Choose Your Legends: Round Seven

Surprise! The annual popularity poll is early this year.

With Choose Your Legends moved forward by two weeks, most likely in order to avoid Engage sweeping the polls, this is a good opportunity to push for your favourites.

Who do I endorse?

Vote Sigurd Number 1.
His son got in last year, now to get the man himself in.

Of course, cast your votes for your favourite characters, and try to make 2023 the year they finally get into Heroes. After Sigurd, I intend on voting for Kaga-era absentees, several of which I have included on my propaganda poster.


Round 1:
Round 2: 『ファイアーエムブレム ヒーローズ』第2回 英雄総選挙 結果発表
Round 3:
Round 4:
Round 5:
Round 6:


Round 1 - Let’s Play Smash: Ike, Lyn, Roy, Lucina
Round 2 - Enter the OCs: Hector, Celica, Ephraim, Veronica
Round 3 - Marth Denied Again: Alm, Micaiah, Eliwood, Camilla
Round 4 - Brave Houses: Dimitri, Edelgard, Claude, Lysithea
Round 5 - Gatekeeper Power: Gatekeeper, Marianne, Marth, Eirika
Round 6 - Champion Chiki: Chrom, Chiki (FE13), Celice, Byleth (F)

Let the record state that my prediction for this year is:
Men: Robin, Sigurd
Women: Corrin, Bernadetta

Good luck, everyone!


We need Reina in heroes already :sob::sob::sob:

Given Hugh has been added idk if I’ll bother to participate anymore
Maybe more Hugh though…

Voting for Nino since year 1

It’s heartbreaking seeing her dropping places year after year…

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He got an alt but I’m still gonna say it


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Usually I constitute like 40% of Dalsin’s total votes (spoiler: there aren’t very many), but this year I am going to split my votes between Finn and Leif



I voted for Dorothea for my first vote.

Went with my boy Noah

My second voted goes to Desaix…

My votes so far.

idrc about FEH anymore but im giving my support to the conquest capturable bosses this year


the only right choice

vote for morva
i wanna see how terribly they’d recolor Myrrh’s dragon for him


I’m voting for Heather from Radiant Dawn, I really just want Fire Emblems first canon lesbian to get in the game and not just as like a random seasonal. I think she like, matters to the series history, to Nintendo history and to me personally as a lesbian.


I voted Layla next. And the reason because i have watched Siegfred videos on Silent Waves a Fire Emblem Fates mod where Layla is actually playable in.

Voted so far.

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Well that was a seasonal banner announcement. Byleth and Soren getting mid-poll alts? It’s like Eirika getting an alt immediately before voting in 2018 ruining her chances that year. This year’s midway results are going to be interesting…
While I’m here I’ll show my current votes:

I bet on Seliph Voters to vote Julia this time. Gotta see how this’ll work out.


Well here’s my third vote

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Very sad that Forrest got cursed with being a bad staff unit in FEH and a very mid unit in Fates hoping he someday gets to be good

I voted L’Arachel again just like last year.

My votes so far.