Casual Mode Injuries

What do people think of combining casual mode with unit injuries (as a broad strokes example, -2 penalty to all stats after a unit is forced into retreat)?

This thought didn’t really come around because of the idea of casual mode itself, but rather I saw a video where someone discussed the idea of the permadeathy-ness of the game being cheapened when bosses just retreat instead of getting killed after you defeat them, which I think is something more than a few people have issue with. The way I adjusted for that in my own hack was to have non-player units that were defeated in battle, scripted or in a map, be weaker when they reappeared. This applies even to the final boss; if you beat them earlier than intended, they’ll be weaker in their final appearance.

I thought this might be an interesting idea for a mix between casual and classic; your unit dies, next chapter they’re weaker. Not sure how crazy it would be to code for, though. Thoughts?


Seems like a good idea for a strategy game.

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This is what Dark Deity is going to do, right? I think it definitely works.

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That’s a cool idea. Now for our units. I do agree some penalty would make sense but would it be a permanent thing? It would make sense that having the unit “rest” (not use them for a map) would be a way to heal this penalty. Alternatively, having them survive a map would also be a good way to recover.


You’re on the right path, Kliss. It’s a penalty, but not a gamebreaking one. Anything that incentivises the player to keep playing, rather than to restart the whole chapter; that’s something I’d like to see more of. I’m not a fan of the casual modes at all explicitly because it feels like death is of no consequence, but a system like this would probably allow my inner laziness to come out, so I’d keep playing even if a unit got taken out of combat for 1.5 chapters. (Current plus next)


My perverse nature would almost prefer the opposite: a penalty that you could only clear by fielding the unit in their weakened state for a chapter. Would it make sense? Hell no. But it’d be pretty interesting to force an unoptimal deploy to get your unit back up to snuff.

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Maybe for plot-key units like Marcus in FE7?

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Everyone who dies in Lyn mode comes back shittier

They could also just suffer the penalty whether you field them or don’t. If you combined this with the idea I posted for Fatigue some time in the past, you might have an interesting cost/reward system in play for fielded and unfielded units.


I don’t think fe8 skillsystem is set up ideally to do this easily. It is certainly possible, but would require asm in a few places to function properly, I am guessing.

Personally I don’t think it’s a worthwhile use of time to create a somewhat involved hack for such a small feature / penalty.

I am designing my own game around casual mode, but I am not that interested in having additional chapter-long debuffs.

Nobody said this had to be for a hack. Tactile and Lex Talionis exist now, you know.

I haven’t used those, so it wouldn’t be fair of me to speculate on how easy or difficult it might be to implement said feature in those engines. I can only speak for what I know.

On the doing it for a hack front, I don’t know if someone’s done ASM to make a stat-modifying event. If so, you could combine that with the existing casual mode patch and jury rig it through a death quote event. With some global flag abuse, you could even have the fatigue-style set up without any further programming.

I really like this idea of providing a bonus for the reasons you laid out. I’ve stopped using so many units for similar reasons. Or because I have my favorite 10 but this map only allows for 9 so guess Oswin has to take a seat.

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I’ve been planning a Star Fox 64-like system for my own projects; that is, if a unit gets defeated, they’re out for the next battle while their injuries recover. Theoretically, I believe this is as easy as an event-equivalent of “if unit_died = true {can_deploy_unit = false}”.

Yes, people can still just have two groups of kamikaze units and switch them out between chapters, but since people tend to play a fan game only once, I have enough trust that the player will be more careful about preserving their units because they don’t know what’s coming next chapter.

I do like the idea of forcing the player to use a unit in their weakened/wounded state for a chapter in order to get them back to normal, though. Maybe even perma-kill them if they die while wounded. I might go for that instead if the deployment banning turns out to be unpopular.