Doing a class and weapon balance experiment (Pick my Units/Bosses!)

Greetings mortals, MeatOfJustice here! I am passionate about class balance, so much so that I tried rebalancing classes and weapons for fun, but I don’t want to do a full hack to try it, so that’s where you come in, I’ll let people pick who becomes what in FE8!

  • Who’s getting replaced:
  • Name:
  • Description:
  • Class:
  • Affinity:
  • Personal Skill:
  • Weapon Ranks:
  • Inventory:
  • HP (Base and Growth):
  • Strength (Base and Growth):
  • Skill/Dexterity (Base and Growth):
  • Speed (Base and Growth):
  • Defense (Base and Growth):
  • Resistance (Base and Growth):
  • Luck (Base and Growth):
  • Magic (Base and Growth):
  • Con:
  • Portrait:

Only one Dancer or Bard is allowed. Only one Manakete is allowed.
The 2 Lords can be any of one weapon type and gain one extra weapon on promotion and maybe a mount.

Major Class Changes
  • Cavaliers are split into Lance and Sword
  • Armor Knights are split into Lance and Axe
  • Generals also get Bows
  • Female Thieves, Rogues and Monks
  • Assassins use Swords, Bows and Steal; no Silencer
  • Rangers get Lances rather than Swords
  • Wyvern Riders use Axes instead
  • Wyvern Lords use Axes and Lances
  • Wyvern Knights use Axes and Swords
  • Sages use Dark rather than Light
  • Mage Knights get Swords rather than Staves
  • Bishops also get Anima
  • Druids/Sorcerers get Light rather than Anima
  • Male Manaketes
  • Bards get Anima
  • Falcoknights get Staves rather than Swords
  • Dancers get Swords
  • Valkyries get Swords rather than Light
New Classes
  • Malig Knight (Dark/Lance M/F Flier), replaces Summoner
  • Gold Knight (Sword/Axe M/F Cavalry)
  • War Cleric (Axe/Light/Staff F Infantry)
  • Dragoon (Lance M Infantry)
  • Halberdier (Lance/Axe M Infantry)
  • Hunter (Bow M/F Infantry)
  • Nephilim (Anima F Flier)
  • Deva (Anima/Light F Flier)
  • Harrier (Anima/Dark F Flier)
  • Griffon Knight (Bow/Lance M/F Flier)
  • Baron (Anima/Light/Dark/Staff M Armored)
  • Strategist (Light/Dark M Cavalry)

To make space for the new classes, monster classes are gone. I’ve replaced the monsters on all chapters/dungeons accordingly and playtested them.

New Weapons/Major Weapon Changes
  • Iron weapons have the most accuracy, Steel the most might and Silver the most overall stats.
  • Void Edge, Javelin/Hand Axe counterpart that replaces Slim Sword
  • Silver weapons are now B rank
  • Flamberge, an advanced Zanbato that replaces Iron Blade
  • Machete, the middleway between Short Spear and Spear for Swords that replaces Steel Blade
  • Zweihander, an Infantry only Sword that grants Spectrum Stance that replaces Silver Blade
  • Levin Sword, a 1~3 range Infantry only magic Sword that replaces Poison Sword
  • Rapier is B rank rather than Prf
  • Dual Swords, a Heroes Life and Death Infantry only brave weapon
  • Brave weapons are now A rank
  • Pike, a lightweight Lance with Alert Stance that replaces Slim Lance
  • Flame Lance, a 1~2 range magic Lance that replaces Toxin Lance
  • Mace, a lightweight Hammer that replaces Poison Axe
  • Wolf Beil is B rank rather than Prf that replaces Devil Axe
  • Short Axe, Short Spear counterpart that replaces Hatchet
  • Shackle Bow, a Seal Speed bow that replaces Poison Bow
  • Composite Bow, a 1~2 range bow with Vanity that replaces Short Bow
  • Siege tomes are now Infantry only and carry Wary Fighter
  • Excalibur is now a Flier effective A rank tome
  • Forblaze, an S rank Anima tome
  • S rank weapons (not Latona) are unbreakable
  • Abraxas, a Heavy Armor effective Light tome
  • Reginleif is B rank rather than Prf
  • Corbin, a Seal Attack Lance
  • Polearm, a Seal Defense Axe
  • Saunion, a 2~3 range Lance that replaces Shadowkiller
  • Battle Scythe, an Infantry only Lance that grants Swift Stance that replaces Bright Lance
  • Dual Axes, a Heroes Life and Death Infantry only brave weapon that replaces Fiendcleaver
  • War Bow, a Spear/Tomahawk counterpart that replaces Beacon Bow
  • Battle Axe is now Infantry only and grants Sturdy Stance
  • Dark Spikes, a Cavalry effective Dark tome
  • Blizzard, a Seal Magic Anima tome
  • Dragonstone is now unbreakable
  • Ruin, an advanced Dark tome
  • Corruption, a reaver Dark tome
  • Banshee, a Seal Speed Dark tome
  • Trinity, a reaver Light tome
  • Sagittae, a Light tome that hits Defense
  • Seraphim, a Seal Resistance Light tome
  • Spectrum, a reaver Anima tome
  • Alacalibur is back
  • Blizzard Bow, a 1~2 range magic Bow
  • Hunting Bow, a Cavalry effective Bow
  • Piercing Bow, a Heavy Armor effective Bow
  • Archnemesis, an Infantry only Bow that is effective against other Bow users

