Communist Emblem 2 - Venezuela


As you may have guessed by now, this is in no way a serious hack. So what exactly is it?

This hack averages the personal bases of every playable character in fe8, then gives every character those average bases. Starting off the game your units may be overpowered, but every unit you get will join with similar stats, so later units won’t be quite as good. This is fe8 however, so it’s still butt easy.



“Super Mario Bros. 2/10” - Kirb
“It sure is a hack” - Circles

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I heard people saying this will be the next Staff of Ages, and boi … they sure weren’t wrong.


Super Mario Bros. 2/10

EDIT: sme pls dont link roms gdi


Please do not distribute ROMs directly and use (ups) patches instead, even if it is April 1st. Thanks.


Oof I uploaded a rom and a ups and linked the wrong one. Fixed


I never thought I’d see the day a communist Fire Emblem hack is created…

EDIT: Double post but as of now, it appears that every post here has exactly 1 like, no more, no less. The communism is spreading to the thread.

EDIT 2: 6 likes on every post. I love you people.


0/10 every single character isn’t referred to as comrade in all circumstances.


as a russian, i approve this hack


Can every song be Comrades?




This hits pretty close to home…


Viva La Revolution!




No pun intended :rofl::rofl::rofl:


:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: