Expanding the Manakete role

I’ve always loved manaketes, and it saddens me that in more fire emblem games, you usually only get one manakete. Has anyone even made a hack where you have several different manaketes to use?

I think that it would be cool to implement manaketes in a hack in a similar way to how magic users operate. Maybe fire dragons could deal effective damage to dark dragons while divine dragons are good against dark dragons but weak to fire- a kind of weapon triangle for manaketes. That would prevent the different manakete units from being too similar to one another.

I know that in FE 12, tiki can use a lot of different dragon stones, but she’s your only manakete, and often times, some of the stones like the ice stone and the fire stone didn’t feel very different from each other. I’d love to see this concept explored more in a hack.


My hack Sun God’s Wrath has multiple playable manaketes. I gave each of them different roles in terms of what they could do. One is a mage, the other a dancer, the last just a juggernaut with access to a weapon only they can use. There are many things you can do with them as you please. Transformation animations are a bit more advanced to work with, however. Same with adding in a stone/strike weapon type like in Awakening/Fates/RD.


Cool, I’ll try it out! :grin:

I like the idea of a Bantu VS Tiki dynamic; Basically, you have an older, jeigan-like manakete who comes out with sold bases and relies on a physical, close-range dragonstone (Something like the earth dragon or flame dragon vibes), who plays like a low growth, pre-invested general. Opposite them, you have the younger, growth based divine, ice, or mage dragon who can strike at range (either 1-2 or exclusively 2-3 range) who takes the more traditional est role and can either be a mage-killer or all around quality unit when invested in.

As another point, one thing that I like about the Tellius games that would be fun to implement if you are using the skills system is giving multiple manaketes a unique support role- one could be more offensive with the blood tide or offensive stat boon skills, while another could have night or white tide and more defensive boons or skills that help recover status and health (perhaps the offensive manakete could be a lighter, flying unit to complement high move blitz play, and the supportive, defensive manakete could be a 5 or 6 move ground that rewards moving as a squad around lords and infantry weapon masters)


I think that’s a great idea! Thanks for sharing.