Enough GBA PMEs, here's an FE4 PME (Submissions are open)

Welp, I’m bored, and I’ve seen enough of FE6/8 PMEs on this forum. Time to shake it up a little. So you know how most GBA PME’s just change units/bosses around? Well here, not only that, but you also get to change up generic enemies, the Arena, and even what items you can get.

Rules (submit in as many categories as you wish, the limits are per category per day; each bullet is a different category):

  • One playable unit or custom boss, per person, per day.
  • One generic boss, per person, per day.
  • Up to two arena enemies, per person, per day.
  • Up to four generic enemy groups, per person, per day.
  • One Holy Weapon, per person, per day.
  • Up to two armory/village/dropped items, per person, per day.
  • I cannot change visuals or names


  • Personal stats + class bases = actual stats; Personal stats = actual stats - class bases. HP IS NOT INCLUDED
  • Dancer, Queen, Emperor, Baron, Dark Bishop, Bishop and Dark Prince are treated as promoted classes, in addition to all playable promoted classes from the vanilla game; everything else including the unused classes, are unpromoted
  • The unused Soldier, Sword Soldier, Axe Soldier, Spear Soldier, Archer, Pegasus Rider and Great Ballista classes are all functional and legal
  • The unused Holy Sword and Darkness Sword skills are functional and legal, as are the unused Silence Sword and Great Ballista weapons (the Great Ballista weapon can only be used by a unit in the Great Ballista class)
  • Normally enemy-only equipment can be used, such as Dark tomes. Remember that Siege and Dark tome (including Loptous) have a worth of 65535, making them impossible to purchase without Bargain if their durability is high enough. Siege tomes also immobilize the user while equipped.
  • Sword skills can be inherited by non-infantry sword children.
  • Generic enemies are spawned as groups in the game proper; most armies compose of multiple identical units. For example, in the Prologue, there are 14 Lv1 Barbarians with Iron Axes. These 14 Barbarians are one enemy group and count as one entry, as changing them changes all 14 on the map. However, even if there are multiple enemies with the same level and inventory, if they spawn at different times or under different circumstances, they are different enemy groups; the 4 Lv10 Barbarians with Hand Axes on the map at the start of the Prologue are one enemy group, while the 2 Lv10 Barbarians wiht Hand Axes that spawn after Jungby is seized are a second enemy group and are distinct from the first set of Lv10 Barbarians. Each row under “List of Generic Enemy Groups” is a different enemy group; submit ONE unit per entry, as multiple copies of this unit will spawn if that group is of multiple units in the game proper.
  • For a list of class bases, see List of classes in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War - Fire Emblem Wiki
Playable Unit Guidelines

Gen 1 playables:

  • 275% growth total max before Holy Blood
  • Specify exact HP stat, up to a 4 point difference from vanilla value
  • Personal BST cap = vanilla personal BST+3
  • 2 personal skills or holy bloods max; skills/holy blood are interchangeable and count together toward the limit of 2 (2 blood hits the limit, as will 1 blood + 1 skill or 2 skills); you may replace a skill with Holy Blood ad vice versa, 2 of the same holy blood creates major blood
  • Unpromoted units (except Deirdre) must specify what their promoted class is, as promotion is dependent on character. You do not need to follow vanilla promotion guidelines; any unpromoted class can promote into any promoted class, even those that do not share any weapon types.
  • Dancers are prepromotes and Dancer is a promoted class

Gen 2 static units:

  • 350% growth total max before Holy Blood
  • Specify exact HP stat, up to a 6 point difference from vanilla value
  • Personal BST cap = vanilla personal BST+3
  • 3 personal skills or holy bloods max; skills/holy blood are interchangeable and count together toward the limit of 3 (2 blood + 1 skill hits the limit, as will 3 skills or 3 blood), 2 of the same holy blood creates major blood
  • Unpromoted units must specify what their promoted class is, as promotion is dependent on character. You do not need to follow vanilla promotion guidelines; any unpromoted class can promote into any promoted class, even those that do not share any weapon types.
  • Dancers are prepromotes and Dancer is a promoted class

Gen 2 child units:

  • May only specify their class, and if unpromoted, their promoted class; their stats are dependent on their parents. You do not need to follow vanilla promotion guidelines; any unpromoted class can promote into any promoted class, even those that do not share any weapon types.
  • Dancers are prepromotes and Dancer is a promoted class

All playable units:

  • May replace the items in their inventory with any other item in the game, except Holy Weapons. Because there are a finite number of player-obtainable items (for inheritance purposes), only so many items can exist at once. For example, Sigurd’s replacement may choose what his Steel Sword and Iron Lance are replaced by. If these items are not passed down, then they both go to Ch7’s vendor.
  • May replace any event items they receive (Sigurd’s Silver Sword, Ethlyn’s Light Brand etc.)
  • Edain’s Brave Bow and Rescue are treated as hers, instead of Jamke/Midir/Claud/Azel’s, as unlike other events she is responsible for determining who gets what
  • Child and Substitute units share their fixed starting equipment; the submission in the Substitute slot takes precedence
Enemy Unit Guidelines

Generic bosses:

