s folder!

There were some other things fixed, but they only affect my usability of maintaining the repo, not the end users. Expect more info over the coming days.


Can you put all those in a zip with their proper names? Assuming they have names ofc.

Edit: I’m fucking stupid.

So, the animation looks beautiful, but it seems odd that her crit animation is simpler than her regular attack animation. Maybe it’s just me being weird, but it feels like they should be swapped?

So @ScubaLuigi found an issue with the Generic Zephiel anim where it can hang. In my boundless wisdom, I had forgotten to add C01 to the standing motions of every script of every weapon type of both Generic Zephiel and Generic Zephiel Repalette.

I’ve updated the .txt scripts and the .bin files in the original dropbox links, but here’s a .rar with everything, unchanged stuff and updated stuff:


I was browsing the repo and went into some very obscure places…
And man, this needs to be made into a full animation.
Seriously, all animators who don’t know what to do, go into the “Concepts” folder. There’s some hidden gold there that just needs to see the light of a day.
(Original concept by Zmr (?))


I agree, I personally can’t wait for Jeorge Red’s Deluxe Roy and his Elibian trio sprites to be animated in full someday. Who else thinks all the concept sprites need to be animated as well?