[Fangames] What are you working on?

I tried making recolor of the FE8 dragon to try and make a insert-able version for FE7
How does it look?


Looks awesome, actually. Did you have to do much redrawing?

If i didnt have usenti it would have taken forever to finish.
It wasn’t that much drawing it was mostly changing how the colors were distributed.
Also, I made it so that it works with Lyn’s palette

Maybe use a few more shades of red? It’s a little clumpy around the legs.

Otherwise, not bad.

Is that an artifact of something in the upper-right?

It’s the palette. Aren’t you supposed to be omniscient or something, baby Jesus?

Haven’t I said I suck at graphics?

I tweaked it a little and here’s what it looks like ingame

Looks kinda blue.

you removed a lot of detail by getting rid of the other shades(and the shades that are left need more contrast). Try some thing more like this.
(Honestly this is probably still a bit too saturated…)
This should be right at the color limit, but I had to get rid of a shade on the claws.

Have an incompleted animation preview.


It’s blue because it has Lyn’s palette

I was trying to make it so that the dragon could use same palette as normal characters, didn’t realize i sacrificed so much quality to do so

And i really like your version, that looks even better than mine and the original combined

Oh, yeah, I realized the blue was someone else’s palette, I was joking, but reading back… I did sound flat .-.

huh what a thought

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If only someone would do this.

You know… I am starting to feel bad for Lyn, Batta and Batta’s Boyfriend.
We hackers frequently use them as unwilling test subjects for our hacking experiments without any remorse. I mean, I have personally maimed and killed that generic bandit a countless number of times during AI research. Yes, knowledge is gained - but at what cost?


What engine would you suggest using?

@Tequila: I’m just gonna beat Klok to it and say that FEXNA is hands-down going to be the best alternative to GBAFE (and a better option in many respects).

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(But I was gonna ignore his question because clearly I was making a joke )

I’d recommend taking up a different sort of project, @Tequila; tons of FE6 remake/upgrade/port projects over the years, two of them are still active and quite promising already.

Oh, I have no intention of remaking FE6. It’d be light-years out of my scope. I am working on a FE6 hack atm, however. And not getting very far.