Chair's Jukebox


Figured I’d share some of the tunes I’ve made for my hack/others for shits n giggles.

THWD Stuff:

Prep Screen:

Shitty Promo Music:


Early Boss Battle:

Mid Boss Battle:

Late Boss Battle:

Final Map Theme:


The Tale of Ternon:

Boss theme for Vergil:

Boss theme for Rodin:
(Coming Soon)

Boss theme for Diana:
(Coming Soon)

There’s also that Attaque song, but that’s in the repo so you can go get it yourself. :smiley:


These are… not great, to be honest. Have you looked at taking any kind of music theory study at all? I think you could really do with some help in that area. A lot of these compositions have no sense of progression at all, which is really important in JRPG-style music. Your instrument choices could also be a lot better.


I appreciate the honestly, and I’ve only really ever looked up scales. I do plan on learning more though. Do you know of any sources online that could help me out (free ones, preferably).


There are some really good YouTube channels. Michael New is really good for the basics. Once you understand what chord progressions are you could probably move on to 8-bit music theory. Alternatively, I am certain there are plenty of free online resources for the basics of composition.