Bread Support Competition

(Some of y’all 'bout to be real mad at me, but I had to do this. Don’t mind me ripping the format off of Pandan’s thread found here!)

Writing compelling characters and dialogue is an important part of romhacking. Let’s practice writing scenes with our favorite character dialogue, the bread support


  • All bread supports must reference bread
  • No text is allowed in the thread besides bready supports
  • Please keep the breadiness rated PG.


  • Make your supports talk about bread, whether in an emotional, tear-on-the-heartstrings kind of feeling, or a more comedic and lighthearted way.
  • Feel free to make up anything about the two characters’ backstory.
  • You don’t have to make a full support, one part of the support is perfectly fine.
  • You should probably feel compelled to make it personal. It’s a bread support.
  • Bread puns are 1000% encouraged.

How do I win the competition?

  • We all win when it comes to bread-related supports.

Example support!

character b: hey, character a! i’ve got some more bread if you want to have some. though, it’s not marbled rye this time…
character a: brioche, huh? i can’t say that’s what i expected. but i’ll happily enjoy some with you, if that’s okay.
character b: no no, it’s fine… you said a bit ago, that your grandfather was a famed baker, right?
character a: indeed i did. mmm, that’s surprisingly good… what about it?
character b: well, i can’t say i know much about my family. yeah, i knew my mother, and i still have a sister, but when it comes to anything further than that? i can’t say i have any connections, and i sure don’t have any family recipes
character a: that’s unfortunate… what did you know about your mother?
character b: she mostly stayed at home taking care of us. it was quaint and peaceful, and once every while she’d bring back a nice loaf of bread. of course, it probably wasn’t from your grandfather or anything… but it was always nice.
character a: well, i can’t say i know much, but even if your mother didn’t make it… couldn’t that bread be considered your family recipe if you enjoyed it together?
character b: hmm… maybe it could.


you’ve piequed my interest from the title alone, I will do my best and my writing talent will rise like yeast

(Full support soon:tm:)


This is the greatest idea since sliced bread.

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did pret hack your account wtf


I’m not too sure if I wanna rise to the occasion.

My time, has come…
Support Level C(rust) Convo between Sho Quette and Pretzel
image image

Quette: Oooh, theres a stray large snack lying here on the ground. Hmmm, I guess the owner isn’t coming back for this, bon appetite! monch
Pretzel: Grah!! Get off of me!
Quette: Woah there~
Pretzel: Y-you just tried to eat me!
Quette: Mmm hard and salty, but soft on the inside. I give it 5 stars.
Pretzel: Stay back beast, I’m not afraid to use my personal spear!
Quette: With what, that baguette? Try me~
Pretzel: Hyah!
Quette: Too soft! monch Mmm, tasty too.
Pretzel: Wh-wha-!
Quette: Listen here bread boy, I’m starving by the minute on this battlefield and I only do things if I get cash or a bread stash, and I don’t see any cash here. If you don’t want to be torn into pieces then consumed by my hands, you either work for me or give me something else to eat other than the large walking pretzel that I’m looking at.
Pretzel: Y-y-yes s-sir. sniffle
Quette: Awh, don’t cry (Its crying… bread crumbs?). I’ll make sure that nobody else other than me gets to treat you like this, now get going recruit!


Let’s get this bread.

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I hate you.