  • Specify level and class; class growths determine the rest
  • LCK is always 0 (1 LCK = 1 Avo; don’t worry, it’s not that useful)
  • Specify up to two inventory items
  • Specify Authority (1-5)
  • Cannot have Holy Blood, personal skills or use Holy Weapons

Arena enemies:

  • Specify level and class; class growths determine the rest
  • LCK is always 0 (1 LCK = 1 Avo; don’t worry, it’s not that useful)
  • Specify up to two inventory items
  • Cannot have Holy Blood, personal skills or use Holy Weapons
  • Leeway of 4 levels from their vanilla levels; don’t make them too powerful, unpromoted units cannot be replaced with prepromotes
  • No ballisticians in the Arena
  • Must have 1-2 range between their 2 inventory slots (Silver Axe + Steel Bow on a Warrior is acceptable, for example), unless they are designated as melee or bow, at which point either 1 range or 2 range is sufficient
  • Endgame rematches against prior champions are separate, and hence they can be in different classes/have different equipment

Generic enemy groups:

  • Specify level and class; class growths determine the rest
  • LCK is always 0 (1 LCK = 1 Avo; don’t worry, it’s not that useful)
  • Specify up to two inventory items
  • Specify Authority (1-5), only for generic Commanders
  • Cannot have Holy Blood, personal skills or use Holy Weapons
  • Entire enemy sets are replaced; There are 14 Lv1 Barbarians in the Prologue; replacing that slot will replace all 14 Lv1 Barbarians with something else while not affecting the Lv5 and Lv10 Barbarians.
  • Unpromoted enemies must be replaced by other unpromoted enemies, except in the last 2 chapters of each generation, where they may be replaced with promoted classes
  • Levels may be increased starting from the 3rd chapter of each generation; class growths are not that high, so go ham, but beware that high level units drop a lot more EXP

Custom bosses:

  • Specify HP/LCK; HP/LCK is taken directly, so a submission with 60 HP will have 60 HP in the game proper; HP caps at 80, LCK caps at 30. If not specified, they will use their vanilla stat distribution.
  • Specify STR/MAG/SKL/SPD/DEF/RES; these must be between 0-15; stat caps in FE4 are equal to (class base + 15), so specifying 15 will cap that stat. Be sure to check class bases to understand their stat distribution. If not specified, they will use their vanilla stat distribution.
  • Specify Holy Blood; these solely affect weapon ranks to equip higher level equipment, or to use Holy Weapons. THEY DO NOT AFFECT STATS
  • Specify personal skills
  • Specify Authority (1-5)
  • Specify up to two inventory items
  • Personal skills + Holy blood total must equal their vanilla counterpart; Ishtar has 3 points (2 from Major Tordo, 1 from Vantage; Adept is a class skill) while Musar has 2 (1 from Minor Sety in order to use Tornado, 1 from Pursuit). Units that would otherwise have 0 points are given 1. These are also listed next to their entries on the list below.
  • The Great Knights of the Grauenritter in Endgame are treated as this and not a generic enemy group, as the entire group of 14 are custom set; changes to them affect all 14, but they are not allowed to have authority
  • I reserve the right to veto submissions in this category that are too powerful for their appearance time (particularly Dannan due to him showing up in the first map of Gen 2)
Items/Equipment Guidelines

Holy Weapons:

  • May only change Weight and Hit; I am fixing MT at 30
  • May redistribute their stat boosts in increments of 5
  • Yewfelle, Tyrfing and Mystletainn may reassign their skills
  • Loptous and Naga’s special effects cannot be changed
  • They can be sold into the armory, but can only be purchased by units able to use them (mind the 50k price tag at max uses!)

Village, Dropped and Armory items:

  • May replace each item with another item.
  • Only affects items in which visiting a village, defeating an enemy unit, or visiting the Armory are their acquisition methods. Does NOT affect items dropped by Gen 2 bosses if they were not inherited (includes items such as Tailtyu’s Thoron/Lex’s Brave Axe, which can’t be inherited in a vanilla game and consequently always ends up on Ishtore/Schmidt etc.).

Restrictions and bans:

  • Sigurd and Seliph must be able to move; they cannot be a Ballista class or have a siege tome as their only equippable weapon in their inventory
  • Fliers can only be replaced with other fliers
  • Recover (skill that fully restores HP at the start of each turn) is banned from playable units (as is the Recover Ring). It is also banned on bosses outside of the last two chapters of each generation, and is banned on any boss with Loptous
  • The unused Charm and Thief staves are banned as they can crash the game
  • Only Dancers may have the Dance skill; enemy dancers do not dance for other enemies
  • One Dancer per generation at a time (chain dancing is too powerful). If there is already a Dancer in a given generation, there can be no more Dancers in that generation (except if the Dancer is replacing a child/substitute unit, at which point their corresponding substitute/child can still be a Dancer, as they are mutually exclusive). This includes unpromoted units that promote into Dancers.
  • Holy Weapons may only replace other Holy Weapons for playable units; custom bosses may use Holy Weapons if given requisite Holy Blood
  • No Loptous on playable units. It’s too powerful.
  • Aida is banned from having 2-range to prevent her from dying to counterattacks
  • Civilians are not replaceable, and cannot replace any non-civilian unit
List of Playable Units

(A/B in parentheses refer to HP and personal BST respectively)
Gen 1:

  • Sigurd (35/22)
  • Noish (33/13) RaimonRex, Archer → Arch Knight
  • Alec (32/14) Jonah_07, Bow Fighter → Sniper
  • Arden (36/11) Syndixel2, Sword Soldier → Baron
  • Lex (33/23)
  • Azelle (30/11)
  • Quan (34/17) - Koumal8, Forrest Knight
  • Ethlyn (28/30) - Jonah_07, Thief → Dancer
  • Finn (32/17) - Jonah_07, Prince → Master Knight
  • Midir (32/10) - ColeTheOne, Wind Mage → Dark Bishop
  • Edain (28/25) - Ignis, Light Priestess → Sage
  • Dew (28/23) - Jonah_07, Sword Fighter → Forrest Knight
  • Ayra (32/23) - Jonah_07, Thunder Mage → Queen
  • Jamke (36/20)
  • Deirdre (26/25)
  • Holyn (40/29) - Syndixel2, Fire Mage → Bishop
  • Lachesis (26/20)
  • Beowulf (38/24) - Jonah_07, Wyvern Knight → Wyvern Lord
  • Lewyn (34/28)
  • Sylvia (28/16) - RaimonRex, Wyvern Lord
  • Erinys (32/29) - Jonah_07, Pegasus Knight → Falcon Knight
  • Claud (34/44)
  • Tailtyu (28/26) - Ignis, Princess → Dancer
  • Briggid (40/47) - Jonah_07, Sage

Gen 2 Static:

  • Dalvin (30/16)
  • Creidne (28/16)
  • Mana (24/16) - RaimonRex, Fire Mage → Sage
  • Dimna (30/11)
  • Tristain (30/21)
  • Oifey (40/45) - Jonah_08, Swordmaster
  • Julia (24/17)
  • Johan (40/30)
  • Johalvier (42/30)
  • Amid (29/27)
  • Femina (28/17)
  • Shannan (38/38)
  • Daisy (24/18) - RaimonRex, Thunder Mage → Mage Fighter
  • Jeanne (30/24)
  • Ares (40/39) - Syndixel2, Axe Soldier → Great Knight
  • Laylea (24/12) - RaimonRex, Queen
  • Linda (26/15) - Merpin, Troubadour → Falconknight
  • Asaello (36/25)
  • Hawk (38/39)
  • Hannibal (60/46)
  • Sharlow (24/16) - ColeTheOne, Sword Fighter → Mage Fighter

Gen 2 Child:

  • Seliph - DarkChibimon, Prince → Master Knight
  • Scathach - emperor_arden, Sword Armor → Baron
  • Larcei
  • Lana
  • Diarmuid
  • Lester
  • Arthur
  • Fee
  • Patty
  • Leif - Jonah_07, Sword Fighter → Wyvern Lord
  • Nanna
  • Lene - RaimonRex, Paladin
  • Tinny
  • Faval - Jonah_07, Bard → Master Knight
  • Ced
  • Coirpre
  • Altena
List of Generic Bosses

Gen 1:

  • DiMaggio
  • Gerrard - Jonah_08, Fire Mage, Meteor, Skill Ring
  • Cimbaeth
  • Elliot (Ch1)
  • Gandolf
  • Sandima
  • Eva (Green unit)
  • Alva (Green unit)
  • Eve (Green unit)
  • Elliot (Ch2)
  • Philip
  • Boldor
  • Voltz
  • Macbeth
  • Clement
  • Zane - ColeTheOne, Sage, Fortify (Drops, Horseslayer replace)
  • Chagall (Ch2)
  • Jacoban
  • Chagall (Ch3)
  • Papilio
  • Pizarl
  • Dobarl
  • Cuvuli
  • Dithorba
  • Maios
  • Annand (Yellow unit)
  • Pamela
  • Donovan
  • Lamia
  • Daccar
  • Slayder
  • Vaja
  • Magorn - emperor_arden, Dragonmaster, Lv31
  • Aida (Yellow unit)

Gen 2:

  • Harold
  • Schmidt
  • Ctuzof
  • Liza
  • Javarro
  • Bramsel
  • Muhammed
  • Ovo
  • Coulter
  • Maikov
  • Kanatz
  • Distler
  • Judah
  • Morrigan
  • Zagam
  • Palmark (Green unit)
  • Rodan
  • Juphiel
  • Fisher
  • Dagon
  • Baran
List of Custom Bosses

Number after each entry = total limit for skills + holy blood (they count towards the same limit)

