Elibean Nights - Final Version (Gamma Testing)

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i keep forgetting that arch is the spriter


CORRECTION: Apparently this was not Mangs posting, just a Ft. Mangs post.

My apologies for the error.


You forgot that EN is a one man show?


Now if only those mugs were any good.
Many keks.


That’s why the credit sequence is so long, LOL.


Why are their faces triangles? Is this Sailor Moon Crystal all over again?


Lengthy interview in which I talk with my two old friends @MageKnight404 and SnakeMomMelissa about a range of topics such as the recent progress in the hacking community here on FEU, the rise of the avatars, my beef with IntSys remakes, conspiracy theories about IntSys ripping ideas from fan projects, future plans for #BlitzEL, and answer the questions that you folks submitted above.


lol 2020 is coming fast


Arch, please do something on Nergal.



Special thanks to @Tequila for the quality of life additions! Ported from FE8; we have the Talk display, special notifications as units move, press L to skip animations, battle stat display for map animations, and HP bars to make FE7 more in line with modern FE games. It’s awesome to have these features in EN!


Another random polish update; I’ve added these two custom animations for Kent and Karel. Special thanks to @Greentea for the sprite work and to @RobertFPY for scripting the animations. You can find more of their work with other custom animations for FE7 characters over in the Animation Directory.


It looks good. I like it very much.:grin:


And here’s some screenshots of the work in progress Athos Tale. Nergal’s mug was created by @NICKT and the new younger Athos mug is courtesy of @Autonima.