DrGreen3339's Maps and Crap

Yet another gallery post with things like maps and .s music files planned to be made available for free use through this as I make them.

First thing is a very WIP version of FE2/15’s final map. When it’s ready, you’ll have to adjust lava movement costs to act like the swamps from the original map.



Been too busy with other stuff to really do much, but here’s a random castle map I guess.

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Are you looking for critique visually or functionally?

Probably functionality

Sure. It looks mostly fine but the whole stone walkway area around the bottom and right portion of the map is largely empty and pointless. You would probably do better to just cut it out completely. The stair on the left with the door could probably do to be another tile wider at least. The windy path on the bottom right also seems rather pointless, would probably want to move a chest or have an enemy who drops an item there. Actually you could probably move some of the chests on the immediate left there since they don’t seem to have much purpose in terms of moving the player anywhere.
I’m also assuming the unenterable room with the stairs is going to spawn some kind of long ranged enemy? I’d suggest giving the player longbow access now if you haven’t already then.

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It’s a map that’s planned to appear in lategame, so you’ll have had some opportunities to get longbows.

Yeah that side stone path can probably go.

I don’t usually do this, but I was super bored.

I imported your map image to FEMapCreator which broke a bunch of stuff. I spent 10 minutes rebuilding it, then I made a bunch of edits. This is my vision of how the map would look.

If you want to use it, here’s the .tmx file.


And a .zip of it if that fails.


I didn’t know what to do with the bottom. Too lazy. Maybe you can fix it.

Edit: Definitely missed a few tiles for shading, and the top right room for the treasure chest isn’t shaded right either. Miscolored tile near the throne. Needs a few more fixes, but hopefully it helps.


Thanks man. :slight_smile:

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I think your pillars broke there, klok

I didn’t even notice. Thought that was normal, lmao.

Edit: Fixed.


Height errors abound, Batman.


Alright, time for a break with the maps and it’s time for a song, the defenese theme from FE4.

Get the .s here:


Dang, it’s been a week since I made anything noteworthy. Ah well, here’s some FE5 music.


DOPE. I dig it and would be fun to use! Thank you for making these :thumbsup:

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Time for a change of pace. Instead of GBA-ifying a classic FE song, now we’re ripping prototype tracks.

Get the .s here:


It’s been a while since I’ve done anything on this thread, huh?

I made some really basic portraits of the EarthBound party members using
their original sprites (they’re not really meant to be super serious)
The original sprites were ripped by M. Bison of Spriters Resource.
They’re free to use, with credit. (even if you can’t think of anything to
use them with).
ness paula
jeff poo


Yes, it’s time for a Solid Snake mug, with really lazy mouth frames because I suck at custom spriting.


Credit to Shinkenmaster of Spriters Resource for the sprites used.
This is free to use.


Don’t even consider asking.
It’s free to use for whatever cursed purposes it may serve.


Not a lot of F2U dancer mugs out there, so I’ll help out with that issue with this mug.