FE 7 Patch (Just a Newbie Training)

Hello, im having my first steps with FEBuilder and i think theres few balance patchs for FE7 i could start with this, but im not a pro at analise the best and the worst of the game, im fact im totally the oposite, that´s why i humbly ask for your support on this matters, i will listen all sugestion than you can have for me, even if i have to redo some old shits (Remember, this is only for me to practice).

Like “more DEF on Lyn”, “Isadora needs more CON” or “Just redo Dorcas, he suck”, to “poison need bufs”, “Bows could take an improvement”… etc…

Also, please check my “to do” list, because i will need a LOT of help on finding the way to get to what i whanna add, or maybe substract.

Done list:

  • Increased every support Growth by 3
  • Weapons triangle is now +30 hit and +3 Damage
  • Steels weapons, (Also Hellfire, Shine and Mend) Gives you +3 Weapong Exp (Nosferatu is Broken already)
  • Bows now have 1-2 range (LongBow still beint 2-3 instead of 1-3)
  • Eliwood now use lances in base class (Battle animation upload by Spud, but i still need a Fiel animation)
  • Some brigands from chapters 11 and 12 are swaped to mercenary because of last changue.
  • Mani Katti doesn´t longer have effectivenes, now instead is a 1-2 range sword cause you dont whant to use swords against lances units, also Lyn is the only lord now withouth 1-2 range until she promotes.
  • Poison is more dangerous.
    -Weapong eff. x3

To Do list:
-Remove forced promotion, and let Eliwood or Hector promote just as the other lords. (The last is easy, but mining in chapter 27 Events will be hard for me)
-And buff some of the wors units and giving them unique gimmicks.

Thanks you for the support.

Download link: Here


Hi making balance patches is a good way to practice. One thing I would advise is that FE8 eventing can be pretty different from FE7. And most community made event patches are for FE8. If you want to get into changing events or want to make a larger scale project down the line, it may be more worthwhile to just practice eventing in FE8 and stick to balance changes in FE7.


perma is pretty right.but if you wanna do this im sure I’ve seen many things here and there in the community (from your to do list).so give it a search (hope this helps).

New updates, now i think the patch is playable, but this is only the beggining, there is so much to work.