Boss Battle Animation Backgrounds and How Do They Work

I know about the Demon King, Fire Dragon, and Idunn animations in that they use special backgrounds for the animation, but how does the script manage to use these backgrounds in those animations? I ask this because it’s something I kinda want to implement in a little fun test of mine, which are basically animations of Galeem and Dharkon from Smash Ultimate, but if I can’t find out how to find a way how to implement their wings and tentacles respectively without the OAM going to hell then it would kinda take out the whole feel of their animation.

That’s hardcoded in animation engine. You cannot use that in animation script.
Of course you can hack the engine to add custom script command to use that. In fact I have already managed to do that. My new command is 0x8A/ShowBG.


So is that like a special 95 or whatever command added for the backgrounds to actually appear in animation script?

Oh and how does the intro and defeat animations work? It would add to the animations if I could find a way to do that

What is 95?

You can use any unused command as long as it matches the source code.

I guess it works.

Forgot what commands they where called but it’s basically the sfx commands for battle animations and that’s what I meant, and I just wanted to know how the intro and defeat animations would work in script

So how do I input that into game, because I have no clue on how it works and how to put it in

Basically you need to use ASM.
FEBuilderGBA doesn’t have a patch because it hasn’t been analyzed much.

Probably the following function: (FE8U)

0x08070B3C   //Manakete transforms and changes class
0x0806fa84   //SpecialBattleBackgoundChange

If you are talking about Command85, there is a list of pointers to each function in FEBuilderGBA’s advanced menu.
These seem to be handled by the following functions: FE8U

0x08071B6C   //Command85

If you analyze ASM and find something, please share your results.

Based on my research, the game decides to use battle backgrounds based on the result of the checks starting at 0x8057708; what exactly it does from there I couldn’t tell you, but that’s where it appears to decide to use a background.

Edit: At 0x8070B94 is another check that only appears to run if the above check gives the okay to, so that may be it?

Edit 2: The checks at 0x8057708 control whether or not to draw the enemy’s battle animation when doing the zoom into combat, and the check at 0x8070B76 controls the Draco Zombie bg showing up in place of a battle animation

Edit 3: The check at 0x8070B94 controls if the demon king BG should show up or not, but it also requires that the check at 0x8057708 passes to ever be run

While I’m at it, how do I look into ASM? I was busy and wasn’t able to find out how to do that. I also would like a refresher on what ASM, as my memory of what ASM is rather shaky.

In FEBuilderGBA,

And “Save all to file”
And “Assemble all and save”

Now you can get 500,000 lines of ASM code.
Open it with a text editor and decipher it.

In FEBuilderGBA, you can execute the no$gba debugger by pressing Ctrl + F5.
It will read the code while checking my own recognition and actual operation.

Now I have a very large amount of code, but what, where, when, and how do I decipher this?

Once you got a treasure map, all you have to do is explore.
I have provided you with some function addresses to guide you.
Check the source code’s “map” to see how the function is called.

Then, set a breakpoint with no$gba debugger and investigate how it works.
It is important to go through the expedition many times.

However, this adventure is quite difficult.
Perhaps most exploration ends in failure.
Still, it is to move forward little by little.

Is there a debugger with VBA or no? Also I am unsure of what you mean by a “map”

In VBA, there is a version that supports GDB, but it is not recommended because it is unstable.
If you really want to use it, check it yourself.

Despite the ‘please do not post this is not finished’ it’s the guide that most people here use to get into GBAFE asm hacking, dunno why it still says that.