[BUG] [FE8] Map HP Bars issue with multiple units

This is concerning:

and after Leonarth’s insistence, I decided to bring this issue up to the Authors of the patch.

You can enter a stage, load the preparations menu and do everything on it
except for when you open the Map or Start the battle.
The game will hung up after a number of player units are deployed with 61+HP.
I’m not sure about enemy units, but with 50 enemies out and less than 60HP it works fine.

This is a patched version of the ROMhack :

The Hack version(?) used is the one uploaded on GitHub. (Didn’t see another version)
The Hack and its Graphics are at @B42650

Also I’ll take this chance to ask this too:
Can you graphically mod the WarningHPSheet?
WarningHpSheet (Icons and HP bars with other graphics or equal size)
or does it strictly need to be as above?

You can’t change the size of the sheet, that would lead to issues, but you can edit them otherwise as long as you respect (or properly change) the palettes and the 8x8 grid

You should post a link to the patch instead, don’t post ROMs directly.

Yes, this is what I mean. Thx for info.

Will fix shortly.

I couldn’t reproduce any of this with (only) the conditions that you suggested (ram-hacking max hp of multiple blue units to >60 and hp bars works like a charm on both the skill system and your hack (on and off prep screen too, but that shouldn’t matter anyway)).

There was a bug that made it behave improperly when max (and thus possibly current) hp was boosted above the base value through item stat bonuses or something else of that nature (which is the only way you’d get >60 hp without editing the hardcoded cap, so maybe that’s the issue) (I pushed a fix for that to skill system master just now, feel free to try it I guess), but it didn’t quite hang my game (only fail to display hp bars) (tho it would probably crash no$ because that’s what it is known to do in this kind of situations).

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I see.
Yes Boosted HP is done through items
but the condition of less units vs multiple units is valid.
You can have a try with 17+ units and >60 vs 17+ units and <60 (HP>60 through items)

Will try the fix and report to you.

Edit: Was GitHub download speed that slow?
Edit2: Ended using MS Edge O_O

Ok I applied the fix.

Game doesn’t crush.
But the HP bar is not accurate. Seems to take into account only the missing HP.
Thus a unit with 60/110 will depict an almost empty health bar despite having over 50%HP.

Question: What are the warning signs on enemy units supposed to show?

The white warning is shown when an enemy has a weapon effective against the currently selected unit, eg an Archer would display it if you were moving a Pegasus.
The orange warning is shown if the enemy has a high crit weapon, eg any killer weapon.

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There’s also the talk notification bubble. It appears on all units the active unit can talk with through CharacterBasedEvents.

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It seems there’s still an issue
where the HP Bars aren’t toggleable in the Menu.

If anyone can look into it, please do.
(Unless that was intentional)

fixed the setting not working issue (and also the slight issue of it being actually just entirely broken because of me being stupid, sorry about that) just now on master

(also @ github download speed: you aren’t really meant to download the entire folder each time it updates. The idea behind github (and git in general) is that you maintain a local copy of the repository; and only pull the changes from the main repo (or apply changes from other sources, but tl;dr you aren’t meant to redownload the entire thing every time, which is why doing so may be slower))


Yes, tested and everything works perfectly.
Correct HP bars, toggleable bars, no crushes, no limits.

Amazing work and at amazing speed. Thanks!