CromarBot: A Discord Bot for Romhack Data

For a bit now, I’ve been working on a Discord bot, similar to Oifeybot, if you’re familiar with that, but solely dedicated to FE romhacks instead of the main series. I am looking to expand the hacks it supports, and perhaps one day becoming a one-stop-shop for romhack data.

If you’d like to assist with development (granting permission for your romhack to be included, or for helping compile data), here is a link to the dev server: CromarBot dev

And for adding the bot to your servers, here is the link for that: Discord

The bot is open source, and you can see what hacks are currently supported here: github link


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OifeyBot: “He does the same thing as I do. But better.”

Woah this is very cool! My hack is nearing completion and while it’s not exactly well known you have my full permission to include it in the bot’s data if you choose to do so!

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This is cool - hope to see this get filled out with more data. Congrats on going public, Epicer.

This will be great for helping make hacks more accessible to a broader audience who wants access to this data on hand, as well as mobile players who can’t play w/ builder open.


Truly a gift to humanity. Thank you for making this epicer.

What a cool project! I’d love for Sacred Echoes to be added to the bot.


Cool project! Only small nitpick i have is that it would be nice to include icons like Oifeybot does, for affinities and the like. Helps with quickly seeing the relevant information.
If i may ask though, because i’m curious: Why not just add the romhacks to the Oifeybot? Is it hard to add stuff there? Does the creator not want certain romhacks? In any case though, it’s nice to have alternatives, so this is a good project either way.

Oifey hasn’t been adding hacks for a while now, intentionally. And now, Izumi has recently said that the romhacks are being removed.


Say, is this really just for rom hacks or can games on lex telionis or srpg studio be included if given permission?

Those are also fine to have.


Apologies for the doublepost, but a bit of an update after a week in dev. 4 more hacks are now supported by the bot, at least in part: The Road to Ruin, Vision Quest, Void’s Blitzarre Adventure, and The Last Promise. Future updates will likely include filling out support data and hard mode bonuses for Vision Quest’s units. The bot’s code has also undergone a bit of a rework for long-term extensibility, and now features auto-correct for unit names.

I would again like to extend an invitation to anyone who’d like to help out; there’s plenty of hacks out there and I haven’t the time to set up the data for all of them.


Quick question: since Oifey seems to be dropping support for the Kaga saga games, and the dev has no intention of readding it, would those games be able to find a home with the Cromarbot?

It’s out of scope, but if someone else is willing to compile the data, I’m fine with adding them.

Speaking of which, I do intend to get back to adding more hacks to CromarBot (although I have other projects I also work on, hence lack of updates recently), so as always, if you’d like to see your hack in the bot, or get another hack added, I’m always accepting compiled data.


Thanks for the Answer. I’ll see if me and some of my Kaga Saga bros can get some compiled data going.

You can probably just ask Oifey’s creator for the TRS and BWS Data.

After a bit of a break, the bot now supports Four Kings (thanks to Retina for compiling)! The OP has also been updated with a direct link for the bot so you do not need to join the bot dev server to add it to your servers.