[FE 8] Second Chance

Hello fellow Fire Emblem fans,

I’ve been a fan of the series since i discovered Ike and Marth in SSB Brawl and when i obtained FE 8 on my 3ds through the ambassador program. I’ve been , over the past few years, wanting more and more to test if i could make a correct game.

The project is called : “Second Chance”. The idea is really simple, villains (Zephiel,…) and camuses (Selena,…) from Fire Emblem games (mostly GBA since data already exists in the games :stuck_out_tongue: ) end up in a new world / continent . The Naga of this land gives them a mission : some will have to atone , some will have to learn about life …

Will try to add stuff on it daily

The project will consist in a low number of chapters (similar to the FE:Fates prologue) that will be ported and continued in a real game when FEXNA will be released . If i manage to finish it before that (I know it will probably take some months at least, but since i start from scratch it’s unlikely to happen) , i’ll focus on optional features and not continuing the project (extra maps , …) .

-What i want to script :
- Battle Maps
- Pre Battle/Post Battle/Mid Battle (Boss engage quotes, death quotes) Dialogues
- A “casual” mode ( = non permanant death) THAT POINT IS IMPORTANT TO ME , if it’s easy to script, it stays here, if it’s hellish to script, it’ll go in the next section, if it’s impossible to script, it will go directly to the “forget about it section” ^^
- Basic animations ( FE 8 classes, and some from FE 6 ( axe paladin, Zephiel’s one, …)

-Optional Features:
- Chests/Doors
- Mid battle dialogue ( dialogue between boss and player character)
- “casual mode” (read upper statement :slight_smile: )
- Custom Animations ( aka ones not from FE GBA Games)
- Supports
- Shop/Armories on the maps
- A “breaking the fourth wall” troll version
- The world map
- World map skirmish battles (for this i’ll implement new maps with random ennemies without any backstory, it will be against humans instead of monsters, else same than on FE 8)
- Lagdou ruins // valni tower (with humans instead of monsters)
- FOW (Fog Of War ; don’t worry, it won’t be as bad as Battle Before Dawn :3 )

The current state of the “project” is :

  • Characters : The characters have been defined
  • Script :
    * 4 chapters have been “designed” ( who joins the army, who the army fights , what the map should look like, what are the dialogues about, …)
    * 2 of them have been “written” ( what the lines will be (pre, mid, post-battle) , what portraits will be shown during the dialogues, …)
    -Map: One map was built (on rpg maker (so let’s say it doesn’t counts))
    I’ll fully write the game (dialogues, maps, …) then i’ll start doing the effective romhack

I’ve been trying to create it on FEXP for the past few weeks , without much success. The mighty Klokinator advised me to change to romhack instead.

Choice between FE 7 or FE 8 : I have obviously finished FE 7 on an emulator, but besides that, i don’t have any real affection towards it. On the other hand , i have 280 hours on my FE 8 :3 (only on my 3ds,not counting what i did on my phone)
I’d prefer hacking on Fe 8 (even tho there is less tutorials on it) but i am open to change and editing FE 7 instead

My knowledge of rom hacking : except changing growth rates through Nightmare, pretty much negative. I’m still on the reading tutorials and writing scripts part

I’ll be releasing some sheets on a pdf or word format this week ( everything is on paper right now cause I’ve been writing during some classes ^^, when i’m not playing fe on phone / gba during them ) .

If some of you would be kind enough to link me some tutorials fitting what i’d like to build (already checked the ULTIMATE TUTORIAL ), especially if it’s linked to FE8 hacking . If some more experienced hackers could just give me a starting point , it could be very helpful as well ( eg : start with the maps / the characters / … )
Also, if you can tell me the difficulty of the optional features, it could help (world map is already integrated, so it may be more problematic to remove it than actually change it a bit)

Thanks for reading this post, i hope everything is clear enough. If you need me to lighten some parts of it, do not hesitate to leave an answer cause it will probably make me improve this project.
I know that a Fire Emblem hack can take months , maybe years to edit, and i’m ready to spend time on it.
Stay tuned for some chapter scripts ( not before Thursday ).

Thank you very much to anyone reading this, sorry for the few english mistakes on this post,

This post is the change log
-19/11/18 : Drive link posted , Chapter 1 added to the drive.



Additionally you can join the FEU Discord Server for direct assistance

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Much thanks, will make sure to log on the discord and read the links once i’m done with the writing (should be done before next monday)

i want play this :o