Blazing Shell Outline

Working on the outline for what Blazing Shell (which will be the final version of this project) will look like. Feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated! Need the brainstorming power. Wiki post. As always, please sign your edits.

Default Changes:

  • Wiped character array clean of unnecessary data. ✓
  • Expanded & cleared support lists with reserved area. ✓
  • Auto-link these to the character array so that each slot has a predesignated list of seven supports to use.
  • Expanded & cleared support slots. ✓
  • Expanded class array. ✓
  • New class staples from FE8 & corresponding map sprites. ✓
  • Female equivalents restored/implemented Still needs female: Pirate, Berserker, Soldier, Halberdier, Acolyte,
  • Expanded standing/moving map sprite arrays. ✓
  • Expanded item array. ✓
  • Expanded item effects array. ✓
  • Expanded item usability array. ✓
  • Clear out the game’s native event & tile change data.
  • Clear out the game’s native maps.
  • Reconfigure the C9C9CC array with new tilesets. ✓
  • The C9C9CC pointer array is used to reference tileset graphics, palettes, configurations, maps, map changes, and events. Possibly splitting the three tileset components off to a new array, so as to maximize space for both?
  • Expanded chapter data array.
  • Expanded battle animation array. ✓
  • Expanded portrait array. ✓
  • Expanded custom battle animation array.
  • Improved native instrument map.
  • With several new samples to complete the set.
  • RNG edit to make the rng take system time into account (see Hextator’s Docs) ~@Crazycolorz5

Default Additions (Classes):

  • icecube’s Promotion array. ✓
  • Getting classes to lose weapons upon promotion. ✓ (Done by @Venno)
  • Possibly “choose a weapon” style promotions ala FE9?
  • Though this would require drawing a menu which I know is terrible hard.
  • Maximum of three choices, specified in an array. WW (ClassID) XX (1st Weapon) YY (2nd) ZZ (3rd choice).
  • CT075’s variable level caps hack. ✓
  • Possibly expanding this to be able to force a level cap on a specified character ID? Would remove the need to make duplicate classes for TRS-style pre-promotes that cap at 30.
  • Luck gains upon promotion. ✓
  • Replacements for obsoleted class/character ability values.

Default Additions (Characters):

  • A hack that reads palettes from a separate array rather than the character data. Would be defined by class, ala FE8. XX (CharID) YY (ClassID) ZZ (PaletteID), make branching promotions function.
  • Similar hack done for “custom battle animations” to retain that functionality.
  • CT075’s planned Pursuit-critical coefficient byte.
  • Install Hextator’s fix for autoleveling enemy luck. ✓

Default Additions (Weapons/Items):

  • Install Crazycolor’s Modular Battle. ✓
  • Crossbow routine modifications.
  • Avoid +20 for weapons.
  • SNES-style crits (Dmg = Mgt * 3 - Def).
  • Doubled WTA/WTD bonuses.
    • This one doesn’t quite work right yet. The others do, though. ~@Crazycolorz5
  • icecube’s Range fix (enables any range value). ✓
  • Venno’s PRF weapon array. ✓
  • Venno’s weapon rank bonus hack. ✓
  • Miscellaneous other new item effects:
  • Tonic (20HP heal item). ✓
  • “Dance” staff.
  • Rewarp staff.
  • Arms Scroll.
  • Juna Fruit.
  • icecube’s weapon damage transform. ✓
  • Additional dual-type WEXP fix. ✓
  • icecube’s Spell Weapon Attributes hack. ✓
  • icecube’s Range Penalties hack. ✓
  • icecube’s Maturity hack (grants Afa’s Drops users multi S-ranks). ✓
  • Modified Delphi Shield protection designation to a class list.
  • Replacements for obsoleted weapon ability bytes.
  • Retooled version of CT075’s Starsphere?
  • Crazycolor’s passive healing items/characters.

Default Additions (Chapters):

  • Nintenlord’s character forcer/banner. ✓
  • New chapter goal: Escape.
  • Goal window option: Kill counter.
  • Variable seize-capable units based on a pointer array to lists with one entry per chapter.
  • Install Hextator’s variable command names hack.

Default Additions (Music):

Default Additions (Graphics/Animation):

  • A fixed custom spell animation rendering routine with improved transparency.
  • @MarkyJoe1990 donated $50 to the project, which (after the PayPal skimmed a bit off the top) I used $45 of to fund Aleph to (hopefully) fix it. @Brendor gave $30, so that’s 5 hours of his services. ~@Arch
  • icecube’s Hand Axe animation fix. ✓
  • A fix for the expanded weapon icon display glitch.
  • Revamp the animation display options (WIP by @Venno).
  • Female Sprites that look distinctly different from male sprites, specifically Armor Knight(F) and Pirate/Berserker (F)(Like, at least give her a top?).
    • Also, Fighter_F and Warrior_F ~@Crazycolorz5
  • Fix the missing animations.
    • Missing Soldier_F, among others. ~@Crazycolorz5

Optional Plugins:

  • Include optional Str/Mag split patch.
  • And also the FE5-style Res -> Mag (except do the stat name changes for them).
  • Plus FE7x-style staffs read Res for healing (enabling physical/staff units). (This is included in my fix from the above. ~@Crazycolorz5)
  • Instrument tables and samples used in accordance with:
  • FE4 song pack?
  • FE5 song pack?
  • FE11 song pack?

Event Routines:

  • Mode changers (between Eliwood/Hector and Normal/Hard). ✓

  • Condition that checks whether the game is in hard mode. ✓

  • Forceable support increases.

    • I wrote the routine, but it is as of yet untested ~@Crazycolorz5, see the communal ASM to-do)
  • Condition that checks specified support levels.

  • Forceable level-ups (gain 100EXP).

  • Forceable stat increases.

  • Condition that checks a unit’s class.

    • More detail please. ~@Crazycolorz5
    • Run an IFAT/IFAF checking XX (unit) has YY (class).
  • Marky’s all allies defeated chapter condition.

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I’m willing to do FE4/5 songs, but FE11/12 songs are wayyy too much effort for me justify the means and I’d rather keep that content for my own hack/other specific hacks. I’ll be writing tutorials on how one can replicate songs in the same fashion and probably make some of the samples public use, but it’s honestly up to people to hack in all the extra stuff themselves and figure it out. There’s no feasible way to repoint all the content as well without some sort of assembler which I’d have no idea how to make.

FE4/5 songs should be much easier and I’d gladly do those (within reason). However, we have to specify now whether we want SNES-instrument versions (aka replicas) or GBA-instrument versions since they will require a bit of different hackery. I assume that most people plan to use a mix of vanilla GBAFE music as well as SNESFE music so I do propose the latter but I need some input from the community on which one they want.

The system I propose is this: I make a base “extra samples” hack which includes all the necessary extra samples for the songs, and then it is up to the users to insert the songs themselves (the process of which is super super easy). Most of these samples will come from Mother 3 which I see as a more “complete” version of the FE7 samples–some of them are even identical. If required I will also draw on samples from the FE11/12 series, as well as other games that have useful/pleasant samples. I anticipate that this will consume a fair amount of free space.

Song data for the SNESFE songs can be quite large which is why I suggest that this be the part that is up to the users to insert.

Added some things on my wishlist