BREAKING NEWS: Arch Finds His One True Waifu, Takes Back Condemnation of Modern Era Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem is great again. All hail Koei Tecmo Intelligent Systems.

Fates still sucks, Grind Emblem is cancer, Golden Deer route is just knock-off Blue Lions with different characters and worse plot, Edelgard is a downright bitch, FE16 class system is whack, and IntSys still sucks at remakes even after Echoes.

But Leonie is pretty aite.

Don’t @ Me.


Sucks that your waifu doesn’t have a nose. Arch she can’t breath what are you doing to her.


tbh I’m surprised you like Leonie, everyone I’ve heard with an opinion on her seems to dislike her. Personally I don’t but I don’t feel too strongly about her.

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Arch doesn’t fuck around with the high-born ladies.

Leonie is a thrifty, pragmatic badass warrior lady who doesn’t take no shit.

Plus I am also partial to gingers with thicc hips and weird looking noses.


I thought leonie was alright/bad early game. One I got her to a cavalier she took over the game. Easily became my strongest and highest level unit (sorry lys) and won the most MVP’s at 10, with Lys at 9 and Byleth at 7. Also she’s hot. Especially post timeskip.

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Does she wielding axe? If she does then good choice.

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She can wield anything you desire

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Lance/Bow she is an FE10 Silver Knight with +2 bow range skill and +1 Movement skill. Like damn, bruh.

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And I thought the Blue Lions plot was pretty bad…this doesn’t make me want to play golden deer.

TBH Three Houses’s class system being wack should be easy for anyone to figure out

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I dislike the lack of symmetry between tiers. There just should’ve been more master classes.


Hilda is Golden Deer best girl, fight me IRL.

And yeah, the master class selection kinda blows; the mounted casters are actually a trap.

why tho

Because I thought it would be funny.

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Arch you’re drunk.

Leonie is a good pick. She’s a great character when she stops talking about your dad.

Another point in her favor: There will never be an awkward family dinner because she idolizes your father.


Counterpoint, it’s very awkward for your father


Counterpoint, does your father even eat


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