Extra Random Skills Bug [Skill Systems/FE Builder]

Hey, so this is my first time ever posting on FEU, so sorry if I mess something up or make some mistakes.
I’ve been working on a romhack of FE8 using FE-Builder and also the SkillSystems 2020/11/28 patch.

Recently, after removing a lot of class skills typically gained by level up. (Making skills more based off of units rather than classes). Upon starting a new game, I noticed that all the player units had 2 skills in addition to their normal skills. What however was weird about these skills is that they would change and update to different skills every time I opened the unit menu with the R-Button, however it’s worth noting that their normal skills remained unchanged.

Here is the link for the automatic report.7z file I generated using FE Builder.
If there is anything else I should provide to help figure out the problem please let me know.
Thank you.

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Upon starting a new game (Normal Mode), player units
(Virgil, Victor and Candace) all have 3 extra skills and those 3 extra skills are seemingly random and change every time I open the unit display menu with the R-Button.
This only started happening recently after I did an overhaul on skills set by class, where I removed a bunch of default class skils gained at level up, because I didn’t want enemy units having certain skills and preferred to set skills by unit.
Note the extra and random skills do not appear to be present on enemy units.

You are probably updating SkillSystems in the wrong way.
Did you use the “Update” button to update?

At any rate, I used CustomBuild to forcefully update SkillSystems, and the problem was solved.
I’ve attached the UPS for your reference.

Also, I wasn’t aware of your post until Vesly contacted me via Discord.
If you have any FEBuilderGBA related questions, it would be helpful if you could also post them in the FEBuilderGBA thread so I can be notified.



Welcome to feu. While 7743 solved your issue, just thought I’d mention that there are some patches that you may need to redo after updating skillsys / running a custom build.

Some of the patches effected may include: submenu, anima triangle, debuffs table, growths colours, fixed damage weapons, and any of the patches that modify a value of skillsys (eg. Rally boosts stats by 5 instead of 6). This isn’t a comprehensive list but just some of the ones I remember.

Good luck with the hacking! :slightly_smiling_face:

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