  • Arvis (Prologue, Green unit), 3
  • Eldigan (Ch1, Green unit), 2
  • Eldigan (Ch3), 2
  • Andrey (Ch4, cannot be fought), 1
  • Andrey (Ch5), 1
  • Byron (Green unit), 2
  • Langbalt, 2
  • Travant (Ch5, Yellow unit), 3
  • Reptor, 2
  • Dannan, 2
  • Ishtore, 1
  • Banba (Ch7), 1
  • Fotla (Ch7), 1
  • Eriu (Ch7), 1
  • Blume (Ch7), 2
  • Banba (Ch8), 1
  • Fotla (Ch8), 1
  • Eriu (Ch8), 1
  • Ishtar (Ch8), 3
  • Blume (Ch8), 2
  • Travant (Ch9), 4
  • Musar, 2
  • Arion (Ch9), 4
  • Riddell, 2 - emperor_arden, Master Knight
  • Hilda (Ch9), 2
  • Ishtar (Ch10), 3
  • Julius (Ch10), 6
  • Arvis (Ch10), 3
  • Roberto, 2
  • Boyce, 2
  • Grauenritter x14, 1
  • Brian, 3
  • Scorpio, 2
  • Hilda (Endgame), 2
  • Ishtar (Endgame), 3
  • Meng, 3
  • Bleg, 3
  • Mabel, 3
  • Arion (Endgame), 4 - Jonah_07, Dragon Master, Major Baldr, Nihil, Holy Sword
  • Manfroy, 2
  • Mus, 2 - ColeTheOne, Forrest Knight, Luna, Flame Sword
  • Bovis, 2
  • Tigris, 2
  • Lepus, 2
  • Draco, 2
  • Anguilla, 3
  • Eqqus, 3
  • Ovis, 3
  • Simia, 2
  • Gallus, 1
  • Canis, 2
  • Porcus, 1
  • Julius (Endgame), 7
List of Arena Enemies


  • Gazzak
  • Clotore - RaimonRex, Brigand, Hand Axe
  • Weissman
  • Shark (Melee)
  • Hood (Bows)
  • Bacchus
  • Emlie
  • Dulles


  • Zero
  • Mahatma
  • Rowan
  • Barcnin (Melee)
  • Millet (Bows)
  • Herztog
  • Charkov
  • Keimos (Melee)
  • Marilyn (Bows)


  • Tyler (Melee)
  • Lipp (Bows)
  • Pelleo
  • Treville (Melee)
  • Geller (Bows)
  • Puzon
  • Doma
  • Keller
  • Thorton (Melee)
  • Luigi (Bows)


  • Kemal
  • Kaledin (Melee)
  • Keith (Bows)
  • Senghor
  • Nikita (Melee)
  • Nene (Bows)
  • Graph
  • Nikias
  • Atlas


  • Jackal (Melee)
  • Rip (Bows)
  • Greias
  • Geese
  • Lee
  • Shisel (Melee)
  • Hawks (Bows)
  • Nazarl
  • Thief


  • Tolstoy
  • Bottsman
  • Kruger
  • Mannstein (Melee)
  • Castor (Bows)
  • Hoepner
  • Randoch
  • Wolfen


  • Dewey
  • Fete
  • Marshach
  • Luis (Melee)
  • Hester (Bows)
  • Malder
  • Gismot
  • Xenon (Melee)
  • Jackson (Bows)


  • Sakra (Melee)
  • Nieztche (Bows)
  • Apostole
  • Milier (Melee)
  • Cilon (Bows)
  • Klain
  • Sleighton
  • Triesta
  • Cannan


  • Hasmann
  • Grants (Melee)
  • Closroi (Bows)
  • Roland
  • Massigli
  • Riva (Melee)
  • Gloria (Bows)
  • Nothe
  • Indra


  • Dulles
  • Keimos (Melee)
  • Marilyn (Bows)
  • Xenon (Melee)
  • Jackson (Bows)
  • Thornton (Melee)
  • Luigi (Bows)
  • Cannan
  • Atlas
  • Zeus
List of Generic Enemy Groups


  • Lv1 Barbarian (Initial) - Ignis, Hunter, Iron Bow
  • Lv10 Barbarian (Initial)
  • Lv1 Hunter (Initial) - Ignis, Dragon Rider, Iron Lance
  • Lv1 Brigand (Initial) - Ignis, Spear Soldier, Javelin
  • Lv5 Barbarian (Jungby Guards) - Ignis, Priest, Physic
  • Lv5 Barbarian (Evans reinforcements)
  • Lv5 Hunter (Evans reinforcements)
  • Lv10 Barbarian (Evans reinforcements) - Jonay_08, Light Priestess, Nosferatu, Recover


  • Lv1 Barbarian (Cimbaeth’s) - emperor_arden, Bard, Light
  • Lv1 Hunter (Cimbaeth’s)
  • Lv1 Axe Fighter (Cimbaeth’s)
  • Lv1 Axe Fighter (Genoa Guards)
  • Lv10 Warrior Commander (Atop Genoa Castle)
  • Lv5 Barbarian (Chases Dew/Edain) - Ignis, Mage, Fire
  • Lv10 Axe Fighter Commander (Chases Dew/Edain) - Fire Mage, Elfire
  • Lv5 Barbarian (Guards Marpha)
  • Lv5 Hunter (Guards Marpha)
  • Lv1 Brigand (raids villages)
  • Lv10 Barbarian (Jamke’s) - Ignis, Hunter, Steel Bow
  • Lv10 Barbarian (Guards Verdane)
  • Lv5 Hunter (Guards Verdane)
  • Lv1 Lance Knight (Heirhein) - Ignis, Junior Lord, Steel Sword


