who will be botted in this year
my vote is on emperor ionius x

anyway all of my votes are to hugh as usual, nothing to see here



My first vote was on Hellene.


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Luigi FE4 arena for CYL6!


I won’t give up on him. :v

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First and foremost: my vote. All my votes are bound for Kaga Emblem; the specifics are not yet set in stone. I cast a vote for the Jeigan, the moustachioed Oifaye. Or Aoife.

Second: predictions. On the men’s side, I predict Chrom winning. On the women’s side, I predict Byleth. The second place finishers are significantly less clear. Last year saw the election of Marth, on the fifth attempt and after being denied a spot in CYL2 due to vote splitting. In addition, Eirika being voted in meant the completion of the entire GBA lord collection. These two large voter blocs (Marth had 47k votes, Eirika 32k) have no clear destination. The Gatekeeper is a meme: his voters came from just about everywhere and will return to whence they came. A good amount of votes will go to 3H characters, but significant portions of the fanbase want something other than 3H domination in CYL.

After Marth, the top three men last year were Chrom, Byleth, and Felix. On the women’s side, the top three after Eirika were Byleth, Bernadetta, and Corrin. The gap between BylethM and Felix is fairly narrow (12.5k vs 10.8k) and if people really want to add another Byleth, they will gravitate towards the significantly more popular female variant. Marth’s votes are likely to spread in any direction, but I will predict some moderate amount to trickle down to Celice (6.4k), the highest-ranking Kaga-era character. I can’t see him winning, but he could be a dark horse if people turn away from 3H en masse. It should be noted that Felix is currently in “alt-only hell”: this is a factor that will benefit him.

Eirika’s voters, the GBA lobby, have no natural target. Lute (3.8k) is the highest GBAFE character in the polls. Though lower in the polls, the higher prominence of Lilina (2.8k) or Ninian (1.5k) in the actual GBA titles would make for a somewhat easier campaign. Marianne’s voters, unlike the other winning blocks, do have a natural transfer target: Hilda (7k). The one with pink hair, not the one who killed Tiltyu. They’re both in the same house of 3H, and with Lysithea entering in CYL4, I can see a group trying to keep the Deer streak going. Bernadetta (12k) still has a large base: she also hasn’t gotten an within the past year.

To make a top three prediction on each side…
Men: Chrom, Felix, Celice
Women: Byleth, Lilina, Bernadetta

I am very likely to be proven wrong. One more matter to address…

Let’s say the Brigand Boss from the Gaiden remake. So important he doesn’t have a name.


Ladies and gentlemen. I joining the Brigand Boss bandwagon so my second vote goes to him.

Here all my votes so far.

Last time was a great success. What character are we memeing to the top this time?

let’s get a gatekeeper alt to piss off even more people!

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Deen for the win

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I’d probably vote for Macellan, Dorothy, Echidna, Brom, Lot and Trec, if it wasn’t for the Fact that i can’t be assed to make a Nintendo account

You know what. My third vote goes to Brigand Boss again.

Again here my votes so far.

Gonna vote for the FE4 crew. I’m casting 2 votes for Alvis, 2 for Seliph, then the rest is going to Sigurd

Here a moment of silence for the ones who cannot be eligible for voting this year.

Is that a list of Bosses from the mainline Fire Emblem games? Seems a little sad.

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ah yes, why shouldn’t these generic bosses be in heroes? I’m not having any silence for these guys when we still don’t even have all the playable units from their games

also we get it, you like the one off bosses

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