[Complete] [FE8] Rart Emblem: Halloween

STAFF EDIT: The creator of this project has been permanently suspended from FEU.

Original OP

**_Taking place shortly after Lawrence’s escapade in Magvel, some of the Rart Emblem cast are invited to a Halloween party, intended to be a joyful reunion. However, all is not what it seems when a few of the members arrive…

Rart Emblem Halloween

Flash back to the dark and drizzly evening of the 30th September - the user Mystletainn pitched to me the idea to make a Halloween-themed hack, something that has never been properly done before in the FEHacking community. I was instantly sold on the idea, and the two of us decided to bring in the Tom’s House Hacking Group (THHG) resident programmer – JacobTJP - to help bring our idea to life.

We decided to keep the project completely top secret, with the only others aware of the project being Melliel and Glaceo who pitched-in to bring the cast to life (or their spooky dooms in this case) with their breathtaking spriting abilities.

Now, no work comes without some inspiration, and we were of course lovingly inspired by various things when coming to make this hack. Our biggest sources of inspiration were Toby Fox’s Earthbound Halloween Hack, The Silesian Masquerade (from the team behind Inheritors of the Crusade), and of course, the legendary Scooby Doo.

Feel free to report any game-breaking bugs you find, and we will work to fix them immediately.

Also, a huge thank you to StanH_ for promtly providing a solution to the problem delaying the hacks release, you brought us so much joy.


We hope you enjoy the hack!

Content Warning(s): Alcohol References


Rart Emblem: Halloween V1

  • Remember to patch the (U) version of FE8!

As an ancient man once said, :\


Oh wow it’s not a reskin this time, maybe I’ll give it a try


Why isn’t this a secret FEE3 entry? Smh

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unfortunately the deadline was before we were ready to release, had a couple of issues we had to sort out. thankfully the amazing people at FEU helped us :wink:

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Is good. A-. Fixe the bugs which I know is hard to pin down, I’m half-joking


After making multiple playthroughs of the right route and trying to reproduce the bug it simply wouldn’t reoccur, so I don’t think that was an issue on our end. Though if anything similar to Mel’s stream does happen I’d be grateful if anyone could send us a save of it

10/10 No monsters were harmed in the making of this hack

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0/10 377 Raymonds were harmed in the making of this hack


Fellas not wrong

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After discovering the event ID glossary I think the reason some events don’t trigger as intended is due to the nature of the event IDs. If you want zero bugs I believe you have to play without resetting the ROM and resuming the chapter. Savestates are fine and rewinds are fine just not that because of the IDs I used as I didn’t know those IDs did what they did at the time of making the hack, I’ll fix the game when I’m not overloaded with schoolwork (as this ID thing will require a massive overhaul of the code) which will be a while but definitely before next Halloween.


Just played through this and I have to say it was a very fun experience! Maybe its just that Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays, or maybe its because you inserted some of my favorite songs from Castlevania and Riviera the Promised Land. I also really liked the custom titles, fit the atmosphere perfectly. Will probably replay this for Halloween honestly.


Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Come Halloween you can take whichever route you didn’t pick this time :stuck_out_tongue:

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A year later I am vain enough to make myself from this hack my actual Halloween costume featuring Raymond

[Cosplay gone, you had your chance]



does this mean I have to find a Richter costume now…?


yes, get to work


obligatory “die monster you don’t belong in this world”
because richter

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Is this good enough?


Boy am i glad i wasnt in the timeline in the hack, it’s gonna be hard to make a head sized pretzel around here




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