  • Lv8 Lance Knight (Elliot’s)
  • Lv8 Axe Knight (Elliot’s)
  • Lv7 Sword Armor (Phillip’s)
  • Lv8 Axe Armor (Elliot’s)
  • Lv9 Lance Armor (Elliot’s)
  • Lv10 Ballista (Elliot’s)
  • Lv16 Priest (Elliot’s)
  • Lv8 Lance Armor (Heirhein Guards)
  • Lv1 Brigand (raids villages)
  • Lv10 Lance Knight (Anphony)
  • Lv12 Duke Knight Commander (Anphony)
  • Lv7 Sword Knight (Anphony)
  • Lv14 Sword Armor (Anphony)
  • Lv14 Axe Armor (Anphony)
  • Lv14 Bow Armor (Anphony)
  • Lv12 Lance Armor (Mackily)
  • Lv8 Ballista (Mackily)
  • Lv12 Ballista Commander (Mackily)
  • Lv12 Sword Fighter (Mackily)
  • Lv10 Bow Fighter (Mackily)
  • Lv8 Fire Mage (Mackily)
  • Lv12 Lance Knight (Agusty)
  • Lv15 Duke Knight Commander (Agusty)
  • Lv12 Cavalier (Agusty)
  • Lv14 Paladin Commander (Agusty)
  • Lv10 Lance Armor (Agusty)
  • Lv3 Pegasus Knight (Erinys’)
  • Lv6 Ballista (Agusty)
  • Lv13 Lance Knight (Zane’s)
  • Lv10 Axe Knight (Zane’s)
  • Lv9 Bow Knight (Zane’s)
  • Lv12 Troubadour (Zane’s)


  • Lv10 Lance Armor (Madino)
  • Lv15 General Commander (Madino, leads the Lance Armors)
  • Lv10 Axe Armor (Madino)
  • LV15 General Commander (Madino, leads the Axe Armors)
  • Lv8 Bow Knight (Madino)
  • Lv13 Arch Knight Commander (Madino)
  • Lv8 Lance Knight (Madino)
  • Lv13 Duke Knight Commander (Madino)
  • Lv8 Mage (Madino)
  • Lv13 Fire Mage Commander (Madino)
  • Lv8 Ballista (Madino)
  • Lv13 Iron Ballista Commander (Madino)
  • Lv12 Sword Armor (Madino)
  • Lv13 Lance Armor (Madino)
  • Lv11 Bow Armor (Madino)
  • Lv15 Mage (Madino)
  • Lv18 Bishop (Madino)
  • Lv10 Lance Armor (Sylvale)
  • Lv15 Lance Armor Commander (Sylvale)
  • Lv15 Cavalier (Sylvale, Cross Knights) - emperor_arden, Sword Fighter, Wind Sword, Silver Blade
  • Lv12 Lance Armor (Sylvale)
  • Lv12 Bow Armor (Sylvale)
  • Lv8 Dragon Rider (Papilio’s)
  • Lv8 Pirate (Orgahil, initial raiders)
  • Lv10 Sword Fighter (Orgahil)
  • Lv10 Pirate (Orgahil, chases Briggid)
  • Lv14 Pirate (Orgahil, chases Briggid)
  • Lv12 Hunter (Orgahil, chases Briggid)
  • Lv12 Pirate (Orgahil, raids villages)
  • Lv12 Pirate (Orgahil, Pizare’s)
  • Lv14 Pirate (Orgahil, Pizare’s)
  • Lv14 Pirate (Orgahil Guards)


  • Lv20 Pirate (raids villages)
  • Lv8 Wind Mage (Thove)
  • Lv15 Wind Mage (Thove, Cuvuli’s)
  • Lv18 Pegasus Knight (Thove, Dithorba’s)
  • Lv15 Sword Fighter (Thove)
  • Lv18 Wind Mage Commander (Thove, leads the Sword Fighters)
  • Lv18 Wind Mage (Thove)
  • Lv20 War Mage Commander (Thove, leads the Lv18 Wind Mages)
  • Lv19 Lance Armor (Thove)
  • Lv17 Wind Mage (Thove)
  • Lv18 Pegasus Knight (Zaxon, Pamela’s)
  • Lv20 General (Zaxon Guards)
  • Lv18 Bow Knight (Biegenritter; cannot be fought by the player)
  • Lv12 Wind Mage (Zaxon)
  • Lv12 Axe Fighter (Zaxon)
  • Lv22 Sword Fighter (Lamia’s, Brave Sword)
  • Lv22 Sword Fighter (Lamia’s, Sleep Sword)
  • Lv22 Thunder Mage (Lamia’s)
  • Lv22 Bow Fighter (Lamia’s)
  • Lv22 Priest (Lamia’s)
  • Lv15 Warrior (Zaxon, Donovan’s)
  • Lv18 Wind Mage (Zaxon, Donovan’s)
  • Lv18 Pegasus Knight (Annand’s, Yellow units)

Ch5 (there are 2 identical Lubeck squads on the map, one left of Zaxon, one right of Zaxon. I cannot discern which is which, so they will merely be listed as Squad A and Squad B):

