Do you know any hack with Fates weapon system?

Hi everybody, i’ve recently played Fates and i’m really in love with his weapon system.
Weapon durability was, in my opinion, one of the most tedious thing in the FE series.
I’ve also read an interesting topic about Fates system, in the design section, showing his problem and many changes to fix it, but keeping the trait unbreakable.

So, my question is: do you know any hack rom (on gba base) with this feature?
thank for the attention and sorry for my poor english ^^


None come to mind that use Fates weapons exactly as is, but there are a few that have some weapons w/ unlimited durability. Sacred Echoes and Journeys come to mind as having limited weapons w/ unlimited durability. I don’t know any that do it exactly as Fates does.

Outside of hacks, FE7x’s bronze weapons are unbreakable, too.

Hope that helps!

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Really thank you. Unfortunately i’m searching somethig unique that can get me exited again.
Il’ make you some examples:
i found the beauty of pixel art animation in sacred echoes, a deep story in diety device, a clorfull and higly customizable rooster of character in justice and pride and an outstanding character inner development in vision quest (the only one i have to complete, probably i’ll do so).
therefore i was looking for a new project that could catch my interest, but not something gimmick (but surely fun) like dorcas emblem.
Maybe just a manakete main character?
Anyway, thanks again for the time you spared for me.

p.s. i’ll try journeys and immortal sword for sure

Maybe not what you’re looking for, but in pokemblem all weapons technically have infinite uses and are learned on the units as moves. It’s a unique hack made by me.

Not a hack, but a Lex Talionis fangame named Blade and Claw has that system. You can get it here.

Despite it looks really funny and the clevers mchanichs ( how you menaged to recreate the navigation between maps, capture system and bush spawner) it’s non what i’m looking for right now.
But thak you to giving me the chance to try it

This game has:
-a mian character shapeshifter like fates
-fates’ soundtraks
-ubreakable weapons like fates
-fates’ pair system

Exactly what i was looking for, i’m in love after only 4 chapter.
Thanks for raccomendation ^^

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