FE Asset Repository Discussion Thread

A minor but important repo update.

Several people have been unable to properly clone the repo because of file lengths. I have chopped more than 40 characters off the longest folders/files, so instead of some files reaching 240 characters, now the longest on my hard drive sits at a comfortable 180. Windows’ file system limits are 260 characters before you have big issues, so this should be fine as long as you don’t install the repo in a filepath like:

C:/Users/Desktop/Super Awesome Hacking Stuff/Tools/Utilities/Fire-Emblem-Graphics-Repository

Instead, install it somewhere more reasonable, like so:

C:/Users/Documents/Github/FE Repo

This should prevent all those errors people were getting, like so.


Thank you Klok for your hard work.


Nice - love the European inspiration.

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What European inspiration? Elibe had always been know to have a landmass east of it…

This is amazing!

Alright, guys. I have finally posted the big update post!

Now you can finally know in exhaustive detail what I’ve fixed, changed, or modified. It’s only 6,000 words long!


Can I present it as my master’s thesis?

Heh, I’ve written support conversations longer than that!


I’ve just added the first batch of brand new content into the Battle Animation Repo. More than 60 new map sprites, and a couple dozen class cards as well, including @ZoramineFae’s badass Berserker map sprite variants. Staffzerker, Swordzerker, etc. They’re all in the repo now!

Don’t forget, you can always join the Repo Discord to get updates I make to the repo! Now that the Repo has been overhauled, expect only 1-2 big updates per day rather than 20 small ones. These next updates will also primarily focus on adding new content rather than renaming, reshuffling and so on.

So, just curious, what moving animation should this go with? I tried with several F!Mage map sprites; couldn’t find one that it worked well with of everything in the Repo.


Hmm, i dont think i ever made one.

If i ever get the motivation i’ll do it myself but for now either put it in alone or just leave it out

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Also, Klok, quick note. I was looking through the new repo for the first time, and I noticed that you didn’t use the fixed versions of my Sniper’s standing sprite. The bow string’s wrong on the ones in the repo, so can you please update that whenever possible?

With what?

The ones shown in This post

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Can I request my mugs be removed? I’d like to reupload them with some minor fixes and new names.

Do you mean you’re going to reupload them to the repo, or elsewhere?

Merlinus teleports behind you

Nothing personnel, kid.

Rapid-fire stabs you


Yeah, back to the repo.

Well, when you post the finished things just lmk then and I’ll replace them

On that note… Could you replace my Older Fae portrait with the version I posted most recently? The one in the Repo is the old one