Can FEBuilder and Buildfiles be used on the same project?

Good lord it’s been long since I last posted a question here.

I’ve been working ever since I started here with FEBuilder, minor things here and there nothing to write home about, and only recently I caught up with Buildfiles, which was a headache in and on itself.

Still, I think Buildfiles are pretty interesting, but the sole idea of translating all my work in FEBuilder to Buildfiles made my neck bend; even more considering the multitude of edits I used along with FEBuilder.

Can Buildfiles be safely used in a heavily FEBuilder edited ROM?

Safely; yes. You can always buildfile on top of an edited ROM with no issues, as long as you’ve tracked what you’ve changed and don’t change those.

You can also export easily any ie. table changes, so that you can easily manipulate those externally (or just continue using FEBuilder for them).

I would highly recommend never using both methodologies simultaneously – It gets super hard to keep track of things and easily causes space to become unknown and not well organized. I tried it and it’s… not fun nor effective.

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One of the big advantages of using Event Assembler(/buildfiles) is that it’s always 100% safe. With buildfiles, you make a copy of the ROM (usually a clean fe8 ROM, but in your case you’d be starting from your ROM edited by febuilder) and apply your changes to the copy. If you break something, all you need to do is figure out what you broke, fix it, and reassemble.

Also, you can use EA/Buildfiles to hack things that aren’t even Fire Emblem games. I’m pretty sure Leonarth used them as part of making a GBA game from scratch. Febuilder modified fe8 is downright mundane in comparison.

Slef plug time! If buildfiles are a little tricky now, maybe this will help you when I do this after FEE3.

Just in case you were worried about the difficulty spike, this should clear up a lot of stuff.


This is a Perfect Idea! I’ll be looking forward to it.

There are many good guides about many topics on the forum but since most are either outdated or redirect you to other guides before reading it, learning has become like a puzzle game with extra pieces were you need to ientify what is useful to you and what isn’t and at the same time place all the pieces on their place.

Having it all neatly arranged and with visual reference would be a godsend.