Detailed unit window question

I want to install that package for my hack using FEbuilder but I don’t know what’s it called. Can anyone point me in the right direction, please? The window shows data and items.

Also, FEbuilder doesn’t allow me to install some of the patches on the list, the message it says is that the following prerequisites are not met. I wanted to add the skills patch but because it didn’t install them I had to get the rom with skills already in it.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

Do you mean the modular minibox? Builder has those patches.


Do not do this. That won’t be febuilder compatible, essentially. If you choose to anyway, you’re giving up the ability for other people to debug any problems you run into.

Instead, please start from a fresh rom and install the febuilder skill sys patch before anything else. A number of things are incompatible with skill sys, so it might be easiest to just install that first.

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Yes that’s the one. But I thought it showed some unit stats too :thinking:

Ok I’ll probably start from scratch. But how would I install those packages? I tried on a clean rom and I never got the option to install them. Do I simply open the file?

I’ll try to install the skills patch on a new rom.

It’s under patches. Fe8u only, of course.

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Ok thanks, I got that to go. Now, about the modular mini box, there are quite a few, which one is recommended? And I think I need to have event assembler installed in order for it to be installed?

Try some out and pick out your preferred style. Some of them have previews on the feu MMB thread.

EA is needed to install some things. Febuilder setup will try and install its necessary external programs if you let it.