Buildfile Background Questions

So if it wasn’t obvious enough from the title already, I have questions relating to backgrounds
conversation backgrounds specifically

  1. How do I repoint and expand the conversation background table?

  2. How do I insert a new conversation background once the table is expanded?

(Assuming FE8 and buildfiles)

First off find the Nightmare Mod list for that. I am right down the offset and then you go to a hex editor and do a search for ever everything that links to that offset. Remember you have to have reverse the order of the numbers in to Little endian. Then you not Down every single ofset that points on the table. Create another event file and use the ORG function on all of the offset you noted down to link to the new table. Ex:
ORG 0x123456
Table offset definition

Don’t forget to include it!

Now to insert the new table I recommend you actually choose where you insert it so it will be easier to write down the new offset.

Have no images here as I’m on the phone. Hope someone explain better

Although this method woks, doing it with CSVs is much quicker now.

Follow the steps with n2c and c2ea.

In the top left cell of your CSV, write INLINE ConversationBackgroundTable. When running c2ea, a .event installer will be created that writes the table in your buildfile and repoints the table.

So how would I create such a csv without having the .nmm to do so?
I can’t manage to find a module that relates to conversation backgrounds


So I believe I’ve managed to repoint and expand the CG table, but now I’m wondering how I would actually put in a conversation background.

I would think to do it with Png2Dmp, but I’m not sure what I’d use for the TSA pointer .x.

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I don’t know either, but you could try to use this?