[Fangames] What are you working on?

Oh, yeah, I realized the blue was someone else’s palette, I was joking, but reading back… I did sound flat .-.

huh what a thought

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If only someone would do this.

You know… I am starting to feel bad for Lyn, Batta and Batta’s Boyfriend.
We hackers frequently use them as unwilling test subjects for our hacking experiments without any remorse. I mean, I have personally maimed and killed that generic bandit a countless number of times during AI research. Yes, knowledge is gained - but at what cost?


What engine would you suggest using?

@Tequila: I’m just gonna beat Klok to it and say that FEXNA is hands-down going to be the best alternative to GBAFE (and a better option in many respects).

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(But I was gonna ignore his question because clearly I was making a joke )

I’d recommend taking up a different sort of project, @Tequila; tons of FE6 remake/upgrade/port projects over the years, two of them are still active and quite promising already.

Oh, I have no intention of remaking FE6. It’d be light-years out of my scope. I am working on a FE6 hack atm, however. And not getting very far.

Welcome, my friend, to #FE6hacking

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I think it’s not so much FE6hacking as it is my lack of hacking knowledge in general. I’ve spent about 4 hours so far trying to replace the bard standing sprite with the dragoon one, just to see if I can. So far, I’ve crashed the ROM 3 times and somehow changed the colors of the cursor. I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing wrong.

Yeah, I’ve followed all those steps multiple times. Best case scenario, nothing happens. The only difference is that the sprite I was given is a 256x8 picture; rather than being vertically aligned, there’s each sprite is cut in 3 parts and pasted side by side (horizontally aligned). But I assumed it’s supposed to do that because when I went and got the monk standing sprite from a clean FE7 rom, GBAGE gave me that same type of picture.

Or am I supposed to do something to it first?

The bard standing sprites are a little weird, if I recall correctly, because of the map animations that they have.


I was originally gonna replace the bard class with the monk, but whatever. I guess I can add a new class. --How hard can it be.–

Sure it looks a little wonky, but I guess that’s FE6 palette at work. I’ll see if I can make it look nicer.

EDIT: Sorry for derailing this topic!

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Fucking finally got that sorted out.

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Kid’s so angry he wrecks the map. I can dig.


He looks a little butthurt

just a little bit butt hurt ya.

btw this was the real image