  • Lv30 Brigand (Raids villages)
  • Lv20 Iron Ballista (Lubeck)
  • Lv17 Axe Armor (Lubeck, Squad A)
  • Lv17 Thunder Mage (Lubeck, Squad A)
  • Lv20 General Commander (Lubeck, Squad A)
  • Lv17 Axe Armor (Lubeck, Squad B)
  • Lv17 Thunder Mage (Lubeck, Squad B)
  • Lv20 General Commander (Lubeck, Squad B)
  • Lv17 Axe Knight (Lubeck)
  • Lv18 Bow Knight (Lubeck, Biegenritter)
  • Lv25 General (Lubeck Guards)
  • Lv18 Wyvern Knight (Thracia)
  • Lv15 Lance Knight (Lanceritter, Green units)
  • Lv18 Fire Mage (Phinora, Vaja’s)
  • Lv15 Priest (Phinora)
  • Lv18 Fire Mage (Desert cliffs)
  • Lv20 Fire Mage (Velthomer)
  • Lv22 Forrest (Friege) - emperor_arden, Swordmaster, Brave Sword, Barrier Ring, Lv32
  • Lv22 Lance Armor (Friege)
  • Lv22 Sniper (Friege) - emperor_arden, Master Knight, Elfire
  • Lv22 Bow Armor (Friege)
  • Lv22 Thunder Mage (M) (Friege)
  • Lv22 Thunder Mage (F) (Friege)
  • Lv22 High Priest (Friege) - emperor_arden, Baron, Fortify, Speed Ring
  • Lv22 General (Friege) - emperor_arden, Baron, Thoron, Renewal Band


  • Lv3 Axe Fighter (Ganeishire)
  • Lv5 Axe Armor (Ganeishire)
  • Lv5 Bow Armor (Ganeishire)
  • Lv7 Axe Armor (Ganeishire Guards)
  • Lv7 Axe Fighter (Johalvier’s)
  • Lv12 Axe Fighter (Atop Sophara Castle)
  • Lv7 Axe Knight (Johan’s)
  • Lv12 Axe Knight (Atop Issach Castle)
  • Lv5 Brigand (Raids villages)
  • Lv12 Axe Knight (Schmidt’s)


  • Lv4 Dark Mage (Yied)
  • Lv1 Dark Mage (Yied)
  • Lv12 Sword Fighter (Yied)
  • Lv7 Dar Mage (Yied Guards)
  • Lv5 Sword Fighter (Darna)
  • Lv13 Sword Knight (Darna)
  • Lv13 Bow Knight (Darna)
  • Lv12 Sword Fighter (Darna Guards)
  • Lv10 Lance Armor (Melgen)
  • Lv10 Bow Armor (Melgen)
  • Lv10 Thunder Mage (Melgen, Thunder)
  • Lv10 Thunder Mage (Melgen, Elthunder)
  • Lv10 Priest (Melgen)
  • Lv10 Ballista (Melgen)
  • Lv6 Thunder Mage (Melgen Guards)
  • Lv8 Brigand (Raids villages)
  • Lv5 Sword Armor (Ulster)
  • Lv7 Thunder Mage (Ulster)
  • Lv12 General Commander (Ulster)
  • Lv15 General (Ulster Guards)
  • Lv21 Thunder Mage (Tinny’s, High Mage)


  • Lv18 Lance Armor (Connaught, Muhammed’s)
  • Lv18 Bow Armor (Connaught)
  • Lv18 Thunder Mage (Connaught)
  • Lv22 Bishop (Connaught)
  • Lv18 Lance Knight (Connaught)
  • Lv18 Troubadour (Connaught)
  • Lv18 Lance Armor (Connaught, Bridge guards)
  • Lv25 General Commander (Connaught)
  • Lv18 Thunder Mage (Connaught)
  • Lv20 Thunder Mage Commander (Connaught)
  • Lv20 General (Connaught Guards)
  • Lv15 Brigand (Raids villages)
  • Lv25 Rouge (Ruffian)
  • Lv12 Dragon Rider (Altena’s)
  • Lv16 Dragon Rider (Wyvern Knight [M]'s)
  • Lv19 Wyvern Knight (M) Commander (Meath)
  • Lv16 Dragon Rider (Wyvern night [F]'s)
  • Lv19 Wyvern Knight (F) Commander (Meath)
  • Lv16 Ballista (Meath)
  • Lv20 Iron Ballista Commander (Meath)

Ch9 (There are 3 identical Wyvern Knight squads from Thracia; I cannot tell which is which, so they are labeled as Squads A, B and C):

