Elibean Nights - Final Draft [PLAYTEST PATCH, 6-5-21]

Thanks, I would never have guessed that.

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First post here, and I’ve got some questions about the timeline of this game, though I know it is still being worked on.
For example, in Unwanted Visitors, Arcard and Roartz mention Cedric. From what I understand, he and Elisedd swapped places, so it is likely just a mistake. I say this because going by the years shown in the start of Love and Vengeance and Unwanted Visitors, Cedric has been dead for quite a while, and Arcard knows this full well.
It is mentioned in Hector’s Tale that Marquess Araphen was assassinated, something that apparently used to be Raven’s doing. I wonder what happened in the new canon.
From what I can gather, the timeline of events is as follows:


?. Athos’ Tale - Way before everything, obviously
?. Hawk and Leopard/The Librarian/Not So Different - Pre/during FE7. Kenneth is mentioned in one, though it is possible his Nergal fanaticism is only a recent development and he was a regular Fang in the beginning.
?. 99% of FE7(everything pre-credits)
?. Silkworms - Sometime before Homecoming. Side note: Silk Caves = Location of Rath’s Tale?
?. Eleanora’s Death - Literally three days before Lost Resolve (could easily have been part of it)

  1. Eliwood’s Tale/Lyn’s Tale - Both take place in the year 984, with seemingly no real order.
  2. Rath’s Tale/Kent’s Tale - Year 985 (the year Roy and Lilina will be born) Technically the events of the former require Lyn, though her A Support with Rath is the default anyways. Kent’s Tale, however, happens regardless of Lyn’s marital status, as the whole Caelin debacle and Yorrick’s involvement are mentioned in…
  3. Hector’s Tale - Yorrick and Dawson do their little coup. note: in the ending of Kent’s Tale, Yorrick mentions speaking with Orun and Marquess Kathelet. But pretty much every other mention of these events paint Dawson as the one doing these acts, including battle conversations, recruitment dialogue, and even an unused dialogue.
    ?. Lakeside Chat - Pretty much immediately following Hector’s Tale
  4. Merlinus’ Tale - The whole reason Eliwood is gone is because of the emergency meeting Hector called at the end of his tale.
    ?. A Pirate’s Life - Sometime after reconstruction, although Wil x Rebecca is not the default pairing.
    ?. Astolfo’s Tale - After Hector’s Tale.
  5. Pent’s Tale/Raven’s Tale - year 986.
    ?. Life of Servitude - Immediately after Pent’s Tale
    ?. Igrene’s Tale - Sometime after Pent’s Tale. “Gorlois” and Igrene were together for many years before he regained his memory and vanished.
    ?. Blood of Martyrs - Sometime after Raven’s Tale
  6. Louise’s Tale/Legault’s Tale - year 987. It should be noted that Lugh and Raigh are 13 in Binding Blade. So…there’s that.
    ?. Love in Fafnir - Literally between part one and two of Legault’s Tale
    ?. Homeward Bound - year 987/988. Canas is dead by Zelot’s Tale.
  7. Zelot’s Tale - year 988.
    ?. Gone Again - year 9XX. Nino’s kids are born and old enough.
    ?. Divine Task - Nils (and Ninian if she isn’t Eliwood’s wife, but you know.) gets sent to stop Zephiel(though it kinda is weird with the scene at the end of Pt. 1)
  8. Zephiel’s Tale/Final scene of FE7 - year 995.
    ?. Collapsing Alliance - year 1000. Basically during the early chapters of FE6

?. Karel’s Tale - the maps themselves span a timeframe of before Legault’s Tale(Duke Fafnir) to unknown, but the framing device is set in a timeframe where Fir is pretty much her FE6 age.
?. Guy’s Tale - Literally can’t play it, so I dunno. After Karel’s Tale, most likely

All in all, this hack is cool, and I look forward to it’s completion.

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Sorry to bump this thread.
I enjoy this hack so much and I know many Chinese players love your work too. So I’ve made an Chinese version based on Final Draft (6-7-21). Can I introduce it to the public? It would be pityful for ones who miss this masterpiece due to the language barrier.
Besides, I hate to be rude but I don’t know this project is WIP or inactive. May I ask something about the future plan? Anything should be useful to my translation.
Many thanks and looking forward to your reply.

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Hi, I’m new and I’ve been playing this game, which I consider quite good and innovative… But I’ve found several bugs which honestly haven’t caused me much of a problem, but there are two bugs which I don’t find fun.

Error 1: When entering Guy’s Bonus Story it goes black and does not respond in any way.

Error 2: The story of Athos cannot be passed in any way and Nergal has the face of Prasad.

I was wondering if someone wants to translate this great game into Spanish would you give them permission? I ask this since apparently you need to ask permission to translate a hackrom.

Posdt: Was this game cancelled?

Hello I’m a translator.from China,I want to translate EN in Chinese,could you permit me to do it?

So, since Holy War Mode is unable to use,could you tell me the information about it ,maybe I can fix the bug when I translate EN

I el pache final me lo pasas porfa :grinning::grinning:

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This hack is one to the most dowloaded of this topics. Why You cancelled this Beauty hack.? Is very sad

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