Different stat caps for classes

So, I thought to myself “hey, i’m sick of these boring 20 stat caps for classes, I want that changed.” And i think this is a good way to differentiate the caps.

Lords: varies based on who you bring up
cavalier: +2 to def/spd/res caps
archer: +5 to skl cap
fighter/brigand: +4 to def/str caps
Pegasus knight: +5 to res cap
wvyren knight: +5 to def cap
thief: +2 to skl/spd caps
mrymridon: +5 to spd cap
knight: +6 to def and +3 to res caps
mercenary: +3 to str/spd caps
cleric/mage: +3 to mag/res caps

Likewise, these caps apply to promotions as well with this formula
(X) x 1.5. X = the number of the increased caps, if number becomes a decimal, numbers are rounded out like this ( less the 5, decimal is removed, 5 or higher, number is increased by one and decimal is removed, I.E. 4.5 turns to 5, etc.)

Let me know what you all think as i’d love to here all of your thoughts. Remember, we can end the norm of only 20 stat caps on GBA Rom hacks. #endthenormal!

Stat caps are trash


Agreed, hence why i made this, to make each class unique.

What I meant to say is, why bother with stat caps at all? Why are you using those to make your classes unique? Shouldn’t you focus on adjusting player bases/growths so that you don’t run into the problem of “cap ramming”? Otherwise you risk running into stupid situations like Rinkah’s Skl cap being 14 as an Oni Savage with a 50% growth, or Meg with a Spd cap of 15 whilst having an insane growth of 70%.

Were it up to me I’d just pull a 3H and go with effectively uncapped stats, since that’s a hell of a lot more fun to play (despite being more difficult to balance)

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Well, consider that i just started rom hacking with GBA and i can’t go too overboard.

Caps seldom matter in most games since units both 1) spend most of the game not at their caps, and 2) rarely hit them. I think FE3, FE5, and FE10 come to mind as vanilla games where caps play a more notable role in influencing play, but even that is only for a small percentage of the total game.

I think adjusting caps is fine but you need to consider if the caps will even matter.

Focus on bases and growths and adjust caps from there imo.


True, hence why the caps should be increased, to emphasize the growth rates. Take Project Ember’s version of Roy, he focuses on spd and lck, with above average HP, def and str. In my mind, his caps should be this
HP: no real change, because anymore hp would be overkill in FE6
str: 25
spd: 25
skl: 22
lck: 35
def: 25
res: 20
That’s my thought process.

I like having different caps aesthetic on the screen, even if people in tier 1 won’t hit those caps at all, but this is just an idiosyncratic. Aside from that, unless growths in your hack are high and promo items very unavailable for a long time, you should bother more with stuff like bases and weapon types to differentiate classes.

P.s.: I don’t like individual luck caps, or class based luck caps. I just think they are dumb. Promotions shouldn’t hamper with luck at all.