[Fangames] What are you working on?

So, SF has this topic but FEU doesn’t. WHAT A TRAVESTY.

A general topic for small cool project updates that don’t require their own topic and might be a bit cluttersome in their original topic, like discussing implementing some new WTA mechanic for your hack that doesn’t warrant a post in the main thread.

Me, I’m working on balancing weapons for my hack so the player isn’t given incentive to stick to the E rank weapons, without forcing them to the next tier. I’m having interesting results so far.


hmm, kinda like the idea of higher tier weapons having more uses, defiantly gives more reason to spend money on the things, and to actually use them more then once. the extended range on the swords worries me though.

i haven’t been doing very much meself, been planning a few maps out but other then that not much. . .


hopefully i get somewhere with this.


Oh man. I love that map design. I hope you put a longbow/ballista archer right in the center, in that little room. Make sure he drops a good item too.


if your being geniune thank you. if not >_<

but i will keep that ballista mention in mind though.

“what are you working on”
“what kind of stuff”
idk why are you all up in my business


you’d make a great celebrity guest star on a talk show kitty sama

I’d pay to see it.

I’m considering moving to FE8 for the shenanigan I found in fe8girls.
But only time will see.

I’m in current progress of thinking out a more constructive storyline for my hack that might require a bit of a chapter changes. (or lot of it.)

An unfinished map sprite from my personal hack.

Some item icons from the same hack. [the 8 on the right are S-ranks].

A planned 1st Chapter map that doesn’t involve bandits.

And I don’t know what engine to use for this. (Fireshell?)

Of course, I’m still working on Arch’s EL!Marth animation at the same time.


Your map looks kinda crappy, but I love your weapon icons. The staff is a bit silly, but the bow is fantastic!

For the map… maybe you should try using Yeti’s map generator?

your candor, forever appreciated

Ayyy, I could. The map design is (thankfully) not set in stone yet. It’s still an early sketch.

>Random map generator

My personal recommendation is to just practice + consulting with other mappers - I wouldn’t trust to a random generator, particularly when it comes to a map.

It honestly doesn’t look that bad - It’s a portion of a map that looks like a town square. City maps are low on variety because cities simply look a certain way and the tileset itself is fairly limiting.

I moved 12 posts to an existing topic, FE Map Creator (also generates random maps), since it was a long derailment. Back on topic, folks!


Ya already know I’m just doin’ the same ol’ shit.

FE6 REMAKE CONFIRM- oh it’s just elibian nights


I got up to the end of Ch4 before getting bored.

omg thank. I was starting to get bored and thought the thread had to be renamed to something else.

I’d be cool with an FE6 remake that isn’t on GBAFE’s engine. We already have one too many unfinished ones back on Serenes.

Working on a battle sheet of my own to use for my hiatus hack.
I’ll make it free if anyone ever wants it.
Here’s what it looks like right now.

If that’s the standing pose, it looks crazy awkward.