Eebit's Code and Hacks

Hi there, I’m Eebit! This is a thread that will contain things that I’ve made.

I’ve created a GitHub repository where I’ll store my stuff as well. Thanks a lot to Nat for making it super easy to set up a build system!

Progression-based title screen BGM


This hack allows you to set the title screen BGM based on a permanent flag being set in any save file.

Right now, the base behaviour is that it will check each save file for the following permanent flags (which can be extended in TitleBgmByFlag-Data.c).

It stops searching save files/flags when it finds the first flag in any file that matches in this order:

  • 0xB4 (“Guide - Viewing Units”) - Sets title BGM to song ID 0x06 “Grim Journey”
  • 0xE1 (“Guide - Save”) - Sets title BGM to song ID 0x05 “Treasured Memories”

If no save file has any of the listed flags set, it’ll default to song ID 0x43 (default title screen music).

I should also note that currently, this doesn’t change anything about the “extended” title song that plays when the opening intro animation is finished.

7743 has graciously made this into an FEBuilder patch with an editor, which makes it much more accessible for those using FEBuilder. Search for “Change the BGM on the title screen with a flag” in the patches list:

Screenshot of the FEBuilder patch