  • Lv19 Sword Armor (Kapathogia)
  • Lv19 Lance Armor (Kapathogia)
  • Lv19 Bow Armor (Kapathogia)
  • Lv22 High Priest (Kapathogia)
  • Lv25 Brigand (Raids villages)
  • Lv20 Forrest (M) (Luthecia)
  • Lv20 Forrest (F) (Luthecia)
  • Lv18 Ballista (Grutia)
  • Lv20 Killer Ballista Commander (Grutia)
  • Lv20 Great Knight (Musar’s)
  • Lv20 Duke Knight (Musar’s)
  • Lv20 Forrest Knight (Musar’s)
  • Lv20 Paladin (F) (Musar’s)
  • Lv12 Dragon Rider (Altena’s, Javelin)
  • Lv12 Dragon Rider (Altena’s, Sleep Sword)
  • Lv20 Wyvern Knight (Travant’s)
  • Lv15 Dragon Rider (Squad A)
  • Lv23 Wyvern Knight Commander (Squad A)
  • Lv15 Dragon Rider (Squad B)
  • Lv23 Wyvern Knight Commander (Squad B)
  • L15 Dragon Rider (Squad C)
  • Lv23 Wyvern Knight Commander (Squad C)
  • Lv24 Wyvern Knight (Arion’s, Slim Lance)
  • Lv24 Wyvern Knight (Arion’s, Sleep Sword)


  • Lv19 Dark Mage (Chronos, Jormungand)
  • Lv19 Dark Mage (Chronos, Hel)
  • Lv21 Forrest (Chronos)
  • Lv21 Sniper (Chronos)
  • Lv22 Dark Mage (Chronos, Fenrir)
  • Lv22 Dark Mage (Chronos, Sleep)
  • Lv24 Dark Bishop Commander (Chronos)
  • Lv17 Dark Mage (Rados Guards)
  • Lv22 Great Knight (Riddell’s)
  • Lv22 Duke Knight (Riddell’s)
  • Lv22 Arch Knight (Riddell’s)
  • Lv22 Mage Knight (Riddell’s)
  • Lv16 Troubadour (Riddell’s)
  • Lv25 Pirate (Raids villages)
  • Lv22 Warrior (Miletos)
  • Lv22 Forrest (Miletos)
  • Lv22 Sniper (Miletos)
  • Lv22 Dark Mage (Miletos, Jormungand)
  • Lv22 Dark Mage (Miletos, Hel)
  • Lv22 Dark Mage (Miletos, Fenrir)
  • Lv22 Dark Mage (Miletos, Sleep)
  • Lv22 Dark Mage (Miletos, Physic)
  • Lv25 Lance Armor (Chalphy, Rotenritter)
  • Lv30 Bow Armor (Chalphy, Rotenritter)
  • Lv30 Baron Commander (Chalphy, Rotenritter)
  • Lv25 Priest (Chalphy, Rotenritter)
  • Lv30 Fire Mage (Chalphy, Rotenritter)
  • Lv30 Bishop Commander (Chalphy, Rotenritter)
  • Lv25 Duke Knight (Chalphy, Rotenritter)
  • Lv25 Great Knight (Chalphy, Rotenritter)
  • Lv25 Arch Knight (Chalphy, Rotenritter)
  • Lv30 Mage Knight Commander (Chalphy, Rotenritter)
  • Lv15 Dark Mage (Hunts Palmark)
  • Lv15 Dark Mage Commander (Hunts Palmark)
  • Lv25 Fire Mage (Chalphy Guards)
  • Lv25 High Priest (Chalphy Guards)


  • Lv21 Forrest Knight (Edda)
  • Lv21 Duke Knight (Edda)
  • Lv21 Arch Knight (Edda)
  • Lv21 Mage Knight (Edda)
  • Lv21 Troubadour (Edda)
  • Lv25 Forrest (Edda)
  • Lv25 Sniper (Edda)
  • Lv27 Bishop (Edda, Meteor)
  • Lv27 Bishop (Edda, Bolting)
  • Lv30 High Priest (Edda, Sleep)
  • Lv30 High Priest (Edda, Fortify)
  • Lv20 Dark Mage (Sleep, Chalphy Ledges)
  • Lv20 Dark Mage (Fenrir, Chalphy Ledges)
  • Lv25 Axe Knight (Fisher’s, Steel Axe)
  • Lv25 Axe Knight (Fisher’s, Hand Axe)
  • Lv26 Troubadour (Grauenritter)
  • Lv25 Baron (Gelbenritter, Thoron)
  • Lv25 Baron (Gelbenritter, Fortify)
  • Lv26 Arch Knight (Biegenritter)
  • Lv26 Troubadour (Biegenritter)
  • Lv24 Wyvern Knight (Arion’s)
  • Lv30 Dark Mage (Manfroy’s) - emperor_arden, Emperor, Light Brand, Recover
  • Lv18 Dark Mage (Friege Ledge)
  • Lv25 Dark Bishop Commander (Friege Ledge)
  • Lv22 Forrest (Weissenritter)
  • Lv22 Sniper (Weissenritter)
  • Lv22 Sage (Weissenritter)
  • Lv22 High Priest (Weissenritter)
List of Inventory Items (not including those attached to playable units)

Order is Armory → Droppables → Villages
If it’s not listed, it’s tied to a character.


