[FE8] Easy way to make an Entrap Staff

So I was messing around with FE Builder, and I figured out that there’s a really easy way to recreate the Entrap staff from Fates. No custom ASM needed.

For those who don’t know, the Entrap staff basically works like Rescue, but targets units of the enemy faction.

Keep in mind, that in the games, this staff has limited accuracy, like many other status staves. But the way I’m gonna show you how to do it, it will always hit. This is because of the way Rescue is coded in vanilla.


The only pre-requisite for this tutorial, is that you have Item Effect Rework (IER) installed on your ROM. If you are using Skill System, you should already have installed by default.

  • Step 1

To start, we’re gonna copy the data of Rescue to an available item slot. For demonstration, I’m using a fresh ROM with SkillSystem installed. One of the Dummy slots will work fine. Here, I copied Rescue to Item ID BC:

  • Step 2

Next, we’re gonna open the Patches menu, and search for IER_IERRevampTable. Here, we copy Rescue, and then we scroll down, and paste it to one of the available slots (39 and onwards). You can add a comment so you don’t lose track of what slot you’re using.

  • Step 3

Now, we scroll back up, and we go to the Silence effect. And we copy the code that’s in the TargetingRoutine box. Then, you paste it in the same box for the effect of your custom Entrap staff. Don’t forget to Write to ROM.

This next step is OPTIONAL. It’s for allowing the AI to use the staff. If you want your Entrap staff to be Player-only, skip to Step 5

  • Step 4

We’re going to go to Advanced Editors, and open the AI Staff Usage menu. Here, we expand the list just by one slot (If you just want to add Entrap. If you know what you’re doing, go ahead and expand it further).

Then, you copy the slot for Silence, and paste it to your new empty slot. Then we change the number in the Item use effect ID box to the corresponding number for the IER_IERRevampTable slot of our Entrap staff. In this case, 39.

  • Step 5

Now, we’re going back to our Entrap staff on the Item Editor. In both the When Used and the IER Byte boxes we write the corresponding number of the IER_IERRevampTable list. Again, in this case it’s 39.

  • Step 6

Now, here in the Item Editor, we’re gonna click on Edit Magic Animation(Indirect effects). If our custom staff is not in the list on the left of this menu, expand the list, and write the corresponding number on the Item ID box (In this case, BC).

For this demonstration, the custom staff was already on the list.

Now, go to the regular Rescue staff on the list and copy the code in the Map Animation effect box. Then paste that code to the same box for your Entrap staff.

Also, make sure that the 1 or 2 box is set to 2, Battle Animation is set to FFFE, and Damage Effect is set to 0.

And now, we’re pretty much DONE! All that there’s left to do is to adjust the stats to your liking, change the name and description to fit, and give it a unique Item Icon.

I’m including this custom Icon I made for the staff. It’s F2U and F2E:

Here is the end result:

And finally, here’s the staff in action. Complete with AI functionality:

If you have any problems, please reply down below, and I’ll help you as best I can.


Looks good! Will test later. Thanks for sharing.