The 2 Lords and 2 extra units are allowed to have a Prf with 2 effects: they can be an effectiveness, extra range, extra crit or a skill. Try to not go crazy on the effectiveness if you have it.
The 2 Lords will also get Legendary weapons that match their starting type, I’ll define them.
Naglfar’s weapon type is also allowed to change depending on Lyon’s replacement.


Feels like there’s been a lot of PMEs lately.

  • Who’s getting replaced: Dozla
  • Name: Lawrence
  • Description: [L’arachel replacement]'s retainer. Very lazy.
  • Class: Mage Knight
  • Affinity: Ice
  • Personal Skill: E1 Night Tide
  • Weapon Ranks: A swords, A anima
  • Inventory: Alacalibur, Levin Sword, Steel Sword Elixir
  • HP (Base and Growth): 41 Base | 70% Growth
  • Strength (Base and Growth): 14 Base | 45% Growth
  • Skill/Dexterity (Base and Growth): 19 Base |65% Growth
  • Speed (Base and Growth): 11 Base | 40% Growth
  • Defense (Base and Growth): 10 Base | 35% Growth
  • Resistance (Base and Growth): 16 Base | 60% Growth
  • Luck (Base and Growth): 12 Base | 40% Growth
  • Magic (Base and Growth): 17 Base | 65% Growth
  • Con: 10
  • Portrait:
    Portrait by Smokeyguy77.
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  • Who’s getting replaced: L’Arachel
  • Name: Michy
  • Description: The prince of Raunsten. Has a strange taste in food.
  • Class: Sword Cav
  • Affinity: Wind
  • Personal Skill: Renewal
  • Weapon Ranks: D Swords
  • Inventory: Zanbato, Hoplon Guard
  • HP (Base and Growth): 19 Base | 40% Growth
  • Strength (Base and Growth): 7 Base | 45% Growth
  • Skill/Dexterity (Base and Growth): 10 Base | 60% Growth
  • Speed (Base and Growth): 8 Base | 45% Growth
  • Defense (Base and Growth): 6 Base | 25% Growth
  • Resistance (Base and Growth): 3 Base | 25% Growth
  • Luck (Base and Growth): 9 Base | 50% Growth
  • Magic (Base and Growth): 1 Base | 10% Growth
  • Con: 9
  • Portrait:
    (Portrait by RandomWizard)
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  • Who’s getting replaced: O’Neill
  • Name: Commander
  • Description: The commander of the Grado Empire.
  • Class: Knight (Axe)
  • Affinity: Fire
  • Personal Skill: None
  • Weapon Ranks: C Axes
  • Inventory: Hand Axe. Steel Axe.
  • HP (Base and Growth): 28
  • Strength (Base and Growth): 7
  • Skill/Dexterity (Base and Growth): 2
  • Speed (Base and Growth): 1
  • Defense (Base and Growth): 9
  • Resistance (Base and Growth): 5
  • Luck (Base and Growth): 0
  • Magic (Base and Growth): 0
  • Con: 13
  • Portrait:
    Credit to thorn

Battle Quote: I finally caught up with you at last! Now hold still and be a good little prey for me!
Death Quote: Glory… to our mighty… empire…

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Mind listing which class promotes to what now, as well as the slots and which units fill them?


Who’s getting replaced: Joshua
Name: Ianthe
Description: A genius mage brimming with confidence, but truly looks out for her own.
Class: Nephilim
Affinity: Fire
Personal Skill: Tome Range +1
Weapon Ranks: C Anima
Inventory: Thunder, Spectrum, Elixir
HP (Base and Growth): Base + 9 / 40% Growth
Strength (Base and Growth): Base + 2 / 20% Growth
Skill/Dexterity (Base and Growth): Base + 11 / 65% Growth
Speed (Base and Growth): Base + 9 / 50% Growth
Defense (Base and Growth): Base + 4 / 25% Growth
Resistance (Base and Growth): Base + 10 / 85% Growth
Luck (Base and Growth): 3 / 65% Growth
Magic (Base and Growth): Base + 5 / 40% Growth
Con: 6
(by RandomWizard)


Could there be a Manakete lord?