  • Speed Ring - Ignis, Pursuit Band


  • Slim Sword - Ignis, Killer Bow
  • Iron Lance - Ignis, Elwind
  • Javelin - Ignis, Physic
  • Steel Axe
  • Hand Axe
  • Skill Ring
  • Magic Ring


  • Steel Blade
  • Steel Lance
  • Steel Bow
  • Thunder - emperor_arden, Elthunder
  • Silver Lance
  • Return Ring
  • Barrier Ring
  • Paragon Ring
  • Shield Ring
  • Sleep
  • Physic
  • Horseslayer
  • Bargain Band
  • Armorslayer


  • Silver Sword
  • Silver Lance
  • Silver Axe
  • Silver Bow
  • Elfire
  • Lightning Sword
  • Silver Blade
  • Renewal Ring
  • Leg Ring
  • Power Ring
  • Wing Clipper
  • Restore


  • Wind
  • Recover
  • Return Ring


  • Skill Ring - emperor_arden, Circlet


  • Flame Sword
  • Slim Lance
  • Fire
  • Recover
  • Speed Ring
  • Shield Ring


  • Steel Lance
  • Power Ring
  • Thief Band


  • Tornado
  • Miracle Band
  • Barrier Ring


  • Bolganone
  • Magic Ring

Other changes:

  • Blades scale by Wlv; Iron is C, Steel is B, Silver is A
  • Axes are universally lighter (-4, except Brave Axe)
  • Lances are universally lighter (-2)
  • Bows are universally lighter (-1, except Killer Bow)
  • Fire and Thunder are universally lighter (-3 and -1 respectively)

I have a question
Can the holy weapons be sold ?
For example Lewyn (with Forseti) would be able to sell the holy weapon so a unit with major Forseti blood could buy and use it.
And when you say “2 personal skills or holy blood max”
Does this mean than a character can have two personal skill and a major holy blood (2 blood slots) ?

Tell me if there is a problem with the character.

  • Character replaced : Finn

  • Growth rates (Max 275%) :
    Hp: 30% (+10%)
    Str: 40%
    Mag: 30% (+10%)
    Skl: 40%
    Spd: 40%
    Lck: 50% (+10%)
    Def: 25%
    Res: 20% (+20%)

  • Personal stats :
    +2 mag
    +2 skl
    +2 spd
    +10 lck
    +2 def
    +2 Res

  • Classes :
    Prince → Master Knight

  • Holy blood (1 major)

  • Major Bragi blood

  • Starting inventory :

    • Thief sword
  • Items via events :

    • (Quan->Finn) : Bargain Ring
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Can we replace the subs?

YES, they are treated as gen 2 fixed


Holy weapons can be sold, I will edit that in.

Holy Blood / skills are interchangeable; 2 max means you can have 2 holy blood (2 minor, or 1 major), 1 minor + 1 skill, or 2 skills

Submission therefore has too many holy blood / skills. Drop two of them.

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Ok, sorry if the question sounded stupid

It’s done, sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Character replaced : Charlot

  • Growth rates (Max 275%) :
    Hp: 50%
    Str: 10%
    Mag: 5%
    Skl: 50%
    Spd: 30%
    Lck: 100%
    Def: 20%
    Res: 10%

  • Classes :
    Sword Fighter → Mage Fighter

  • Skills (2 max)

  • Holy blood (2 minor/1 major max)

  • He ain’t got no holy blood

  • Starting inventory :

    • Thief’s Sword
  • Items via events :

    • (Charlot->Hannibal) : Berserk Sword
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Character: Arden
Growth rates (Max 275%):
HP: 50%
Str: 50%
Mag: 10%
Skl: 50%
Spd: 50%
Luck: 20%
Def: 40%
Res: 5%
Class: Sword Soldier → Baron
Skills: Holy Sword, Adept
Starting Inventory: Safeguard sword
Arden will choke this point (now in soldier form! :smiley: )

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gen 2 statics have 350 growth total btw, you can bump some stats if you want

Character: Noish
Growth rates (Max 275%):
HP: 45%
Str: 60%
Mag: 5%
Skl: 40%
Spd: 30%
Luck: 30%
Def: 60%
Res: 5%
Class: Archer → Bow Knight
Skills: Paragon, Pursuit
Starting Inventory: Killer Bow

It’s a shame not to be able to give Noish a better weapon, the poor thing doesn’t
even have a special event. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Arden only has 1 starting inventory item, but you can replace his Pursuit Ring in Ch2.

Oh, I forgot about that. I’ll take away his wind sword for him to keep that pursuit.

so pursuit ring is still vanilla, you’re not replacing it with anything else right?

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Nah, I want him to keep that. He’ll be a monster with pursuit, adept and holy sword. Arden supremacy!!


you can replace armory/village stuff for him to get if you want

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Nothing changes about Lachesis, except she has major Höðr blood.

She would need to drop Charisma to do that, due to the 2 holy blood/skills limit, is that fine?

Also, are you saying her items stay vanilla too? (Miracle Sword, Heal Staff, Knight Ring and Earth Sword)

  • Character replaced : Mus

  • Class :
    Forrest Knight

  • Skills (2 max)

  • Holy blood (2 minor/1 major max)

  • No

  • Starting inventory :

  • Flame Sword

  • Character replaced : Zane

  • Class :

  • Skills (2 max)

  • Holy blood (2 minor/1 major max)

  • None

  • Starting inventory :

  • Fortify (Drops)

  • Sleep

  • Lightning

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