[Complete] [FE13] "Another Awakening Rebalance" Version 1.0

Greetings all. I made this FE13 hack with the intention of creating a 3DS FE experience which I, personally, would enjoy most. The primary changes go as follows:

  • Most ambush reinforcements removed from Valm Arc chapters.

  • Generic weapons (those without additional effects) have infinite durability, but many also inflict a small Speed penalty on the wielder (minus 1-3 based on weapon rank).

  • Nosferatu & Aversa’s Night nerfed considerably.

  • Rescue Staff is more accessible and has more uses, but also significantly more expensive. I’m of the opinion that Fire Emblem is at its best & most fun when Rescue and/or Warp have good availability to the player.

  • Small base stat buffs for a few characters upon joining.

  • Shockstick is 1-2 range now.

>>>Download Link<<<

How to apply this patch

  1. The .zip contains three folders (data, m, and map) which you’ll need to paste into your Awakening RomFS folder, and have them replace the folders of the same names in said RomFS.

  2. I personally used HackingToolKit3DS by Asia81 – pretty sure it’s the RomFS Builder feature – to get the files & folders needed from your Awakening .3ds file.

2.5. windypanda1’s guide for patching 3DS roms involves using DotNet3DSToolkit instead, so follow its directions instead if you wish.

  1. The 3DS Builder feature in HackingToolKit3DS can construct a new .3ds file using your updated RomFS folder, as well as your ExeFS folder (or .bin file) and ExHeader.bin file, all obtained from Step 2.

  2. This was the only video tutorial I watched to learn how to use HackingToolKit3DS.

Part of the reason why I did this is because there’s so little information online about FE13 hacking and I wanted to help further ingrain the prospect within people’s minds.

If you discover any bugs please feel free to document them in this thread. I only briefly playtested it myself but everything seemed to work as intended on my end.

The changelog.txt says that Henry’s base Speed was increased by 3, but I actually raised it by 4, so now he has 12 base Speed instead of 8.

Special thanks to:

  • thane98 @ GitHub for the Paragon application I used to edit FE13
  • Asia81 @ GitHub for HackingToolKit3DS
  • kaiangel7 @ Youtube for the video guide
  • windypanda1 for the inspiration

Awakening without the worst ever STRs ever?

Count me in

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you were so close… you were so close to a revolution! but you ruined it, you betrayed every man of good sense!

every person has their own idea of fun and it just so happens that your idea of fun is putrid and annoying to me

take this silver sword! I am now paper blade!

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while I personally do not like this change it can work if the game is designed around it, the rest of the ideas I fully support though!


I’m currently playtesting on a hacked 2DS, and I found two things worth noting:

  • The Ladle’s displayed durability is 20, but it still has infinite uses as intended. I first noticed this over a month ago when I was playtesting via emulator on PC, but I figured I may as well mention it here.

  • I don’t know if this is simply because of the hacked 2DS I’m playing on, but Henry’s supports are bugged. He cannot support with anyone, and if you select him in the Support menu the game crashes. When you build the .3ds file and play it yourself, you may end up with a different result.

Everything else so far, from my experience, works fine and exactly as intended.