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What do you get when you cross an Ethlyn (yes that’s an archetype) with a J-gun? Sethlyn

Who’s getting replaced: Seth
Name: Antonia
Description: (Eirika replacement)'s older sister. Kind and personable behind her aloof front.
Class: Valkyrie
Affinity: Anima
Personal Skill: Rally Spectrum
Weapon Ranks: B Swords, C Staves
Inventory: Silver Sword, Mend, Recover, Vulnerary
HP (Base and Growth): Base + 10 / 60% Growth
Strength (Base and Growth): Base + 8 / 60% Growth
Skill/Dexterity (Base and Growth): Base + 6 / 45% Growth
Speed (Base and Growth): Base + 8 / 40% Growth
Defense (Base and Growth): Base + 5 / 30% Growth
Resistance (Base and Growth): Base + 8 / 45% Growth
Luck (Base and Growth): 16 / 65% Growth
Magic (Base and Growth): Base + 5 / 55% Growth
Con: 8
(by Levin64)

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Who’s getting replaced: Erika
Name: Castor
Description: A hunter who served in Altea’s army.
Class: Hunter
Affinity: Ice
Personal Skill: Canto+
Weapon Ranks: C-Bows
Inventory: Iron Bow, Killer Bow
Level: 3
HP: 21 (40%)
Str: 7 (40%)
Skill: 3 (40%)
Spd: 6 (40%)
Def: 4 (20%)
Res: 0 (0%)
Luck: 3 (20%)
Magic: 0 (0%)
Con: 11

Credit to the GOAT Thorn


Cause why not, edgy merc dude.

  • Who’s getting replaced: Gerik
  • Name: Cloud Strife
  • Description: Ex-member of SOLDIER who has no clue how he got here
  • Class: Mercenary
  • Affinity: Dark
  • Personal Skill: Galeforce
  • Weapon Ranks: B sword
  • Inventory: Zweihander, Steel Sword, vulnerary, hero crest
  • HP (Base and Growth): 32 (90%)
  • Strength (Base and Growth): 14 (45%)
  • Skill/Dexterity (Base and Growth): 13 (40%)
  • Speed (Base and Growth): 15 (30%)
  • Defense (Base and Growth): 11 (30%)
  • Resistance (Base and Growth): 3 (10%)
  • Luck (Base and Growth): 7 (30%)
  • Magic (Base and Growth): 1 (15%)
  • Con: 13
  • Portrait:FE Cloud
    Portrait credit goes to @Garytop
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Sure, why not?

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Class Promotion 1 Promotion 2
L. Cavalier Paladin Great Knight
S. Cavalier Paladin Gold Knight
Armor Knight General Great Knight
Thief Assassin Rogue
Mercenary Hero Gold Knight
Myrmidon Swordmaster Assassin
Archer Sniper Griffon Knight
Wyvern Rider Wyvern Lord Wyvern Knight
Mage Sage Mage Knight
Shaman Sorcerer Malig Knight
Fighter Hero Warrior
Brigand/Pirate Berserker Warrior
Monk M Bishop Strategist
Monk F/Cleric Bishop War Cleric
Priest Bishop Baron
Pegasus Knight Falcoknight Griffon Knight
Troubadour Falcoknight Valkyrie
Soldier Dragoon Halberdier
Hunter Sniper Ranger
Nephilim Deva Harrier
  • Who’s getting replaced: Ephraim
  • Name: Irina
  • Description: The daughter of Gloriana, princess of the Manaketes & Arturius, the King of Knights. She has been asleep for 1,900 years.
  • Class: Dragon Child (it’s basically Manakete but w a different name)
  • Affinity: Light
  • Personal Skill: Savage Blow
  • Weapon Ranks: E in Dragonstones
  • Inventory:
  • Dragonstone
  • Soulstone (her version of a rapier it just heals 5 HP)
  • HP (Base and Growth): 24 & 45%
  • Strength (Base and Growth): 10 & 60%
  • Skill/Dexterity (Base and Growth): 7 & 40%
  • Speed (Base and Growth): 9 & 51%
  • Defense (Base and Growth): 9 & 48%
  • Resistance (Base and Growth): 10 & 49%
  • Luck (Base and Growth): 9 & 39%
  • Magic (Base and Growth): 10 & 60%
  • Con: 8
  • Portrait:
    (Made personally by Waleed for me)

Lemme know what you think.


Wait does that mean Merc/Hero loses its access to infantry-only weapons? (I put this as replying to the wrong thing)

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No, it means Mercenary promotes into either Hero or Gold Knight. If you promote to Gold Knight you lose access to infantry only weapons.

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OH. I thought it was T3 promotions.

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Maybe have him replace someone else, say, Ross?

no, castor deserves to be the protag
peak will win


It doesn’t follow with my Seth replacement.

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How so?

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