Custom Barrier Staff?

This is most likely out of my league, but I wanted to change up a barrier staff from giving you extra resistance for a few turns to giving you 50 defense and resistance for a single turn. I tried my hand at this only to discover staves are a nightmare to work with. I do have IER installed, does anyone know a hexidecimal code or something to get this to work? Asking for a friend.


I’m away from my PC and can’t post screenshots, but it seems like the easiest way to do this would be to create a staff that gives the Ninis’ Grace status, then change the bonus from +10 Def/Res to +50. Alice has a good tutorial on making an Entrap staff that should be able to apply to your staff, although I think the IER byte is also used for status ailments and their turn duration so I’m not sure how these two would conflict.
If I had to guess you’d need to make a status staff that has the targeting routine of the Barrier staff so you can use it on allies, or maybe just reuse the data of the Barrier staff and make it give the Defense status for 1 turn. The second option might also give +7 Res decreasing each turn just like normal, but it would work. There might be a patch to get rid of the res bonus on the Barrier staff, but it would probably affect Pure Waters too.


what game is this for? i could probably look something up. dunno how i would translate asm to hex but i’m down for a challenge lol

This is for FE8, the Sacred Stones. IER is installed.

Yes, with IER this would be ideal

Here’s how to do it in 2 steps:

(Ignore Weight and WEXP. That’s stuff for my own hack)

BTW. Thanks for the shoutout @Merpin :+1:


Awesome! Thanks for the help, I’ll make a note of that for future projects.

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No probem! Make sure you mark my previous reply as solution in case others have this problem